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The Climate Crisis

The promotion of "Planetary Consciousness" to embrace a One World Government

A guest document by Ricardo de Valencia


The purpose of this document is to provide some light about the connection of the alleged Climate Crisis with the agenda of those who, for many decades, are striving to establish a One World Government (1).


Why is the World being pushed so hard into a fanatical obsession with the environment?

If, for a moment, you stop to skeptically examine media campaigns that promote environmental care and concern about climate change, you may be surprised to find some logical flaws. For example:

-  Separating plastics from other waste is fine, but why don't they educate us about separating metals with even more emphasis? There are certain metals that are not only harmful to the environment but truly toxic even to human life. (2)

-  Why aren't there equally persuasive media campaigns to inform us of the seriousness of industrial pollution, which is incomparably greater and more serious than that of the disposal of plastics by common people? Why do they put the focus on citizens and not on industry?

-  Why so much emphasis on CO2 emission and not a word about so many chemical compounds in the atmosphere that are much, much more dangerous and are the daily products of industrial activity? Many of them are tremendously toxic now - a real danger without having to wait years as in the case with the accumulation of a greenhouse effect. (3)

-  Electric automobiles are fine, but where does the electricity come from? "Clean" electricity? Really? Why don't they want us to think about that? (4)

-  What about the Fukushima disaster? Why has it been relegated to oblivion when it has not yet been fully resolved? Is radioactive pollution of the ocean less serious than the flooding of plastics? (5)

All of which leads us to a deeper question: Could it be that they are more concerned with leading us to an ideology than with really remedying environmental pollution?


Regardless of the truths and half-truths that may be in the official discourse for the care of the environment, it is a fact that, for many decades, the masters behind Globalization have promoted and continue to promote the movement of "climate awareness" or "planetary consciousness" because it fits so well into their plans.

1.  "Climate Consciousness" works as a kind of substitute for traditional religions

Non-religious globalists believe that traditional religions must be abandoned (6), but at the same time they reason that people "need" some kind of religion as a kind of psychological compensation (7).

The "Climate Consciousness" fills the gap as a pseudo-religion. It appeals to people's feelings (a substitute for soul) and to solidarity (a substitute for charity). This "religion" has an elevated aim: "to Save the World". It has a dogma, that "climate change is caused by man", and is controlled by fear: "the end is a few years from now". Even it has the "Mother" Earth as an idol. (8)(9)

For them, it is important to unite the people of the World under "a higher purpose", since they know that the economical structures by themselves do not bond people in mind and heart. Thus, they nurture something that creates the illusion of a real unity of the World.

Not only does this "religion" serve to "appease" religious feelings of the people and to create an illusory sense of world unity, but it also leads people, through the promoted concept of "planetary citizenship", to welcome the planned disappearance (or loss of prominence) of nation-states (10).

2.  The "Climate Crisis" serves as a pretext to empower a global governance

The "Climate Crisis" has served and continues to serve them as the perfect pretext to promote or enact international regulations and treaties that override national interests. Many of these regulations seem to have an ecological purpose, but in reality they can have political consequences that are aimed, directly or indirectly, at "planetary governance", that is, towards the centralized world government they want. (11)

In essence, under the pretext of the "Climate Crisis", they empower transnational organizations to act "united" above (even against) the particular interests of each nation in any matter of international concern or "crisis" - not only on climate issues.

3.  Oligarchs are interested in NGOs as a lever to influence international policy

"Internationalist" conspirators like David Rockefeller (12) know full well that by fostering the growing power of NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) they diminish the real power of traditional nation-state governments (10b)(13b).

NGOs apparently represent many citizens and are therefore highly regarded as opinion-forming, or even advisory, organizations in international policy forums (13).

The masters of world politics do not need to directly manipulate the NGOs, it is enough for them to subsidize very generously an NGO that is very much in their line, making that NGO easily triumph over other unsubsidized NGOs in the same field (14).

It is very easy for them to direct and mold the "Climate Crisis" through NGOs: they give a little push and, then, the predictable empathy of the masses follow them. Silently, the masses are directed to the acceptance of an elite of world experts/government that "know better" and will dictate the politics "to save the planet".

4.  The masters of Globalization are not afraid of climate change, but they imprint fear on it to advance their depopulation agenda

For those at the height of globalist power, climate change is not a real problem for their plans but, better yet, a circumstance they can amplify in the media to the benefit of their plans. (15)

On the other hand, they do see the overpopulation of certain areas of the planet - those that they cannot control if the population continues to grow - as an obstacle to their plans. (16)

Thus, we can say that their motivation to reduce the population is not to solve the alleged Climate Change. However, they are able to interweave the discourse of the "overpopulation" with that of the "climate change", producing the misleading conclusion that "we have to reduce the world population in order to save the planet".

