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The Demise of the Faith

How It Has Manifested Itself

Its Consequences - Religious
and Political

Please Note: Confirming events and/or publications which occurred after this document was published appear in the the form of dated NOTES may be found at the end of the document.


The M+G+R Foundation asked the following question to seven of its spiritual collaborators - upright individuals of true faith and without a trace of fanaticism:

If someone showed you, in a reliable and easily confirmed scientific way, that most of the Old Testament was not the product of Divine Revelation, but a brilliant product of human imagination, what would the effects be?

Mr. Lee Penn, a Christian Journalist of the West Coast, described what he believed the effects would be. He graciously accepted that we publish his communication for all to see.

Lee's description follows...

If this were the case, and the evidence were as devastating, unprecedented, and persuasively presented as your scenario indicates, several results would follow:

1. It would undermine the three great monotheistic, Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. All derive their traditions and teachings from the Old Testament as a foundation. Without the Old Testament, neither the New Testament nor the Koran would stand.

If Islam and traditional Christianity and Judaism wither because of the "disclosure," the proponents of a secular New World Order (1) will claim a double victory - over Christian "fundamentalism," and also over radical Islam. They could declare victory in the "war on terror," if the terrorists give up after losing their faith.

[It should be noted, however, that rationalists and skeptics and "higher critics" have been trying to achieve this result since the 1700s - and have not yet succeeded fully. The "disclosure" would have to be something new, and presented with overwhelming power, frequency and pervasiveness, to achieve this result.]

2. The assault on faith would be greater yet if the following conditions prevail before or at the time of the disclosure of the new evidence:

(a) Widespread human suffering, disorientation, and despair as a result of large-scale natural disasters, wars, revolutions, plagues, or economic depression.

[Such suffering could drive many to doubt God's existence, goodness, or sovereignty - and a "disclosure" of the fictitious nature of Scripture would amplify this reaction. This effect would be greater yet if the "disclosure" were preceded by a devastating war that could be blamed on the intransigence and fanaticism of one or more of the monotheistic religions.]

(b) Clear evidence of large-scale dereliction of duty and immorality on the part of religious leaders (2). For example, many are already saying that Catholic leaders are acting as if they have no belief in God and no fear of His judgment.

[A "disclosure" would lead many to conclude that their suspicions of the religious leaders' motives was well-founded.]

3. People would react to the disorientation of the "disclosure" in diverse ways, all of which would overturn the cultural and social foundations of the West:

(a) The "disclosure" would leave Buddhism, Hinduism, neo-paganism, theosophy, and New Age belief unscathed. All of these beliefs might grow enormously, rushing into a spiritual void created by the collapse of monotheism.

(b) Secular atheism would flourish, as would sheer antinomianism and lawlessness. Marxists could say "I told you so."

(c) As happened in Germany between 1919 and 1933, many in each nation would seek a Leader to deliver them. Political fanaticism and strife would flourish.

Globally, with the putative dethroning of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the way would be clear for the declaration of a new earthly 'god' whose existence and acts would be based on visible evidence, requiring no act of faith.
In his essay on "Religion and Rocketry," C. S. Lewis said:

"What we believe always remains intellectually possible; it never becomes intellectually compulsive. I have an idea that when this ceases to be so, the world will be ending. We have been warned that all but conclusive evidence against Christianity, evidence that would deceive (if it were possible) the very elect, will appear with Antichrist. And after that, there will be wholly conclusive evidence on the other side."

In other words, a devastating and faith-destroying "disclosure" of the kind described by The M+G+R Foundation could be the run-up to the Antichrist and the Beast.

EPILOGUE by The M+G+R Foundation

As we demonstrated in The War Against Faith (3) the world population has already been prepared to believe that God and His miraculous interventions in the world could be ascribed to the mind. That is: Man needed a God to utilize as a crutch in difficult moments, therefore, man "created" God to satisfy such psychological need.

Since such allegation still is in the intangible domain of the mind (one cannot "get a hold" of the psychological component of a human being), the enemies of God need something more tangible, something more concrete like...

