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The Coronavirus Deception

The Details of Their Game Plan

Originally published on March 31st, 2020

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The purpose of this very brief document is to reveal to those whom God wishes the verifiable details of the Coronavirus Game Plan, including their "What If" options covering all eventualities to their plans. Well, not quite all eventualities. They have failed to cover the most important one - Divine intervention... an intervention which will reduce their plans, options and "What Ifs" to shambles.

We must admit - we look forward to witnessing God pulling one proverbial Ace after another from up His sleeve as He trashes their decade long planning efforts.


The prior four documents about the Coronavirus deception will provide the best introduction. If you are already familiar with them, skip down to the DETAILS.

Part 1. Why essentially ignore a real and regular killer - like Malaria - and "make so many waves" about coronavirus?

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Part 4. The Purpose of the Coronavirus Deception May Have Just Been Exposed!


Please, read the following material carefully and assimilate its contents to the extent that you are able to at this time. By bringing this information to the attention of the world, our responsibility is fulfilled regarding this matter.

We will try to do so in the most concise, direct and easy to understand way possible. However, if any of our readers have any difficulties understanding any of it, we will gladly strive to clarify it further.

1.  The Globalization group is made up of two entities, but with two very different intentions. One wants to establish a unique world political order and the other, the Opus Dei, is only interested in being the channel to the False Christ. (1)

The Opus Dei masters will go along with the unique world political order group and benefit from their moves and, when the time is right, they will turn against the unique world political order group and use all that they have done so far to make their demonic plan a reality. Just as they did in Latin America during the days of Bishop Oscar Romero (2).

2.  The coronavirus manufactured world-wide panic is the brain child of the unique world political order group, as we have clearly illustrated (3) with very concrete examples and numbers.

3.  The virus was to be quite deadly but, as we have revealed elsewhere, God neutralized it and turned it into a mild flu virus. This forced them to rely heavily on world wide propaganda and manipulation of a relatively low contagious and casualty numbers to achieve the resulting panic that they wanted to achieve with a truly deadly virus.

4.  The involvement of the Opus Dei with the unique world political order group is known by very few people - those who have learned it from us as we shared what God has revealed to us.

5.  Now God has placed in our hands concrete proof as how the information contained in Dr. Day's tapes (4) has been manifested on the COVID-19 manufactured world wide panic. This has come to us via Ms. Celeste Solum, a former Homeland Security and FEMA contractor. Her credentials/experience (5) are impeccable and so are the sources she uses to confirm her allegations - since they are official sources.

The plans publicized through the World Economic Forum

6.  Celeste produced a home type video (6) on March 27th, 2020, where she blows the whistle on the manufacturers of the world-wide panic using their own verifiable information. When one views (as it is deployed in the World Economic Forum web site) the extent they went to by covering every possible angle of the COVID-19 crisis, it will become obvious that many, many months (years?) went into its preparation. In addition, by carefully reviewing the results of their potential 'project problem analysis' (7), and how to act in any eventuality that may come up, is like looking into the proverbial crystal ball.

7.  As you view her presentation (6), keep in mind that Celeste is not aware of the Opus Dei involvement in the master plan nor of the fact that the virus is really not as dangerous as they intended it to be originally before God intervened. She believes that they will go ahead and fulfill the entire plan.

8.  To reach the pages of the World Economic Forum which she refers to in most of her presentation - and that could hardly be read - the reader may utilize the Link at footnote (7).

We wish to publicly express our gratitude to Mrs. PD for bringing to our attention Celeste Solum's input. This twenty yearlong supporter is the same one who brought to our attention the Road Map for National Security: Imperative For Change (8) which was published eight months before the 9-11 events (9) and proved that they were also programmed with a very specific purpose.

(1) Interaction of Both
(2) Manipulation of Right and Left by the Opus Dei
(3) Coronavirus Deception Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
(4) New Order of Barbarians
(5) Celeste Solum professional experience
(6) Video published on March 27, 2020
(7) World Economic Forum Link

(8) Road Map for National Security: Imperative For Change (PDF)
(9) The 9-11 events

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The Coronavirus Deception - In Conclusion

Published on March 31st, 2020 - Eve of the Feast of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
Format improved on September 29th, 2020 - Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

En Castellano: El Engaño del Coronavirus - Los Detalles del Plan Maestro

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