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The Day the Earth Almost Got Hit Newspaper Points Finger at Astronomers Over Asteroid 2002 EM7 Close Call

From Western Daily Press

18 March 2002

PHEW - that was close. A huge asteroid came close to knocking a great chunk out of the earth earlier on March 2002 and we didn't even realise it.

Despite scientists constantly scanning the skies for low-flying lumps of alien rock, somehow they managed to miss this one.

Apparently the asteroid, named 2002 EM7 (1) and 35 x 78 metres sneaked in through a blindspot.

It was only picked up after moving past the Earth, missing us by some 155,000 kms, which in galactic terms is regarded as a pretty close shave.

Astronomers have been arguing for more funding to improve their chances of spotting these potentially deadly asteroids.

No doubt they will be making sure they don't miss 2002 EM7 as it threatens to strike the earth on its way back. But I wouldn't put your house on it. The odds of it hitting on its return are at best one in six million. (2)

The M+G+R Foundation comments: There are two approaches for the year 2018: May 13th and September 11th (1)

(1) About Asteroid 2202 EM7
(2) Western Daily Press

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