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Part 3


Part 3 of the original document - UFO's and EXTRA TERRESTRIALS (1a) and its follow up document (1b) - is a further confirmation to our original purpose:

"It is our intention to provoke the thought processes of our readers in reference to the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) and the lack of publicly available concrete proof of the existence of Extra Terrestrials creatures (ET's). It is our hope that certain issues - which may be quite critical for the End of These Times - become clear."

The promotion of the existence of ET's seem to have matured some. Providence had it that we view a few minutes, at random times, of a History Channel series with a name like Ancient Aliens or Ancient Astronauts. At some time during those brief encounters with some of the episodes we heard some very good news. One of the alleged experts in the field, someone who seems to have quite a following as well as a fanatic streak, made a statement that caused us to carefully view two full episodes in order to learn what other enlightment they had experienced.

This gentleman made a point of separating the possible existence of ET's from the one and only God and Creator; a Creator Who would have also created the ET's. That is, the past claims or innuendoes that the ET's had created the human race seem to have vaporized just as the claims of the End of the World was changed - even before the infamous Maya "deadline" (2) - into the End of These Times by magazines and tabloids dealing in such matters.


The tone of this series is now more in line with our publication of the History of Creation - A True Time Line. (3)

They bring up the realities of an ancient developmental and technological common thread on a worldwide scale - among peoples who, according to our official history, should have never interacted.

They highlight the appearance of ancient drawings and carvings depicting what is now called the Greys (short, spindly, big head and huge eyed creatures), serpent like gods, pyramid like structures, human sacrifices and the like.

They propose the intercourse of said ET creatures with female Earthlings, the formation of a hybrid race while raising the question as to what happened to those hybrid human-ET creatures.

They stop short of bringing up, as a Before and an After state of the world, what we know as Noah's Flood; an event which we have amply covered.(4)


The direction that this topic - Ancient Aliens / Ancient Astronauts as well as UFO's and Extra Terrestrials - has taken is as good as when the shift was made from the End of the World to the End of These Times.

It really does not matter if the "sons of God" [Genesis 6] who mated with the "daughters of man" were the angels who joined Lucifer's rebellion and were cast down from Heaven with him [Revelation 12] or were Extra Terrestrials who were taken for gods by humans on Earth.

It really does not matter if eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge, that is, learning what humans were not supposed to learn, was the result of interacting with fallen angels or with Extra Terrestrials. The Biblical message was that it was wrong and had very serious consequences and remains the same.

With the new direction taken by the proponents of Ancient Aliens / Ancient Astronauts as well as UFO's and Extra Terrestrials, we feel that the Faithful is safe. In either case, the Biblical teachings - literal and/or symbolic (5) - hold true. If the ET proponents do not reverse their course, then, their current theories should not affect the Faithful core perception of the Times that we are living through.

(1a) Original document
(1b) Part 2 of original document
(2) The Maya Calendar
(3) The Time Line of the Creation Story
(4) The Selection of the Elect
(5) Biblical Literalism and Symbolism - Part I and Part II

Published on September 29th, 2014 - Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

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