5.  Amplified fear and sense of urgency are intensified because they are short in time to accomplish their Globalization

Fear is a great engine and an excellent resource to lead the masses. In this sense, the more intense and persistent the messages like "we must act now, there are only a few years left to save the planet", the faster they can progress with their own plans. When they use phrases like "'Countdown' is a global initiative to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis" (17), the very words "Countdown" and "accelerate" are inciting urgency, the precursor of fear.

The real reason for their urgency is that they are running out of time for their planned globalization (1). They have already had to postpone the completion of the plan for ten years (18). They have already had to discard key players like Gorbachev (19). They have been hindered for some time more by an anti-globalist like Trump (20). Now, they have already invested all their assets in the Coronavirus Deception (21). They have been planing this for decades. For them, it is now or never. (It will be never, thanks be to God).

6.  Bergoglio dull discourse on Environment is just the common discourse endorsing the One World Order's agenda

Given Bergoglio's lack of intelligence, his contribution - for example - to TED conferences on Environment is practically worthless. He has assimilated without questioning all the ideas, concepts and even the language and "solutions" that the world's masters have invented or encouraged about Climate Change for the common citizens. (22)

He does not speak as a man who counts on God or prayer to solve the world's problems, but as a trade unionist or a politician who puts his hope in the solidarity of the masses and in the action of politicians and who at the same time is unaware of the reality of who is pulling the strings and why.

7.  The question of whether climate change is man-made or natural is now secondary because there are much more dramatic events in progress

Please note that all of the above in this document is stated without discussing whether or not the climate change is real, fiction, man-caused or natural. The point is how they are promoting, nurturing, amplifying and guiding an ideology towards their own aims.

As for the relative importance or urgency of the climate change issue now, you may confront it with the speed of the final assault for the planned Globalization that is furiously taking place. Hardly we are going to reduce the global temperature in a few tenths of degrees before these events arrive to an end:

* The final phase of the first version of Globalization is going at full speed thanks to the Coronavirus Crisis (21) and is accelerating.

* Many things that, according to previous timelines for Globalization, would have been done in ten years, are being compressed in a very short time. (18)

* The economic stagnation and debt caused by the Covid-19 agenda will soon manifest itself as a catastrophic global collapse.

* Universal vaccination is waiting for its apocalyptic moment. (23)

* The second version of Globalization, the fanatical-religious version, is lurking, and with it will come the False Christ. (24)


(1) The planned Globalization:

The efforts to achieve a New World Order and a New World Religion, the conspiracy that we - The M+G+R Foundation - have been denouncing on-line for over twenty years (and, through other means, for even more) is now exposed by means of a concrete outline by an insider which dates back to March 20th, 1969.

(2) The toxicity of metals:

- "Heavy metals are one of the most dangerous groups of biologically important pollutants." (Source)

- "Water contamination with these compounds [heavy metals] is becoming one of the most serious environmental problems because of the toxic nature of the heavy metal ions, even at low trace levels. ..... Many heavy metal ions, such as mercury, cadmium, lead, nickel, and chromium, are known to be very toxic or carcinogenic." (Source)

- "Often heavy metals are thought as synonymous [of toxic metals], but lighter metals may also be toxic in certain circumstances, such as beryllium and lithium." (Source)

(3) Chemical compounds in the atmosphere that are much more dangerous than CO2:

There are certain dangerous chemical pollutants that are notoriously known for being produced on a very large scale (sulfur dioxide, benzene...). But there are also countless other pollutants that, even in smaller quantities, cause a lot of damage.

The so-called "Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)", for example, include insecticides, pesticides, dioxins... that "may cause developmental defects, chronic illnesses, and death. Some are carcinogens, possibly including breast cancer. Many of them are capable of endocrine disruption within the reproductive system, the central nervous system, or the immune system." (Source).

On the contrary, carbon dioxide (CO2) is not toxic, it is a product of every living creature’s breathing.

(4) The deceptive concept of "clean" electricity:

For example, the US Government sell us that nuclear power is "clean" because it does not emit carbon dioxide (!!). Does this make sense? Then we may ask: Since all animals, including humans, produce CO2 by breathing, are they trying to tell us that animal respiration is "unclean", while a nuclear power plant is "clean"?

