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As the Faith Fades...

...The Self Appointed Saviors of the Faith Speak of a Golden Era

"But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?" [Luke 18:8]


The purpose of this document is to help the Faithful to clearly see that "they are being sold a bill of undeliverable goods" by those promising an upcoming "Golden Era". Why? To discourage them? No! A thousand times No!

On the contrary, we want to help protect the faith of the true children of God by continuously demonstrating - using easy to confirm facts and figures - that God Is not endorsing those selling the faithful "the bill of undeliverable goods". It is man, in his continuing attempt to "Be like unto God", who is misrepresenting Him for their own petty and very worldly agendas..

And Jesus answered and said unto them, "Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." [Matthew 24: 4-5]


In several past documents (1) we have shown that obviously the Evangelization effort of the Church has failed in, essentially, all fronts. In this document we wish to highlight the country where the alleged "Way" to save mankind - Escrivá's "Way" - has also failed even though his Opus Dei group has a stronghold in the education, politics and finances in Spain.

Spain, together with Portugal are, according to Vatican sources, the remaining strongholds of Roman Catholicism in Western Europe. You shall be able to evaluate the truth in that now.


Part I - The (alleged) Forces of Good

From the Catholic Church Statistics (for the year 2002):

The Spanish State contributed to the Roman Catholic Church approximately 4,700,000,000 (4.7 billion) US Dollars equivalence

The Spanish Roman Catholic Church spent in Programs and Caritas (Charitable enterprises) approximately 39,000,000 US Dollars equivalence (Note that this is only a 0.83 % of what the State contributes to the Church)

The Spanish Roman Catholic Church has:

112 Seminaries
937 Church orphanages
961 Monasteries
5,197 Educational Centers
22, 964 Parishes

Superimposing on the above statistics information about the Opus Dei (3):

"Opus Dei was founded by Msgr. Josemaria Escrivá in 1928 in Madrid with the aim of spreading throughout all sectors of society a profound awareness of the universal call to holiness and apostolate (of Christian witness and action) in the ordinary circumstances of life, and, more specifically, through one's professional work. On Nov. 28, 1982, Pope John Paul II established Opus Dei as a personal prelature with the full title, Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei."

"Escrivá joined Franco's cause, like practically all bishops, priests, religious and Catholics in Spain and in the world. However, he did not participate in war activities. In 1939 saw the election of Pope Pius XII just in time to bless the victory over communism in Spain. He would be a providential man for the Opus Dei. In 1946 Opus Dei established its first house outside Spain, in the Portuguese university city of Coimbra (4). Opus Dei penetrated the Universities and actually controlled the most ambitious cultural project of the Franco regime, the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations."

Part II - The Results of the Forces of Evil

From statistics collected and published (2) by the Roman Catholic Church we learn the following facts and figures:

In 1960, 95 % of the population was a Practicing Catholic; a number which was dropped by 45 % to 52 % by 1993

In 1960, 5% of the population was Non Practicing Catholics; a number which increased by 400! % to 32% by 1993

In 1960, no one (dared) to claim to be Non-religious; a number which increased to 15% by 1993, after peaking at 20 % in 1975

A brief historical notation: In Spain there was an extreme right Dictatorship (in collusion with the Roman Catholic Church - as it is customary) up to 1975, when the dictator Francisco Franco died, such type of regime ended. If one looks at his regime as a 20th Century version of the Inquisition, one can understand why in 1960 no one dared to claim to be non-religious while 95 % "claimed" to be practicing Catholics. Homosexuals were sent and kept in pseudo concentration camps.

There was a brutal civil war in Spain between 1936 and 1939 between the Left and the Right. The Right won and General Franco became the dictator. This will further help the reader understand the "why" of the statistics.

The Health Minister of Spain, reported during the second half of 2004 that:

* The use of cannabis and cocaine in Spain is above the average for the European Union.

* The use of cocaine has doubled in the last 10 years.

* The young cocaine users went from 1.8 % of total users to 6.9 % of all users. This translates to 144,000 young ones have consumed cocaine in the last 12 months. [NOTE: Spain population as of 2003 was 41,500,000 inhabitants]

From Statistics published by the Instituto Universitario de Investigación Sobre Seguridad Interior we also see that:

Crime has increased in Spain by 33 % from 1993 through 2003

From visual observation of, and from intermingling with, Spanish population at all levels we see in "social satire" format that:

* Most Spaniards under 30 are only in Church if it is their funeral (Unless they are in a Catholic School and are forced to attend. Once out of the "forced attendance" condition, they, naturally drop out.

* It used to be: "Drink and be merry and enjoy it" now it is "Drink just to get drunk and escape."

* The lack of vocations will not be a problem here. Those who regularly attend Church in Spain are about the same age of the remaining priests. The question is who will die first, the last priest or the last Church attendee.

* Words as "my wife" or "my husband" are almost extinct in the newer generations. What one hears more often is "my partner" - which means: "The one I am having sex with now on a regular basis but not serious enough to marry."

What we do not see anywhere is the alleged million plus youths who went to the last Papal Youth Jamboree in Madrid. They are certainly not in Church!


Once again - and we will never tire of repeating it:

If 2,000 years after the Incarnate Word of God founded His Church, commanded it to Evangelize the world and equipped it with true supernatural powers , over 80% of the world population is not Christian, and those who called themselves Christians have been fighting, bickering and, in many cases, murdering each other in the Name of God, there is obviously a problem somewhere, and we know, with great certainty, that God is not part of the problem.

Now, we have shown that in their home country, a country they control, those who felt so special as to manipulate H.H. John Paul II to set them as a parallel Church - The Personal Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei - have obviously and logically also failed to turn back the tide of evil. We actually venture to say that, by their elitist sectarian behavior they have accelerated the Demise of the Faith in Spain just as they did in Portugal.

If it is not them, then, who is at fault? God? Is evil stronger than God?

The Opus Dei leadership, brothers and sisters, is the one who claims that they are going to save the Catholic Church and the world and they cannot even lead their home country, a country which they control. Tragically, far too many wish to believe this "bill of undeliverable goods" because they have been given "the pious formula" on how they can "legitimately" serve Mammon and God - in direct contradiction to anything that may be found in the New Testament.

We have done all we can to warn them of their errors.

Now, you must decide: Are you going to trust God or man? It is entirely your decision...

(1) What Went Wrong? and The Reality of a Failed Evangelization Effort
(2) "La Iglesia Católica en España" 2002 - Excerpts Published in Spain's EL PAIS, September 5, 2004
(3) The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei by an illustrious friend.
(4) Opus Dei in Portugal

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