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The Coronavirus Scam

Identified as such in the first year, 2020

Part 1

Why to incite panic about the Coronavirus

and ignore Malaria which causes many more deaths?

document posthumously inspired by
Dr. Joaquín García Salabarría

Originally published on February 25th, 2020
Expanded with more statistics on September 18th, 2020

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The purpose of this document is to illustrate, using hard facts and figures, the level of the coronavirus deception that we have been denouncing since its beginning.

INTRODUCTION  (Added in September 2020)

The case of Malaria illustrates perfectly that the world is coexisting for decades with a pandemic much more deadly and dangerous than Covid-19 without the world population being induced to collective hysteria and without the whole world - financially, politically and socially - having to be paralyzed.

What the situation of February 2020 allows us to clearly state, far from the confusing overabundance of information of the following months, is that the disproportion between the figures of Covid-19 and the panic created is totally absurd and ridiculous. It is enough to verify that the Malaria pandemic, with figures that in February 2020 surpassed those of Covid-19 by many orders of magnitude, was not being used to induce panic in the world population.

Note: The rest of this document, except for the Complementary Data section, was written in February 2020, and therefore that month is presented as the present date. To keep the original text intact, we have preferred not to change the verb tenses or time references.


We are going to expose the ridiculous, yet relentless, scare-the-world-population tactics for which the coronavirus has been chosen.

The data that we will use is directly from the US Center for Disease Control (1) and the World Health Organization (2).

First let us take a look at the official - by the World Health Organization - state of the ridiculous coronavirus created panic.According to the World Health Organization and as of 10 AM CET 25 February 2020:

Globally there were 80,239 confirmed cases

Deaths: 2,666 in China and 34 outside China

With coronavirus placed in its proper global perspective, let us take a look at the Malaria (also known as Paludism) ongoing crisis.

Statistics about Malaria

Malaria is one of the most severe public health problems worldwide. It is a leading cause of death and disease in many developing countries, where young children and pregnant women are the groups most affected. According to the World Health Organization's World Malaria Report:

Nearly half the world's population lives in areas at risk of malaria transmission in 91 countries and territories.
In 2016, malaria caused an estimated 216 million clinical episodes (read: individuals infected), and 445,000 deaths. An estimated 90% of deaths in 2016 were in the WHO African Region. [Note, that was just for the year 2016]

Who Is Most Vulnerable to Malaria?

The most vulnerable are persons with no or little immunity against the disease. In areas with high transmission (such as Africa south of the Sahara), the most vulnerable groups are:

- Young children, who have not yet developed partial immunity to malaria

- Pregnant women, whose immunity is decreased by pregnancy, especially during the first and second pregnancies

- Travelers or migrants coming from areas with little or no malaria transmission, who lack immunity.

In areas with lower transmission (such as Latin America and Asia), residents are less frequently infected. Many people may reach adult age without having built protective immunity and are thus susceptible to the disease, including severe and fatal illness.

Now, compare the gravity of the ongoing Malaria crisis with the ridiculous fabricated coronavirus crisis.

COMPLEMENTARY DATA  (Added in September 2020)

The following table reproduces the situation of February 2020 in figures (3). Under the pretext of those Covid-19 figures, which are ridiculously small when confronted to those of Malaria (4), the world was being thrown into the Coronavirus Crisis, which in turn is the shuttle for the projected "Great Reset" (5) of the World Order (6) and for the Universal Vaccination for Covert Identification (7) of citizens.

February 2020

Accumulated Cases 80,239 More than 4,000 million
Accumulated Deaths
More than 13 million
Deaths per Year
No data was available yet
More than 400,000 each year
Countries affected
Essentially 1 (China)
91 countries and territories

Note: In the figures given in this document, the comma is a separator of thousands.

By February 2020, with less than 2700 deaths in China (0.00022% of its population) from Covid-19 and less than 40 deaths outside China, the world was already submerged in the media and political tsunami of the Coronavirus. In comparison, by that time more than 13 million people had already died of malaria worldwide, never in eighteen years falling below 400,000 deaths per year, and the number of cumulative cases exceeded 4 BILLION people (8). However, the world has not been set on fire by Malaria, but by the excuse of Covid-19.


We rest our case!

Will the World Masters stop this ridiculous charade? Of course not!

The easy-to-manipulate zombie-like world population is falling for the deception in full, so they will continue and branch out with other controlling moves.