(5) About the state of the Fukushima problem (October 2020):

(a) "The new Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, is facing additional international pressure over the weekend, amid reports that Japan will be accelerating plans to dump millions of gallons of radioactive water directly into the ocean." (Source, dated 18 Oct 2020)

(b) "About 180 cubic meters of contaminated water is pumped out of the reactor daily due to a steady flow of groundwater into the wrecked building ... The tainted water is pumped out and run through a purification system ..., then stored in one of more than 1,000 tanks at the site. ... Storage tanks for the water at the site are forecast to be full by mid-2022." (Source, dated 16 Oct 2020)

(6) "The old religions will have to go":

(a) According to the Illuminati concept for the New World Order, in a plain view from 1969: "The old religions will have to go. Especially Christianity. Once the Roman Catholic Church is brought down, the rest of Christianity will follow easily. Then a new religion can be accepted for use all over the world." (Source)

(b) The World Economic Forum, faithful to the Illuminati goal to put and end to "old religions", but expressing it in more subtle terms, promotes the deceptive idea that the interfaith efforts are the solution to the violence generated by traditional religions (source) - which is like saying that traditional religions are inherently violent and should be logically abandoned. The important distinction is that they do not speak about the correct application of Christianity (or other religions) as the solution to avoid violence, but about "interfaith efforts" as a means to supervise "harmful" religions like Christianity.

(7) The "scientific" view of religions:

Since they do not believe in God, they reason that people "need" some kind of religion as a kind of psychological compensation. According to their view, "A lot of people seem to need religion, with it's mysteries and rituals - so they will have [a new] religion."

In their thinking, as expressed by the World Economic Forum, the question of religion can be reasoned in scientific terms without a real God: "Scientific evidence suggests that humans - and even our primate cousins - have innate moral predispositions, which are often expressed in religious philosophies. That is, religion is a reflection rather than the cause of these predispositions."

(8) The "Climate Consciousness" as a pseudo-religion and the "Mother" Earth as an idol:

(a) Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General in United Nations (UN), prominent supporter of the United Religions Initiative (URI) and called by some as "The soul of the UN" (see at the end of the referred article), can be labelled as an "apostle of global citizenship". He masterfully blended the concept of global citizenship with that of ecological awareness.

As an example of that,
he composed an invocation/poem to "Save your Mother Earth from her matricidal children" which was printed in a symbolical Global Citizenship Passport emitted for all the participants of the "Global Citizenship 2000 Youth Congress" in 1997 in Canada.

(b) In his final address to the Rio Conference in June 1992, the then United Nations secretary-general Boutros-Ghali said:

"To the ancients, .... Throughout the world nature was the abode of the divinities that gave the forest, the desert or the mountains a personality which commanded worship and respect. The Earth had a soul. To find that soul again, to give it new life, that is the essence of (the Conference of) Rio."  Source: Report on the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED),
A/CONF.151.26 (Volume IV), see Annex III (Closing Statements).

(9) The elevated aim to "Save the Earth" and the recourse to fear in order to establish a New World Order:

In words of Robert Muller, who served directly under three Secretaries-General of United Nations (UN):

"During my fifty years of world service I have observed three major phases in recent human history: ... Since 1980 [the third phase],([encompassing]... the two UN conferences on the world's climate in 1979 and 1987) the problem number one has become the fate of the Earth itself. ..."

... [For these questions] "is why we must speak of the urgent need for proper Earth Government. ... In the absence of such government and a new political system for planet Earth we are likely to see the disappearance of most life forms, including human life from this planet in the 21st century." (Source)

(10) The planned disappearance (or loss of prominence) of nation-states:

(a) It has been in their plan from at least fifty years ago:

"... with this global interdependence the national identities would tend to be de-emphasized. Each area depended on every other area for one or another elements of its life. We would all become citizens of the world rather than citizens of any one country." (Source, dated in 1969)

(b) It has been worked hard by them for a long time:

"Having worked hard over the past 40 or more years to erode the power of nation-states - and having created countless other problems of a global nature in the process - David Rockefeller now turns to international institutions, MNCs [Multinational Corporations] and NGOs [non-governmental organizations] to fill this governmental gap." (Source [PDF]: "The Proud Internationalist", by Will Banyan, 2006, p.41)

(David Rockefeller, family patriarch, was founder of the Trilateral Commission, honorary chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and member of the Member Advisory Group of the Bilderberg meetings.)