+ The archeological remains of the path of mankind journeying through history with its chronological records;

+ Newly discovered ancient writings; and

+ Recently (as of 2015) published studies on the functioning of the human brain.

Archeological Remains

The archeological remains and chronology of the path of man through history have already proven that, even the events which appear in the Old Testament, and which may have concrete historical confirmation, simply do not match chronologically. Many, they can prove, are hundreds of years off and in reverse sequence.

For example...

According to such ample and scientifically accepted records, there may have not been an Exodus as we read in the Scriptures. If there was, it was so unlike the Scriptural story that even most names associated with it do not match with the historical records.

The argument used is no longer that: "The parting of the Red Sea is a scientific impossibility." (since many people believe in Miracles, such argument had to be discounted as an effective Biblical destroyer.)

The argument now used is that Exodus does not match most historically confirmed records of such times, plus or minus several hundred years. Now, this argument, to the world, is concrete.

A book (4) just published for the general public, that is, for mass consumption, is brimming with such references. Drawing from credible, and already professionally published archeological studies, said book is like cyanide laced chocolate fudge ice cream: Delicious and exciting, yet delivering a dosage of death. In this case: Death of the Faith.

Newly Discovered Ancient Writings

The world Biblical scholars and the Catholic Church have given the green light to publish, to the general public, the translations of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls (5).

These writings, it is claimed, will "revolutionize" current Biblical texts. The Vatican has already been quoted as saying that some portions of the text in the New Testament will have to be changed.

With the very tenuous level of faith in the countries of the First World - countries which control the media for the rest of the world - most any theory which would completely explain away the millennial incoherence of "killing in the Name of God" will be embraced as the "Truth". The logic utilized will be: Killing and maiming in the Name of God - such God Who Is allegedly all Love - can only be explained thus:

(1) God is indeed a product of man's psyche; and

(2) Man is using such easily wielded psychological tool to advance his murderous and self satisfying perverted desires.

How the Brain Functions

The National Geographic channel as well as the History channel have taken upon themselves to destroy what was left of faith with their respective series Brain Games (6) and Your Bleeped Up Brain (7). Although neither have directly said the "God was created by the human mind as the result of a psychosomatic need of the human being" they have "proven it" over and over again using a multitude of parallel examples.

Any individual who does not have a well anchored faith - where "believing" has been upgraded to "knowing" - will lose their faith after viewing a few of those scientific documentaries. We consider them, at this point, the greatest threat to real faith.
This last assault on faith fully embodies the explanation of why Jesus said:

...unless the Lord had shortened the days, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect which he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days. [Mark 13:20]

We have neither seen nor heard about anything that would more effectively destroy the little faith left. As a matter of fact, we do not encourage anyone to view those documentaries. Juts take our word for it.


"Aha!" the population of the First World countries will say, "that makes total sense". Then, to bring such abuses to an end (8) - religion - as it is known now - will henceforth cease to exist.

A Universal Religion (9) will be imposed under the leadership of an individual whose teachings are against those of Jesus Christ. He will then be thought as the much awaited Antichrist.

Of course, as we have written elsewhere (10), matters will even get worse because someone else, pretending to be the real Jesus Christ, will make his appearance to "save the world" from the Antichrist". This is the one which we will have to truly fear for he will be satan incarnate.

Now, the faithful, like Peter assuring Our Lord that he would not deny Him and die for Him, will probably say: "No! I will never fall for that! I have Faith!"

Like in the case of Peter, the truth is that He will be denied by the "faithful" who will be running to rally around the "new and improved" savior. Why can we be sure? Because the true faith is already practically extinguished.

Do you doubt our words regarding the state of the Faith? If you do, please consider that, if all those who claim to have a significant level of faith, had it, the world would not be in the condition it is in today since Faith can indeed "move mountains" and God is infinitely more powerful than evil.

So we say to one and all:

Brothers and sisters - Please come back to the Gospel while there is time, because the Faith you claim to have and live will not see you through the tests which are already manifesting themselves in the world.

NOTE Added on January 13, 2002

The Roman Catholic Church indeed is in The Garden of Gethsemani (11).

