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The Outcome of the 2004 US Presidential Elections

The Relevant Supernatural Reasons For It

December 24, 2004: A very important NOTE has been added at the end of this document. For the full and comprehensive impact of the NOTE we suggest that this whole document is read first.


The 2004 United States presidential election was held on November 2, 2004. The incumbent Republican President George W. Bush and his running mate Vice President Dick Cheney were elected to a second term, defeating the Democratic John Kerry and his running mate John Edwards. The purpose of this document is to shed some light on the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Elections and the relevant supernatural reasons behind it.


Following are two key and very revealing post-Election News Reports which will amply serve as the Background for what we wish to reveal/explain to the devotees of both candidates and the word at large.

On November 4, 2004 we read:

'AMERICA HAS SPOKEN': Bush gains mandate with a record 59 million votes (1)


WASHINGTON -- As one of the costliest and most bitter campaigns came to an end Wednesday, President George W. Bush basked in victory... and promising to lead the United States toward new paths of greatness.

"America has spoken, and I'm humbled by the trust and the confidence of my fellow citizens", Bush, 58, said Wednesday with his wife, Laura, and their two daughters at his side.

On November 5, 2004 we read:

Confident Bush Outlines Ambitious Plan for 2nd Term (2)


WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 - A confident President Bush vowed on Thursday to move quickly and vigorously to enact the ambitious agenda he set out during the campaign, saying, "The people made it clear what they wanted."...

"Let me put it to you this way: I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it", Mr. Bush said, asserting the power he held after a decisive win and reclaiming the national stage as his own after sharing it for months with Mr. Kerry.


Reminding our readers that we are a-political, unless the politicians start claiming that they are "acting in the Name of God", we will proceed to shed some light upon the aptly labeled by some segments of the world media, "Apocalyptic Elections" that just took place in the U.S. We also wish to remind the reader that we have generously come to the defense of George W. Bush (3), the person occupying the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America - the undisputed "bottom-line" best, albeit not perfect, country in the world. May God Bless America! (4)

As a brief backdrop - for those who are capable of understanding it:

Someone had to betray Jesus so that He would be apprehended and crucified. That does not mean that Judas Iscariot was serving God. God allowed Judas to gravely sin and betray His Son and, through His Absolute Supremacy, utilized such grave sin as part of the redemption of mankind (5). Naturally, Judas thought that he was serving God and so did the Temple Masters ("The Vatican" of those days) (6) when they manipulated Pontius Pilate into approving the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

To the point:

What happened in the U.S. Presidential elections? Who won - "Good?" or "Evil?" One ask one group, and they will say: "Good" ; One ask the other group, and they will say: "Evil"

What does miguel de Portugal say about it? The answer is quite simple if the reader is capable of answering "Who was the winner when Jesus Christ was betrayed?"

Therefore - We will briefly explain what happened and why, so that those who are capable of seeing it can understand the future events as they fade into history.

What happened?

The time before the already fixed End of These Times is rapidly approaching. As Gorbachev aptly recognized (7), the Presidency of William J. Clinton delayed the establishment of the New World Order (8) by ten years - a gift of God to humanity - since those will be ten less years of the suffering and confusion that will be made manifest with the "Kick-Off" [Step No. 1] of the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times (9).

If Mr. Kerry would have been elected, his Clinton-like dialoguing manner and policies would have further delayed the manifestation in Time of Step No. 1. This was a physical impossibility. The ten years spoken of by Gorbachev was the maximum possible delay (10) at this late a time in history.

On the other hand, the policies of Mr. Bush's Administration will rapidly drive the world to the manifestation of Step No. 1, and then, at a very rapid pace humanity will reach Step No. 17. The words of Mr. bin Ladin's last public announcement (11) and the recent China-Russia-Iran oil mega-alliances will assist the reader in understanding why.

Therefore, we shall let the self appointed ego driven, but little, human "Judges" rule on whether "Good" or "Evil" won in the last U.S. Presidential Elections. We, once more, defer such right to Whom it truly belongs and Whom we strive to serve: God.


Miguel de Portugal (12) has known, since God called him to leave all behind and serve Him as He Willed it, that the Nuclear Holocaust would be the proof necessary for many to believe that the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times (9) is really true.

There is nothing else that God can do to better get the world´s attention than to allow the Nuclear Holocaust. Obviously the September 11, 2001 events did not (4).

There is nothing else miguel can do to more clearly indicate the steps to follow than to approve the publishing of this information through The M+G+R Foundation.

Dear brothers and sisters - as it is commonly said: "The ball is squarely in your court!" That is, it is up to you to take the next step, which is: Pray (13), and then, Pray Some More! (14)

May the Holy Spirit of God guide your every step. We assure you - without it, you will be hopelessly lost.

NOTE Added on December 24, 2004:

God continues to provide us with concrete physical proof to assist the Thomases who live in total denial in realizing that we are indeed speaking in His Name.

In today's news we have read - regarding the two French journalists who have just been release in Iraq by their captors:  (15)

In a four-page account of their ordeal, one of the reporters, Georges Malbrunot, also wrote that... One of the captors from the group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq said Bush's reelection would boost their cause, Malbrunot wrote in Friday's edition of Le Figaro, the French daily he works for. "We want Bush because with him the American troops will stay in Iraq and that way we will be able to develop," Malbrunot cited the captor as saying.

Even his enemies were rooting for his reelection!

As we have stated, God is in charge and the Apocalypse is on! Those who wish to continue to live in Denial may continue to do so but do not count on Divine Mercy to come to rescue. There is a point beyond which it will be sheer justice with no appeal. We are giving you now that chance before is too late.

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