(c) And it is presented by them as a good to the public in discourses like the following by the World Economic Forum:

"At the level of global governance, the concept of unfettered national sovereignty remains the dominant paradigm, limiting coordinated and effective action to address humanity’s most pressing challenges. As anyone who studies the UN well knows, its effectiveness is limited - hobbled might be a better word - by the perceived imperatives of national interest and the archaic emphasis on state sovereignty as the supreme value."

"One step that can help us in our transition to the new era is to begin to reframe the underlying question from 'what can I do for my country?' to '
what can I do for our world'?" (Source)

(11) The appearance of an ecological purpose, but the real aim of "planetary governance":

An example: Through the "Earth Summit" (UN Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992), the "Agenda 21" was introduced. Each country that signed Agenda 21 agreed to it as a framework, a structural instrument used by nations to shape their own domestic policies for a common "global good".

In the name of "sustainability", the Agenda 21 "offered management guidance for practically every facet of life; consumption patterns and health care, calls on poverty reduction, energy and resource development, land use, air quality, biological diversity, human population levels, the role of women and youth, hazardous waste, mountain environments, desert environments, urban environments, science and technology, trade unions, agriculture and transportation, education and citizenship, capacity building and financial mechanisms, north-south technology transfers... the list goes on." (Source)

(12) David Rockefeller openly prided himself on being an "internationalist" conspirator:

David Rockefeller speaking in his autobiography "Memoirs" (2002):

"For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents... to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions."

"Some even believe working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of we are part of a secret cabal conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."
Source [PDF]: "The Proud Internationalist: The Globalist Vision of David Rockefeller" by Will Banyan, 2006, pp. 3.

For those who do not know him, David Rockefeller was the oldest living member of the third generation of the Rockefeller family, and family patriarch from August 2004 until his death in March 2017. He
was founder of the Trilateral Commission, honorary chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and member of the Member Advisory Group of the Bilderberg meetings.

(13) On the lack of representativeness of some NGOs:

(a) As an example, quoting from a researcher:

"NGOs for the Earth Summit [U.N. Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992] were created and accredited for a specific purpose - to show support for the globalization plans of UNCED leaders. Even 'phantom' NGOs appeared on the roster, adding to the size and scope of this 'grassroots' influence."

"According to Marek Hagmajer, the secretary-general of the World Federation of U.N. Associations, the NGO accreditation process for the Summit was a sham. He described it as 'the biggest manipulation ever'. Elaine Dewar, author of 'Cloak of Green', said, 'As far as I could tell, those organizations accredited as NGOs to Rio were not exactly democratic or representative'."
  Source: "The New World Religion" (ISBN 0-9670098-0-4), Jan. 1999, by Gary H. Kah,  p.149

(b) According to a researcher of David Rockefeller's agenda:

"Nevertheless NGOs, through their currently unrivaled ability to circumvent normal diplomatic processes by claiming to represent 'civil society', have proved to be very effective, generally publicly unaccountable organs for both eroding national sovereignty and building global governance."

"As some analysts have observed, NGOs are at the forefront of a 'new diplomacy' that 'devalues national sovereignty in favour of multilateral agreements'... The NGO approach, another analyst warned, involves the 'undermining of decision-making systems based on constitutionalism and popular sovereignty', ..."
  Source [PDF]: "The Proud Internationalist", by Will Banyan, 2006, p.43

(14) The selective subsidization of NGOs to pursue a globalist agenda:

The example of David Rockefeller:

"Although some NGOs are adamantly opposed to David Rockefeller's pro-market and pro-free trade agenda, his overall strategy appears to be to co-opt, compromise and ultimately control as many of the NGOs as possible, utilizing them as a vital third force both for creating and, in some cases, managing the emerging structure of global governance."

"As for those NGOs that cannot be deradicalized and accommodated, and insist on pursuing more revolutionary anti-capitalist agendas and methods, they have been deprived of funding and left to the mercy of state oppression."
  Source [PDF]: "The Proud Internationalist", by Will Banyan, 2006, p.43

(15) Their real motivation is not to save the planet from an ecological catastrophe:

The proof of this is the inconsistencies we have cited as examples at the beginning of this document, which illustrate how they lead us to an ideology and not to the radical solution of the most serious ecological problems.

The most prominent example is how they continue to excuse nuclear energy as "clean energy" or as a "minor" problem "to be solved later" while impelling us to feel guilty if we do not separate plastics from other waste or if we produce carbon dioxide by driving a car. Meanwhile, if the Fukushima disaster doesn't stop pouring radioactive water into the ocean, it doesn't matter - they will say - because it doesn't emit carbon dioxide, so it is a "clean" leak!

