The original of this letter, originally composed in Spanish, was sent by certified mail to Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz just before the year 2009 ended. The letter was received as confirmed by events which followed in Cuba and which I am privy of.

The conceptual (not literal) translation to English from the original letter was prepared on November 28, 2016, and filed. Now is to be shared with selected members of our New List on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Why? Only God knows since I certainly do not!

Miguel Angel S.......



December 28, 2009

Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz
President Emeritus
Republic of Cuba

State Department
La Habana

We have been fooled! - You, as well as we, the American public

Greetings in Peace, Dr. Castro!

I am addressing you, in the name of Justice and Truth - whom I serve - for your own benefit and not as the result of any political ideology since all of them, without God, that is, without Justice and Love - are worthless. 

If my family name sound familiar to you it is because I am the nephew of the late Mario S....... In spite of all your faults - being
excessive naivitee one of them -  I have to admit that, even though you had more than enough political reasons to have him face the firing squad, you served Justice and Peace and did not. Not only that, but you facilitated his exile to the U.S., in union with his sister Hilda S, my Godmother, so that thay could live in peace and die of old age. For this I am most thankful.

To the point!

On December 1st, 2006, a report (1) was sent by The M+G+R Foundation to key political, religious and social communication centers on a worlwide scale with the following preamble:

The purpose of transmitting this information is to protect the peoples of the United States of America and the Republic of Cuba and their current governments from the harm that may befall both countries and their peoples by the activities of individuals embedded in high positions within both governments, who are serving a Globalization agenda and whose activities are simply and unadulterated treason.

The contents of such report have been confirmed to me by many different and independent sources and then.... your sister Juanita publishes her memoirs.

Upon reading Juanita's memoirs we see that the contents of said report, once again in the most unexpected and independent manner, are confirmed. This moved The M+G+R Foundation to publish a brief report - The Cuban Castro Regime - How It Has Been Used by Others Behind Castro's Back (2). You will find said report being enclosed with this letter.

As you will see, the Conclusion of the report is brief and to the point: Fellow Americans - We, as well as Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, have been had!

If you are capable to place aside your galactic-sized ego and study the enclosed report as well as the material linked to, you will learn that the real history of which you have been a protagonist during the las fifty years has nothing to do with what you believe was, is and will be.

The only consolation that I can provide to you is the knowledge that President Kennedy, among other Heads of State, was fooled too. 

I never though that I would be contacting you as I have done with many others Heads of State and the Vatican over the last 19 years but, as the saying goes: Miguel Angel proposes but God disposes!

Therefore, whether you read what I share with you now is neither my responsibility nor my concern. My responsibility ends at the moment I post this letter at the post office via certified mail. 

Obeying the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ - according to Matthew 5:44 - we invoke God's Blessing upon you and your family.

Miguel Angel S.....


(1) The Report

(2) The Cuban Castro Regime - How It Has Been Used by Others Behind Castro's Back