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The purpose of this brief document is to highlight to the extent the media is controlled by the World Masters (WM).

Most world citizens tend to think that the Media itself is powerful without realizing that it is only a mass deception tool in the hands of the WM.

Please Note: This IS NOT a pro Trump publication. This, as all of our other publications, are strictly pro God.


We will use the lack of publicity of Mr. Avro Manhattan’s 1990 death as a stunning example – stunning even to ourselves! But first, who was Mr. Avro Manhattan?

The highlights of Mr. Manhattan’s biography, according to Wikipedia, follow:

Avro Manhattan was a writer and philosopher, primarily known for his criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church (*). Having covered various political topics throughout his career, Manhattan is perhaps best remembered as the author of several works analyzing the Vatican’s role in world politics and global affairs.

Born in Milan, Italy on April 6, 1914 to American and Swiss/Dutch parents of Jewish extraction, Manhattan was educated at the Sorbonne and the London School of Economics. During World War II, Manhattan was jailed in Italy for refusing to serve in Benito Mussolini’s fascist army. (**)

Later during the war, he operated a radio station called “Radio Freedom” broadcasting to nations occupied by the Axis Powers (**). For this service he was made a Knight of Malta. His friends included H.G. Wells, Pablo Picasso, George Bernard Shaw and scientist Marie Stopes.

Manhattan spent much of his later life after 1979 at the home of his wife’s late mother in South Shields, North East England. He authored more than 20 books, including The Vatican in World Politics. It has been translated into most major languages, including Chinese, Russian and most recently, Korean. Some of his other popular works include The Vatican Billions, The Vatican’s Holocaust, and Vatican Moscow Alliance. Some of his books which are especially critical of the Vatican. (*)

(*) Roman Catholic Church controlling Hierarchy and not necessarily the Faith
(**) Obviously not a quiet Opus Dei admirer.


Among Mr. Manhattan’s works there was a book (1) explaining in great detail what was, and who were, really behind the Vietnam war. In a nutshell:

(a) The shadow government of the U.S. ; and

(b) The Vatican

Once the Vatican realized that the Fatima events had to be taken seriously, a (thirty year delayed) vision helped by the post World War II European Soviet expansion, they had to do something to stop Russia from “spreading its errors(2). Since prayer, to the Vatican, is just a gimmick to squeeze the last cent from the Faithful, and not the most powerful tool available to man, they had to get some military world power to do the dirty work. The choice was obvious, the United States of America.

In a nutshell: Manipulate the U.S. shadow government to orchestrate a nuclear attack on Russia, then, justify it as being the fulfillment of the Fatima events – “in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph”. Mr. John Haffert (3) —not knowing what he was being used for— was empowered, and assisted by the interested parties, to promote the Fatima events throughout the world like no other major Marian Apparition has even been officially promoted. This was needed so that the attack on Russia would be justified before the whole world. This is nothing new – the Vatican has been justifying “just wars” for 1,600 years.

Blessedly, when the powers of darkness tried to talk President Truman to execute the plan —only he could order a nuclear attack against Russia— he would not hear of it and that plan was shelved. Blessedly, God used such evil plans to ensure that the whole world would become aware of the Fatima events so that they could better understand the events of the End of These Times.

Basically, Mr. Manhattan, once again, had exposed the dark inner workings of the Vatican. Naturally, once each of his works were published he would be untouchable by the forces of darkness. The “accidental” death of such a high profiled individual would then confirm to the world that what he had revealed was true. It was easier to let him live and just label him as just another “conspiracy theorist”.


In November 1990, a leak in The Times revealed that Avro Manhattan was writing a book linking a coalition of the CIA and Opus Dei to the murders of Aldo Moro and John Paul I as well as other “inconvenient” leaders in the western world.

A week later, Baroness Manhattan returned from Paris to find her husband dead in their South Shields’ home. Despite the fact that Mr. Manhattan had graced the covers of TIME and countless other journals, no obituary appeared in any newspaper including the London Times where he had spent most of his celebrated life or Milan where he was born.

The key here is that “in spite of the fact that Mr. Manhattan had graced the covers of TIME and countless other journals, no obituary appeared in any newspaper including the London Times where he had spent most of his celebrated life or Milan where he was born” his death was kept under wraps.

We have run a search seeking his obituary and indeed, there is not one to be found. We did find, however, the obituary of his wife, whose only real claim to fame was being Mr. Manhattan’s wife, yet not one single mention about his death in any newspaper.

It should be obvious even to the deaf and blind that when the World Masters (WM) found out —via the leaked news report— about Mr. Manhattan’s new book-in-the making they were not about to wait for it to be published. They eliminated Mr. Manhattan once for all and, in this way, his death would not be tied to the book he was working on.


When the death of a globally high profiled individual —who is obviously exposing every dirty trick of the WMs— is kept under wraps by the media worldwide, it is obvious that most all of the media is under the full control of the WMs.

A much more recent case confirming this point is that of former Italian PM Mr. Silvio Berlusconi. Mr. Berlusconi owned most of the Italian media but once his ego got in the way of the WM, he “voluntarily” left politics and the world stage. When one has an ego as large as Mr. Berlusconi’s and owns most of the media of a particular country, how is it possible for that individual to quietly disappear from the world stage?

There is only one way: When not even the media owner has any real control of it in any area that may affect the World Masters’ plans.

As the world witnesses now the outright war between Mr. Trump and the Media —on a worldwide scale— we are witnessing the final war before the plunging of the world into complete world chaos – a state needed for the falsification of the Second Coming of Christ (4).


There are two very important issues related to Mr. Manhattan that our readers need to be made aware of:

(a) Mr. Lucien Gregoire, an author of sorts, has fabricated a book which he claims to be the continuation of the work of Avro Manhattan in progress when he died. We have reviewed it through chapter 6 and, in our evaluation, is not even a conspiracy theory; it is an outlandish fabrication in which Albino Luciani – John Paul I – is presented as being a bit more to the left than Karl Marx and Lenin! A whole book could be written dismantling Mr. Gregoire’s claimed expertise and his claims.

(b) Mr. Manhattan seemed no to be convinced about the Miracle at Fatima on October 13, 1917. Obviously he did not look into it enough to realize that even the atheistic Portuguese press reported it just as it had happened. Nonetheless, even if the Miracle was not real to him that would not impact in any way in the reality of his book about the “who and what” of the Vietnam War. We do warn our readers, however, that should you choose to review the book (1), be ready to stomach some very horrific realities. On the positive side, it may help the reader understand the final battle between the World Masters and those against their plans.

In closing, we wish to acknowledge Mr. W.S. who God used to bring to our attention Mr. Avro Manhattan. Once that was done, God took it from there and led us to uncover all that you have read in this brief document. Information which is of most importance as we witness the war between Mr. Trump and the World Masters’ controlled Media.

(1) What and who were behind the Vietnam War
(2) The Fatima messages
(3) Mr. Haffert and the Fatima Blue Army
(4) The Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ

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Published on February 20, 2017

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