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Copy of letter Faxed to President Bush and other interested parties

miguel de Portugal

Europe and U.S.A.

September 8, 2002

Mr. George W. Bush, President
United States of America

Washington, D.C. 20500-0001

Subject : The Iraqi Crisis

Reference: The threats to Saddam Hussein

May the Peace of God be upon you, President Bush!

Without judging your stance regarding Saddam Hussein, I am deeply concerned with the rhetoric associated with this issue and I feel it to be my responsibility to bring it to your attention. [Ezekiel 33: 7-9]

Assuming that Saddam Hussein is indeed an evil person and that he must be removed from power, it then follows that....

1.- Once he has become convinced that you will remove him from office one way or another...

2.- He will not wait for the US-UK axis to strike first. The US-UK firepower is so great that he knows that it will succeed in such endeavor, therefore....

3.- He will take the lead with the mentality that: "If I must go, I will take with me as many as I can." [This how evil people think and act.]

4.- Unless the US-UK axis Intelligence Services give you advance notice of his planned "First Strike" and it is thwarted. However,...

5.- The US-UK Intelligence Services have amply proven their great limitations in finding (Osama bin Laden) and detecting in advance (terrorist attacks).

6.- If Hussein strikes first - the final result- when all is said and done - will be a worldwide nuclear holocaust - the"gates of hell" would have been indeed opened. Therefore...

7.- Diplomacy is the only solution.

Mr. President, you claim to be a Christian man, that is,a follower of Christ. Therefore I ask you: What Would JesusDo? Use force or persuasion?

Although itis written in the Holy Scriptures that such holocaust will happen, as well as all else that will follow, Divine Mercy demands that all parties are given an opportunity to avert it or, at least, minimize its severity.

May God continue to Bless you and your family.

miguel dePortugal
+by the Grace of God

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