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The Purpose of the Coronavirus Deception

May Have Just Been Exposed!

Originally published on March 24th, 2020

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The purpose of this very brief document is quite simple - exposing the most likely reason for the coronavirus created chaos.


What was to be a simple letter of concern triggered a response which may have exposed the most likely reason for the coronavirus created chaos.

The Original Letter and Our Response

From Mrs. LC @ US

My daughter informed me that an article dated March 20, 2020, published at the Divine Mercy web site, announced that: “Vatican Grants Emergency Plenary Indulgence for Divine Mercy Chaplet”.

She asked how can he promise this; that she was confused by this.

My response to her was: “Plenary indulgences have been a part of the Catholic Church's arsenal of graces for a very long time. Look up the definition (1) as it does provide a good explanation of their value..... "

As I read through the article (2), what struck me was that the emphasis for the indulgence only focuses on those who have the coronavirus and not on any other critically infectious diseases that are far more rampant and deadly (3) than this one at this same time.  I personally have a problem with this.

My question is, why now?  Why not have proclaimed this new indulgence years before when there were other REAL critical pandemics?  I have to wonder about the timing.  Then again, maybe I'm overreacting.
Knowing what I know (many thanks to The M+G+R Foundation's web site), it is very difficult for me not to react in a certain manner towards such critical matters.  I just don't feel right about this particular indulgence for the reasons stated.  Should I be completely off track with this, then may God forgive my suspicious nature.

Should you feel inclined to shed light upon this matter, I would be most appreciative, especially if I'm way off track with this.

Our Response

Thank you for alerting us that the Vatican is on the same bandwagon as those who, on a completely global scale and in unison, are propagating a lie to cause world panic - as we have exposed elsewhere .

It is becoming obvious that the ultimate purpose of generating such worldwide panic/chaos, surpassing the objective of a new world political order, is to pave the way to identify the Falsified Christ as the real one on His Second Coming.

Actually, such operation is quite coherent with the Opus Dei mentality and their penetration in key places of affluent nations worldwide.

This staged panic apears to crushing the political Globalization plans through the forced isolation of countries, but is a satan-given gift to the religious Globalization plans. (4)

No; you are not overreacting at all! Your response is that of someone who is well in tune with the Holy Spirit of God.

Thank you for being the instrument that has moved us to publish/reveal what He has been whispering in our ear for at least a week.

(1) Our Document on Indulgences
(2) The Article
(3) Diseases that are far more rampant
(4) The political Globalization plans through the Coronavirus Crisis is envisioned as a succession of two stages - a stage of dismantling society as we know it and another of "reconstruction" according to the planners' ideal - but it will come to nothing when the "reconstruction" stage is blocked and does not come to pass. The gift to those behind the religious Globalization plans will be precisely to have brought the world into a state of chaos and despair (which the political planners hope to reverse, but will not). That will be the most favorable time for the great Falsification.

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Published on March 24th, 2020 - Eve of the Feast of the Annunciation

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