(16) They fear the overpopulation of the Third World, not of the World in general:

Once again, this is also reflected in the philosophy of David Rockefeller, one of the most influential globalists of our time:

"David Rockefeller, despite his odd homage to the idea that the business community must do something because 'we belong to the Family of Man', had two other burning concerns: security and economics."

"First, the plutocrat was concerned that if the 'gap between population and food supply and between wealthy and poor nations' was not resolved 'pockets of security will be engulfed by a sea of want.' ..."

"Second, Rockefeller was particularly worried about the impact of population growth on the 'economic well-being' of US businesses. ...... But he had a much bigger concern, namely the threat that population growth posed to the ability of US business to gain access to foreign raw materials. ..."

"The implications were clear: population growth must be checked or the elites of the First World would be forced to cede political and economic control to
the Third World masses."  Source [PDF]: "The Proud Internationalist", by Will Banyan, 2006, p.39

(17) The greater the rush, the less time for reflection:

The resource to haste and urgency is well exemplified in the campaign called "Countdown" (by TED Conferences LLC) with its slogan "Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action". It looks like the world will end tomorrow if we don't heed the advice of the "green experts"!

Another example is the New York ecologically sensitive Clock that tells "the time remaining to prevent the effects of global warming from becoming irreversible". They say that "The Climate Clock will remind the world every day just how perilously close we are to the brink". The clock displays messages like "The Earth has a deadline" and they presume that the deadline is less than 8 years from now (October 2020).

In the science of advertising and social manipulation, the principle is well known that the greater the hurry, the less time for reflection - and it is even worse if the hurry is incited by fear. Rush and urgency incite a state of anxiety in which the audience becomes more receptive to the "instructions" of the campaign directors.

(18) They have already had to postpone the completion of the plan for ten years:

Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, the last President of the Soviet Union, blamed President Clinton for the delay of the New World Order. In the very words of Mr. Gorbachev: "Clinton is guilty for the fact that the U.S. has wasted those ten years following the end of the Cold War. I think he missed out on opportunities to develop a new world order."

(19) Mr. Gorbachev and the New World Order:

In the year 1988, Gorbachev announced to the United Nations the justification for The New World Order: "Further world progress is now possible only through the search for a consensus of all mankind, in movement toward a new world order".

As most should recall, it was M. Gorbachev who started the (apparent) disintegration of the the Soviet Empire - the all too famous Perestroika that he keeps invoking. The only problem was that his plan spun out of control and the end result had little to do with what he had set to do.

(20) Their plans have been hindered by an anti-globalist like Trump:

As explained by miguel de Portugal, Mr. Trump's election as US President was the worse that could have happened to the Globalists' plans - thus their vicious attacks - on all fronts - directed at Mr. Trump and his Administration. (Once again, this does not mean that we are pro Trump or that we may or may not endorse him.)

(21) The Coronavirus Deception:

The Coronavirus Deception is a well planned event by those who are trying to cause a massive global chaos as a preamble to the establishment of a New World Order. The spread and mortality rates completely failed to meet their expectations. Nevertheless, they continue to increase the level of mass hysteria and go on forcing the isolation of areas, cities and nations.

(22) Bergoglio discourse on Environment endorsing the One World Order's agenda:

In October 2020, Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a. "Pope" Francis, issued a video talk about "Our moral imperative to act on climate change" (summarized in this external article) - as part of the cycle of TED conferences on environment called "Global Launch - Countdown". As the reader can see for himself in the transcript of the talk, Bergoglio does not mention the word "God" even once. Instead, he appeals to prefabricated ideas and cliché terms of the eco-globalist ideology: sustainability, "integral ecology", ethics, goodwill and "a new economy".

(23) The tests and "life saving" vaccine for Covid-19...

... will be the equivalent of the Mark of the Beast. What we are witnessing in the world today is, to say the least, frightful and shocking. Yet it should not come as a surprise to the spiritually sensitive and discerning souls who are familiar with the many "End of These Times" prophecies in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelations.

(24) The manifestation of the False Christ:

The proper identification of the False Christ is imperative for the faithful not to fall into an irreversible error. The reader may not believe now what we reveal about it but, as long as the key elements are believed before the manifestation of the False Christ, the irreversible error will not be made.

An acknowledgement: We thank Ms. LM for her letter with questions and reflections on environmental issues, through which we have learned of the existence of Bergoglio's talk on environment at TED Talks and of the Countdown Global Launch initiative. Our attempt to answer that letter has been the seed that God has used to move us to compose this document.

Published on November 4th, 2020

© Copyright 2020 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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