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miguel de Portugal

October 6, 2002

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Bishop Wilton Gregory, President

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
3211 4th Street, N.E.
Washington, DC 20517-1194

Reference: "I would argue most powerfully that those scandals (1) must not silence nor limit the excellent influence that religious voices have in the formation of our governmental and societal policies, whether they be war and peace, the death penalty, stem cell research or questions of poverty", said Bishop Wilton Gregory. [From Homily at Red Mass for government and Catholic church officials]

May the Peace of God be upon you, Bishop Gregory!

Have you noticed, kind sir, the moral condition of our nation and of the world?

That condition, sir, is the result of the: ...influence that religious voices have in the formation of our governmental and societal policies... on a global scale.

It certainly is not the result of God being overpowered by evil. It is the product and consequence of the failed Evangelization of the Roman Catholic Church.

No. Thank you, Bishop Gregory. God does not need your assistance any more - we still need a little Faith left before His Second Coming.

If the Church, as it is, is allowed to continue "business as usual" there would be No Faith Left in the world when He returns.

You will understand fully what we mean when God, the ill served and well mocked God, Who established His Church to Evangelize His world, prune it severely (2) so that it may finally serve Him and not itself.

miguel de Portugal (3)
+ by the Grace of God

(1) Bp. Gregory is referring to the sexual abuse scandal which rocks the Roman Catholic Church
(2) The Pruning of the Ranks of the Holy Roman Catholic Church
(3) Who is miguel de Portugal

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Published on October 2002

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