Do not take our word for it. Judge it yourself!

NOTE Added on October 26, 2002

God, once again, graciously confirms what we forecast in His Name so that we may share it with the world; especially with those who may persist in their denial of reality.

This time, the confirmation of the attacks on the Faith manifests itself in the form of another fortuitous "archeological find": A container used to hold the bones of the dead and which was recently found in the Holy Land. Such ossuary, allegedly dating back to the 1st Century AD, has an inscription which reads: James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.

All experts and a multitude of "Talking Heads" are hailing such "archeological find". All according to their particular agenda...

Some call it proof that Mary was not a virgin since She had other children. Others call it proof that Joseph was married before he married Mary, thus "saving" Mary's virginity (not to mention the salvaging of teachings of the Church). Yet others call it an attempt to prove the existence of Jesus, whom they claim never existed. etc., etc...

Somehow they all fail to see the real consequence...

This man-made charade undermines the validity/accuracy of the New Testament. There were only two individuals by the name of James who were very close to Jesus: James, John's brother and son of Zebedee and James, son of Alpheus [Matthew 10:1-4, Mark 3:13-19]. Neither was the son of Joseph.

We could continue with secondary negative consequences of such "archeological find" but we feel that the one we have just highlighted above is probably the most devastating of all.
To the enemies of God who try to undermine the Faith we say: Brethren, you are not even Good at being Bad. May God have Mercy on you!

NOTE Added on June 21, 2003

God, once again, graciously confirms what we forecast in His Name so that we may share it with the world; especially with those who continually persist in their denial of reality - thus, their inaction.

This time, the confirmation comes from the result of a study requested by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the pope's Vicar in Rome. He wanted to ascertain the depth and breadth of the Faith amongst Rome's teenagers and young adults.

Following are some key excerpts of a recent article published by the Italian L'ESPRESSO (12) about said study.

"...the results reveal a sharp break in the transmission of the Catholic faith to the younger generations, precisely in that Christian capital that sees crowds of young people gather around the pope."

"Cardinal Camillo Ruini was flabbergasted when he saw the first results of a survey on Rome's young people and faith."

"Cardinal Ruini sees the results as sounding a strong alarm bell... a question that regards not only Rome and Italy but also the whole world."

"The data that most alarmed Ruini is evidence that the Christian faith is threatening to go extinct in Catholicism's capital par excellence, the Rome of the popes... The vestiges of Christianity are resisting only within the restricted circle of those who are most faithful."

"Among the teenagers who belong to church groups, a solid 12 percent doubt even the existence of God. And even among those who believe in his existence, nearly one in four doubt that he is the creator of heaven and earth."

"...even the great majority who believe in an afterlife imagine it in a way that is distant from Catholic tradition. Of heaven, hell and purgatory, only the first continues to receive a little credit. Hell is abolished by nearly all of them, including those who belong to church groups. Purgatory is practically extinct."

"Christian tradition shows itself to be largely worn out. 'Evidently, both catechism and the religion hour have failed,' comments Pollo (the author of the study)."

As we keep on reminding the Hierarchy, the Clergy and the Faithful...

Until we acknowledge that the Faith is almost dead and that unless the Church Administration and Faithful make the sweeping and necessary corrections and amendments in their actions/life, much pain will befall the Church and humanity as a whole since "Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear."

Unfortunately, so far, humanity just keep sticking their collective heads further down into the sand.

NOTE Added on April 25, 2005

According to an article (13) of April 17, 2005, published in The Independent:

Thousands of previously illegible manuscripts containing work by some of the greats of classical literature are being read for the first time using technology which experts believe will unlock the secrets of the ancient world.

The Oxford documents form part of the great papyrus hoard salvaged from an ancient rubbish dump in the Graeco-Egyptian town of Oxyrhynchus more than a century ago. The thousands of remaining documents, which will be analysed over the next decade, are expected to include... a series of Christian gospels which have been lost for up to 2,000 years.

God, once again, graciously confirms what we forecast in His Name so that we may share it with the world; especially with those who continually persist in their denial of reality - thus, their inaction.

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