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2 September 1997

M. Rev. Anthony Pilla, President
M. Rev. Joseph Fiorenza, Vice President
The National (U.S.A.) Conference of Catholic Bishops

3211 4th Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20017-1194

Subject : Sexual Misconduct of the Clergy

Reference : Past communication dated August 1st and 2nd, 1997 and a multitude of other dating back to 1995.

Peace be with you, Gentlemen!

Confident that the appropriate individuals within The National Conference of Catholic Bishops are working feverishly to heal this gangrene-type disease within The Roman Catholic Church, I will now share with you my reaction to the information which came to my attention in the following, and recently published, enclosed documents:

1. News Report: Houston Chronicle : 29 AUG 97 : St. Thomas High School principal charged with lewdness

2. Article: The Dallas Morning News : 31 AUG 97 : Documents show bishops transferred known abuser

Gentlemen, God is witness that my heart is full of compassion for those poor creatures who have been afflicted by such a devastating sexual dysfunction, however, they must not be allowed to keep on destroying the image of Christ in the souls of our children.

Just as my heart is full of compassion for those dysfunctional creatures, it is full of contempt for those members of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy who become Accessories of the Crime by outright bribing the few victims who dare to complain, and lying to everyone else so that the spiritual carnage may continue.

If what is required for the Roman Catholic Hierarchy to act swiftly, and stop offering its young to Baal, are large financial judgments against it and negative publicity, then, so be it. The situation could not be more suitable for MIRAMAX / The Disney Company, and others, to counteract the ever increasing attacks against it by so-called Christians who accuse them of giving a distorted view of our clergy, and Christians in general.

Gentlemen the behavior that the Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church continues to exhibit regarding the sexual misconduct of its clergy is Institutional Suicide.

I pray to that loving God, Who continues to be so grievously offended, that everyone within the fortified walls of The National Conference of Catholic Bishops can read the handwriting on the wall without Daniel's assistance. [Daniel 5:1-31]

To the extent that both of you will merit it, my hand continues to be extended in a gesture of friendship, yet, my loyalty belongs to God and the focus of my attention directed to the wounded and dispersed flock which was entrusted to some individuals who dare to claim to be the Descendants of the Apostles.

The anger felt by Friedrich Nietzsche [1] because he thought that God was a fabrication of the clerics to manipulate the masses, pales in comparison to the just anger that is generated by witnessing the mockery of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ by precisely those who claim to serve Him.

At the service of God, thus at yours, I remain simply...

originally signed by m de P
+by the Grace of God

[1] "Asi Hablo Zarathustra", 1883-1891

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