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Originally Published in August 15th, 2016

Now, in August 15th, 2019, More relevant than ever!


The purpose of this document is to respond to a clear and urgent prompting from Our Lord Jesus Christ. At this time we have no idea why he moved us to do so.

We are simply obeying His command.


In the DETAILS section you will find key information that we have published in our Domain with reference to the alleged apparitions at Bayside. We have made some editorial changes on the material without changing the essence of our original message.

It is our sincere prayer that the purpose for which Our Lord Jesus Christ moved us to publish this material be fulfilled in accordance to His Most Holy and Adorable Will. Amen!


Published on June 23, 2004

From C @ USA

May I begin by thanking you for your very interesting and enlightening essays on the state of the church and the world today? I have found them to be both a blessing and a comfort. I was very much a fan of the late Fr. Malachi Martin who, in his own way, was a kind of prophet (not in the literal sense)...

I was led to your site by the suggestion of someone who referred to you as a sort of "successor" to Malachi Martin... though your approach and purpose is of a different nature.

I have two questions to ask of you:

1. What is your opinion of the apparitions/messages from Bayside... of the late Veronica Leuken?...

2. Fr. Malachi Martin (and others) have made reference to a "black mass" having taken place in the Vatican, in which Lucifer was "enthroned" as the "prince of this world". This ceremony, verified by Martin and others, was conducted by both lay persons and clergy who were satanists... Do you believe that this ceremony actually took place?

I am a Roman Catholic from the (a major US metropolis) area, who has seen much evil within the ranks of the clergy, and has suffered much by their words and deeds. But I offer my sufferings in reparation for my many sins, and for the souls in purgatory.

Thank you for your site. Please pray for me.


Response: Your kind words Glorify God Whom we strive to serve.

Our prayer on someone's behalf, like the forgiveness from God, should always be considered a completed act when those who seek it do so with a truly sincere heart, as you have done.
1. Regarding Bayside and the late Veronica Leuken. At this time (6-23-1004) we do not have any commentary one way or another. This should be understood in the light of the fact that, when we do have a commentary in a similar situation, we make it known upon request.
2. Regarding Rev. Malachi Martin's reference to a "black mass" having taken place in the Vatican : Yes, we believe that it did take place. The spiritual world is very real and it has its laws like the physical domain. Such laws apply equally whether good or evil.

It was precisely because of the existence of such laws/requirements that Our Lord and God had miguel de Portugal travel to The Vatican at the end of the year 2000 to personally deliver a pronouncement upon The Vatican, in His Name, while standing on St. Peter's Square and facing The Vatican Complex. A pronouncement which, in retrospect, may have been a response to the despicable act reported by Rev. Martin.

Published on December 15th, 2005

From MG @ USA

I have been reading the text of the apparitions in Bayside, New York, as reported by Veronica Lueken. However, I see that you do not give recognition to their claims of appearances.

Many of the transcripts are very frightening. Can you please explain your reluctance to do so?

Thank you,


Response: Thank you for contacting us about this matter.

We became familiar with Mrs. Lueken's reports nearly 20 years ago. The transcripts of the messages that we have reviewed are no more frightening than what miguel de Portugal knows and we show in the Sequence of Events as well as the message through Akita, the fulfilled message of Kibeho and Rosa Mystica and the on going fulfillment message of La Salette, as well as the completion of Fátima.

We have nothing to say about Bayside - one way or another. At this point (12/15/2005) God has not moved us to do so, however, that should not be taken neither as a denial. In all sincerity, if we gave you any other explanation for its absence in our Domains it would be a fabrication.

Published on October 6th, 2006

From G @ USA

Hello, first off, I love your web site. And I thank you.

I was wondering where you got the information regarding the "No World War III" statement by the Garabandal site. I cannot find it anywhere on their web site. Maybe I'm just missing it. Thank you for your time.

Also, what are your thoughts on the Bayside Prophecies? Mary talks about every subject from MTV to Russia still secretly existing and plotting behind the scenes. It's seems a bit too much - too many words by Our Blessed Mother. It's very tough to keep a clear mind with the truths, and the intentional falsehoods to distort and confuse the faithful. I don't know what's right or wrong anymore it seems.

Enjoy your night.


Response: Your kind words Glorify God - Thank you!

You must be making reference to a document we recently published with the title About the Supernatural Manifestations in Garabandal - A Warning from The M+G+R Foundation

The footnote no.1 of said document shows you exactly where we obtained such information.

Regarding Bayside, we have addressed that issue on our letter of December 15, 2005 (reproduced above).

In reference to your statement: "It's very tough to keep a clear mind with the truths, and the intentional falsehoods to distort and confuse the faithful." - You are absolutely right and what we try to do in this area is to lead the people of God to continual communion with His Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit of God takes "full time residence" in our hearts, deception is only possible if God Wills it and, if God Wills it, so be it! In the meantime we suggest that you read our documents What Can We Do ? Part 1 and What Can We Do? - Part 2

Published on September 15th, 2009

From (Ms.) M-AP @ Canada

I would like to have your insight about what to believe concerning Bayside apparitions. I've read your comments given on December 15, 2005.

I must say I've always felt a bit awkward when visiting that web site as opposed to other revelations given by our Lady.

