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About the Death of Princess Diana

Was this Heavenly prompting misapplied?


The purpose and intent of this document is to shed some relevant light on the multitude of claims and counterclaims, information and disinformation surrounding the apparently accidental death of Princess Diana.


As miguel de Portugal has mentioned in the past, the writing of documents that are published in the Domain of The M+G+R Foundation is secondary to his acting upon the prompting of God by behind-the-scenes relaying of Heavenly warnings and admonishments.

The scandal rocking the House of Windsor in the mid nineties prompted two communications to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Providentially they were exactly 13 months apart - to the day. Something miguel de Portugal noticed when he sat down to relay the second message to Buckingham Palace.


These communications, with the exception of their confidential release to one very interested party, have been kept locked up in m de P's electronic files.

Now, it is the Will of God that they should be published.

The reader may very humanly and understandably think: "Does miguel de Portugal think that what he writes reaches its intended destination and has an effect?"

The answer to that question is: "miguel de Portugal pronounces or writes to communicate what God Wills him to; it is up to God to make sure that it reaches its intended destination and have an impact."

So far, God's record has been very good. Whether the reader believes this or not is also something outside the realm of our responsibility. Those who need to believe it, will; those who do not, will not.

Obviously the message conveyed to H.R.M. Queen Elizabeth II was not interpreted and acted upon in the manner God had intended but that is nothing new. Man always think that he can do better than God.


These dates place the in here revealed communications in their proper chronological perspective.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially separate: Announced by British Prime Minister John Major on December 9, 1992

Princess Diana announces her readiness to officially divorce Prince Charles: February 28, 1996

Divorce is Official: August 28, 1996

Princess Diana's accident takes place: Early morning hours of August 31, 1997

COMMUNICATIONS To H.R.M. Queen Elizabeth

By the time the first communication was sent to Buckingham Palace the public and scandalous activities of both, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had become weekly Tabloid fare.

First Letter - Dated October 25, 1994

During the ensuing thirteen months their scandalous activities had reached a climax with television interviews where the Royal Laundry, so to speak, was "being washed and hung to dry" by both the Prince and the Princess of Wales.

Second Letter - Dated November 25, 1995

Buckingham Palace did not fully comply with Heaven's request. Diana had an accodent and died.

Third Letter - Dated November 11, 2003

This communication was sent as the latest scandal swirls around the House of Windsor - with Prince Charles at its center. If Queen Elizabeth had fully complied with Heaven's request Princess Diana would still be alive and God would not have allowed all that He is and will as He dispenses Justice upon the House of Windsor.

Published on October 21, 2003 - European Union

The Seal of St. Michael the Archangel © Copyright 2003 - 2024 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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