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In the CONCLUSION part of the original document (1) we wrote:

The end of the movie is superb once it is seen with the Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. We will not explain it here since it may take away from the effect of viewing it in the movie as it unfolds before your own eyes. However, if you are not going to see the movie or think that it will not affect your viewing of the movie, Clich here and read about it.

If you have accessed this page it is because you are not going to see the movie, The Adjustment Bureau (2)or you have seen it already - thus we will not spoil it for you with our discussion about how the movie ended.


The movie clearly portrays the attraction between the main characters, David and Elise, as something quite beyond a mere physical attraction. The bond is obviously a bond of that intangible God given gift which we may call "espousal love". That is, two body-encased-souls who are destined to become "one flesh" [Gen. 2:24 and Matt. 19:6].

Even the only intimate "bedroom scene" shown had to be amongst the most proper and dignified, not to mention, subdued scene of that nature that we have seen, underscoring the true spiritual dimension of the story.

David is told by the agents of the Adjustment Bureau why he and Elise could not be together:

It would greatly scale down the grand destiny David had been created for - up to and including the US Presidency. David was also told how their union would also dim the bright future that Elise was destined for.

He decides to "make a run for it" - that is, turn his back on his bright, and humanly very enticing future, just to be united with her. He explains to her what he knew about the bright future that awaited her should they not come together. She also is willing to "make a run for it" and give up everything in exchange to be united with him.

He decided to take his case "to the top" - that is, to the Director of the Adjustment Bureau who, as you remember, is God - the Master of all destinies.

As they desperately race to where they think they may find the Director to plead their "love case" with him, the agents of the Adjustment Bureau continue in their pursuit so that they can "reformat" him. This will, at least, allow one of them, Elise, to fulfill her appointed destiny.

When they enter through the door behind which they think the Director's office is, they find themselves on top of a New York skyscraper - symbolizing Heaven, of course.

The agents of the Adjustment Bureau catch up with them and are about to carry out the orders given and reformat him.

The couple, surrounded by the agents of the Adjustment Bureau, embrace and kiss knowing that that was going to be the end of their profound love.

When they break their embrace they find themselves totally alone atop of the skyscraper, then.... a lone agent of the Adjustment Bureau appears with an envelope which contained a paper - a decree from the Director, that is God, who had been moved to rewrite their destinies so that they could indeed become "one flesh" in Time and be united Eternally.


Do notice that they did not try to defy the Director (God). David, instead, was determined to present, and plead, his case before God.

It was clear that they were both willing to give up their most brilliant futures for the love that bound them together.

How could God not apply His unfathomable Mercy in this case and change whatever He had to change in the Universe so that love could triumph for these two souls who were willing to give up everything, their lives included, to "go to the top" and appeal their case to Love Itself - God?

Needless to say it, but we will nonetheless do so:

Humanly speaking, this must be among the most moving love story that miguel de Portugal has ever seen. We also recommend it on those grounds.


Let us pray.... and continue to plead our cases before God while always deferring to His Will.

God can do what no other human being could possibly do, and, when He does it through His Active Will, the result will always be perfect.


(1) Original Document
(2) Movie Review by Slate

Published on March 13th, 2011 • Enhanced on October 14th, 2018

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