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The Equivalent of the Mark of the Beast

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The Tests and "Life Saving" Vaccine

From Launching the Corona Virus to the Fulfillment of Prophecy

Originally published on April 3rd, 2020


The purpose of this very brief document is to announce the secondary purpose for the COVID-19 deception - the enforcement, on a global scale, of a test and a vaccine as a requirement to be freed from a lock down state.


The prior five documents about the Coronavirus deception will provide the best introduction. If you are already familiar with them, skip down to the DETAILS.

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What is really going on with COVID-19 is far too big, too complex, too sinister, too evil, too bizarre and too extraordinary for the average mind to comprehend or accept.

You need to be led by the Spirit of God to open your mind and eyes. Without it you will struggle with accepting the truth and, even if you do accept it, you may not be able to handle it.

If you tell the average person what is really going on they will declare you insane.

What we are witnessing in the world today is, to say the least, frightful and shocking. Yet it should not come as a surprise to the spiritually sensitive and discerning souls who are familiar with the many "End of These Times" prophecies in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelations.

What we are seeing before our very eyes can be described as the establishment of totalitarianism. Simply put the Illuminati and the agents of Satan are both (1) at work. The whole thing was planned and contrived over the centuries and they are now firmly on course.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a key part of that unholy and evil agenda. It was intended to be a ravenous beast and an unrelenting, evil plague. However, it was partially defused by God so their promoters had to proceed with their promotion of panic plans even though the number of casualties did not match their agenda.

China was used as the launching pad to bring panic, fear, destruction, and chaos to humanity and to destroy our way of life, the world's economy and the way in which we conduct our day to day affairs.

They want to get rid of the whole concept of the nation state, create a Globalized world, establish a new world order and government and establish a cash less society - a system which will be controlled by them through Artificial Intelligence.

Coronavirus itself is just the vehicle being used to eventually introduce the real killer. The vaccine that will allegedly protect you.

They want to force everyone - through induced fear - to be tested and "vaccinated". Those who refuse will have to live in a permanent state of quarantine - the lock down state in which over 50% of the world population lives now. Not even those who have had it already will be exempt from the vaccination requirement since, for some time now, they have been claiming that those who have recovered could be infected again.

That "vaccine" is what in the Book of Revelations is referred as the "Mark of the Beast".

As we have explained elsewhere, the pure Globalist are unknowingly paving the way for the identification of the False Christ and its hordes are already infiltrated (2) in the high places of most world governments.

Brethren, it is time for us to pray unceasingly. We must derail them and their evil agenda through prayer as we call on the Name of the Lord Jesus to help us. This will protect the Elect who still are disoriented. With prayer, in the end, the children of God shall prevail.

No matter what they tell you, always remember that their objective is to bring affliction, fear, death, destruction and chaos into the world and literally turn it upside down to, in the end, control humanity.

We must not forget that God alone still rules in the affairs of men and He alone forges the ultimate destiny of humanity. He will see us through this satanic nightmare and, in the end, His counsel alone shall stand. No matter what comes our way or what we see and hear, we must harbor no fear and must not be dismayed or shaken.

In the end He will make all things beautiful and He will save His people. He will effect His purpose, He will establish His counsel, He will impose His will and His name shall be glorified forever!

EPILOGUE  [added three days after publication]

Antibody tests 'will be crucial' in determining when to lift lock downs

They have devised a way to get around the long standing anti vaccination mood in the U.S. and European countries. (3)

They have a plan, which has been in the works behind the scenes for a while, to test the blood of the world population - a serologic or antibody test. This, they claim, will be done to determine who has had the COVID-19 infection and who has not, as well as the chances of a relapse that a formerly infected individual may have.

They claim that this will determine end of the lock down by cities, regions and countries. The UK’s health minister Matt Hancock, who recently recovered from COVID-19, said at a press conference that the government was considering immunity certificates so that people could return more quickly to normal life.

With this they will easily overcome the anti vaccination stance of many and will be able to do what they intended to do on behalf of the Beast.


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(2) For Example

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En Español:  El Plan del Coronavirus (Parte 6) - La vacuna "salvadora" podría ser el equivalente a la Marca de la Bestia

Published on April 3rd, 2020

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