We are sure that soon they will open detainment centers to isolate people and prevent the spread of this (sarcasm on) "Oh, my God what a terrible threat to humanity!" (sarcasm off)

Note added weeks later: As it turned out, "they" turned whole neighborhoods, cities and nations into detainment centers.


Do you now see how easy they will pass the False Christ (9) as if it were the real Jesus Christ?


(1) CDC on Malaria (In the source extracts reproduced here the highlighting is our)

(2) Source (In the source extracts reproduced here the highlighting is our)

(3) In the table shown above for February 2020, the data for Covid-19 comes from the source (2). The data on Malaria comes from the "World malaria report 2018" (pp. 37 and 42, data for 2010-2017) and from "World Malaria Report 2010" (p. 61, data for 2000-2009), whose annual figures are shown in the table below:

Malaria in the World (Source: WHO)

Year Estimated Cases Estimated Deaths
2000 233 millions 985,000
2001 236 millions 974,000
2002 237 millions 963,000
2003 241 millions 957,000
2004 243 millions 947,000
2005 244 millions 927,000
2006 238 millions 904,000
2007 233 millions 867,000
2008 231 millions 826,000
2009 225 millions 781,000
2010 239 millions 607,000
2011 229 millions 561,000
2012 226 millions 529,000
2013 221 millions 500,000
2014 217 millions 483,000
2015 214 millions 469,000
2016 217 millions 451,000
2017 219 millions 435,000
4,143 millions 13,166,000

(4) Covid-19 and Malaria are obviously very different diseases, but their differences do not serve to justify the fear around Covid-19 leaving Malaria unharmed because, according to the same logic, a much more atrocious fear would be justified with Malaria:

- In February 2020, confronted with the fear that Covid-19 could spread very quickly (at that time it was still a conjecture), there was the proven experience that every year more than 400,000 people die from Malaria.

- Confronted with the fear that the Covid-19 virus is contagious from person to person, while Malaria is not, it should be remembered that Malaria is spread by mosquitoes and mosquitoes cannot be quarantined.

- Malaria does not lack dramatic data that could easily have been used to promote fear. Malaria can kill within 24 hours of symptoms onset (source). Every two minutes, a child under the age of 5 dies from Malaria (source).

Naturally, Malaria is predominant only in tropical and subtropical climates and this fact made it unsuitable for promoting Universal Vaccination.

(5) "The Great Reset" is the term promoted by the World Economic Forum for the establishment of a New World Order. The World Economic Forum is currently the most visible facade of those behind the Coronavirus Crisis Master Plan.

Through the "Great Reset", they propose "to create a more sustainable and equitable world after the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic". If we draw a parallel with the events of September 11, 2001, what they propose would be the equivalent of demolishing all buildings over twenty stories high in all cities of the world under the pretext of building new ones that are resistant to aircraft crashes, and then "creating more sustainable and equitable cities".

(6) The full establishment of a New World Order will never come to pass, even though the architects of such political structures continue their futile efforts in achieving them.

(7) The immunity test and the "saving" vaccine could be the equivalent of the Mark of the Beast. Coincidentally, the name COV-ID fits perfectly with the words "Covert ID" - Another clue left to us by God?

(8) It would be more logical and less alarming to speak of active cases, but the constant bombardment of Covid-19 case figures to which we are subjected daily by the mainstream media refers, almost invariably, to accumulated cases. Therefore, for a fair comparison, we have to talk about cumulative cases also when it comes to Malaria.

(9) The False Christ

The Coronavirus Scam

Identified as such in the first year, 2020

Part 1. Why to incite panic about the Coronavirus and ignore Malaria which causes many more deaths?

Part 2. Disproportion between the numbers and the panic around Coronavirus at the beginning of 2020. The planned Event 201.

Part 3. Comparison of H1N1 flu and the new Coronavirus. Accumulated cases, presented as if they were current. What to expect next.

Part 4. Purpose of the Coronavirus Game Plan. Its relationship with the Vatican.

Part 5. The Coronavirus Crisis Master Plan. Globalization. World Economic Forum. Opus Dei.

Part 6. The immunity tests and the 'saving' vaccine may be the equivalent of the Mark of the Beast

Part 7. The Coronavirus Deception. In Conclusion. Testimony of Dr. Rashid Buttar.

En Español:  ¿Es lógico incitar al pánico del Coronavirus e ignorar la Malaria que causa muchos más muertos?

Published on February 24-25th, 2020 • Added Introduction and Complementary Data section on September 18, 2020

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