Tonight I'm even more troubled regarding the position that the church has taken towards these particular apparitions and the specific denunciation that Bishop Mugavero has expressly written concerning the imposture of Pope Paul VI.

How does a good Christian obey to this? Do we obey the church?

Bless you!

(Ms.) M-AP

Response: Regarding the Bayside apparitions - we have nothing else to add to what we have already said.

Other key apparitions approved (1) and still pending (2) have more than enough correct and coherent information, thus we recommend to avoid pursuing those which "just do not feel right" to the faithful.

Regarding the letter allegedly written by Bishop Mugavero (3) - it is a quote by EWTN from "Cults, Sects, and the New Age," Rev. James J. LeBar (OSV Press). We cannot consider either source reliable - EWTN from ample personal experience; and the other one, by default.
Which brings us to your central question: How does a good Christian obey to this? Do we obey the Church?

As we have done in the past, we go to the ultimate source - the Holy Scriptures to back up what we have to say. The answer was already given by Peter and the other Apostles when they addressed the high priest, and those that were with him, the council, and all the ancients of the children of Israel thus: We ought to obey God, rather than men. [Acts 5: 17-35]

Regardless of the preposterous claims made by the Papacy for centuries, and without taking away the legitimate position and function of the Bishop of Rome (4) - no man takes the place of God. The teachings of even the highest representative of any Faith cannot, under any circumstance, supersede what God has taught us through the Holy Scriptures.
The "Church" or any religious institution representing any faith has only one function: Facilitate, and help maintain, a constructive link between an individual and God. The moment they start trying to supersede the Word of God they can be categorized into one of two camps: The camp of the Anti Christ forerunners or the camp if the False Christ forerunners.
Blessedly - the fundamental teachings of God via the Holy Scriptures, and specifically of Jesus Christ, are so crystal clear that they do not need interpretation. The interpretation starts when man wants to adjust the Word of God to advance his very worldly needs.

What did Jesus tell Peter - the original one! - when he was trying to prevent Jesus from going to Jerusalem?
Get behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men. [Matthew 16:23]

Shortly after receiving your letter, God "dropped on our lap" a very current example (5) of continuing conflicting signals that come to the faithful from the highest levels of the Vatican. It was as if He was saying: "In case you need a fresh example, here is one!"

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's theology was also viewed with caution by officials both of the Jesuit order and in the Vatican. Among other things, officials worried that his optimistic reading of nature compromised church teaching on original sin. In 1962 -- seven years after his death -- the Vatican's doctrinal office issued a warning that his works "abound in such ambiguities and indeed even serious errors, as to offend Catholic doctrine."

In 1981, on the 100th anniversary of Teilhard's birth, speculation erupted about a possible rehabilitation. It was fueled by a letter published in L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, by the then-Cardinal Secretary of State Agostino Casaroli, who praised the "astonishing resonance of his research, as well as the brilliance of his personality and richness of his thinking." Casaroli asserted that Teilhard had anticipated John Paul II's call to "be not afraid," embracing "culture, civilization and progress."

Responding to ferment created by the letter, the Vatican issued a statement insisting that its 1962 verdict on Teilhard still stands -- to date, Rome's last official pronouncement on Teilhard. (The statement was issued in July 1981,
four months before then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI, took over as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.)

[Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was Jesuit priest, scientist and philosopher .]

fast forward in time.....

Benedict's brief of July 24 (2009) in reference to Teilhard, praising his vision of the entire cosmos as a "living host," can be read on multiple levels -- as part of the pontiff's rapprochement with the Jesuits, or as a further instance of finding something positive to say about thinkers whose works have set off doctrinal alarms, as Benedict previously did with rebel Swiss theologian and former colleague Hans Küng.

Toward the end of a reflection upon the Letter to the Romans, in which St. Paul writes that the world itself will one day become a form of living worship, the pope said, "It's the great vision that later Teilhard de Chardin also had: At the end we will have a true cosmic liturgy, where the cosmos becomes a living host. "Let's pray to the Lord that he help us be priests in this sense," the pope said, "to help in the transformation of the world in adoration of God, beginning with ourselves."

There you have it! Are Teilhard's teachings approved or not? All we know is that the Faithful have enough reason to be confused and it behooves them to place their full trust in God and His Word (6). It really is that simple!

Thank you M-A for the opportunity to address this issue one more time, albeit from a different angle.

(1) La Salette, Fatima and Akita
(2) Rosa Mystica, Garabandal and Medjugorje
(3) EWTN Publication
(4) The legitimate Petrine Ministry
(5) Benedict XVI cites Teilhardian vision of the cosmos as a 'living host'
(6) The Foundation of the Faith is God


We have read a post in the official Bayside page wherein Paul VI and John Paul II are criticized in a manner that seem a bit extreme, although we are in agreement with most of the rest of the text - specially regarding what is the true Petrine Ministry, as we have explained elsewhere.

In addition, Since the transcripts from the Veronica Leuken's messages that we have reviewed are no more frightening than what miguel de Portugal knows and we show in the Sequence of Events as well as the message through Akita, the fulfilled message of Kibeho and Rosa Mystica and the on going fulfillment message of La Salette, as well as the completion of Fátima - we cannot say that they are wrong.

Published on August 15th, 2016 - Feast of the Assumption of the Ever Virgin Mary

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