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May 2021

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May 28
Doctors denouncing deception, abuse or errors of the Coronavirus Crisis
Vitamin C treatment of COVID-19

May 21
Indiscriminate vaccination of persons who are already naturally immune
That they may hear, and not understand  [Mark 4:12]

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May 28th, 2021

Doctors denouncing deception, abuse or errors of the Coronavirus Crisis

From Mr. G @ USA  (1)

Peace be with you ...

[Regarding our recently published document "The plan goes forward: Vaccination for all" (2)]

..... The [following] interview seems to add to your discussion of the epidemiologist' view. (3)

The video is about 32 mins long. "This will go down in history as the biggest hoax" - [An interview to] Shiva Ayyadurai MIT-Engineer

Near the end of the video Dr Shiva lends great credibility to the value of vitamin C. .....


(1) Comments in brackets by The M+G+R Foundation
(2) The plan goes forward: Vaccination for all, even those who are already immunized!
(3) "This will go down in history as the biggest hoax" - An interview to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT-Engineer (Video in YouTube; 32 minutes; Apr 21, 2020)

Response by Ricardo de Valencia:

Thank you for sharing the video with us. We take this opportunity to share with our readers a brief preliminary assessment about Dr. Shiva and also important information that is being withheld about the treatment of Covid-19 with high doses of intravenous Vitamin C.

About Dr. Shiva and others

The way Dr. Shiva speaks is mainly through videos, and the topics/aspects he deals with in relation to the Coronavirus Crisis are many, which makes it difficult for us to make a global evaluation of all his messages, given our limited time. For this very reason, the fact that we refer to his videos should not be taken as a concession, on our part, of "carte blanche" on everything Dr. Shiva says.

One important fact that he denounces, that "the level of complete disgraceful fraudulent activity that's taking place, ... is being done by an elite to destroy the world's economy" is not new to us. In our pages we have exposed enough material for anyone to see that the motivation, dimensions and scope of the plan are even more serious and greater than Dr. Shiva believes (4). In fact, what we are going through now is the realization in concrete terms of the final phase of something The M+G+R Foundation has been warning about for decades (5).

To cite one aspect in which we believe Dr. Shiva falls short: talking about an economic motivation and the attempt "to push mandated medicine" is not enough to explain what is behind the Coronavirus Crisis (6).

Nevertheless, his effort and courage are commendable and we believe that it is possible that, in view of Dr. Shiva's impressive professional credentials (7), some may be encouraged to listen and better understand the problem.

Furthermore, Dr. Shiva's public complaints should be seen as a reminder that there are many physicians, doctors, health professionals and scientists who, not being in a position of great professional autonomy like Dr. Shiva, are either unwilling or unable to publicly question the official narrative but would like to do so (8).

We remind our readers that, in 2020, we also echoed the testimony of another highly-credentialed doctor, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar (9), credibly exposing the Covid-19 deception with facts and figures; and an open letter from Belgian medical doctors denouncing the contradictions of Covid-19 (10). There are many more valuable testimonials from doctors and health professionals that, due to lack of time, we have not been able to comment on in our pages (11).


(4) Index of Documents Regarding Covid-19 / Coronavirus
(5) The attempt to establish a New World Order and The attempt to establish a One World Religion
(6) The Ultimate Purpose of the Game (when the actions of all the playing groups are combined, even if they are not fully aware of it)

(7) Dr. Shiva's professional credentials:

Dr. Ayyadurai went on to earn four degrees from MIT including his Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His other degrees include: a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer science, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and a Master of Science in Visual Studies from the MIT Media Laboratory. ..... As a world-renowned systems scientist, Dr. Ayyadurai has started 11 companies across the fields of arts, artificial intelligence, integrative health, medicine, and information technology. He is regularly invited to present distinguished and keynote lectures on science, medicine, and information technology across the world.

(8) Examples of the coerced silencing of doctors:
(a)  "My Expulsion from Medical Practice. Censorship and economic ruin threaten dissenting physicians" by Dr. Albert Louis
(b) Italian Doctors Sanctioned for Raising Questions About COVID Vaccine

(9) Our document "The Coronavirus Deception. In Conclusion" refers to an interview featuring Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, DO
(10) Open letter from Belgian medical doctors denouncing the contradictions of Covid-19

(11) Doctors and health professionals questioning Covid's official narrative - Some examples:

(a) A huge number of medical doctors ask for a reassessment of the corona measures
(b) World Doctors Alliance
(c) America's Frontline Doctors
(d) Medical Professionals and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy
(e) 8 More Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic and 10 More
(f)  "Ask the experts" - 33 Doctors and a few other professionals who all urge caution regarding the CV-19 vaccine

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Vitamin C treatment of COVID-19

Having said the above, we would now like to address one of Dr. Shiva's particular claims, the one that has to do with Vitamin C:

“Now, I want to also point out - because this is sort of a public service announcement - there's been no discussion of giving people IV [intravenous] vitamin C, particularly those critically care people, when there's been hundreds and hundreds of papers written, it has been a therapy in the ICU. Why aren't we seeing that? Why aren't we seeing any medical official talk about high-dose IV [intravenous] vitamin C to address this? These are the things that are really, really criminal that's taking place because they want to replace the V in vitamin with vaccines and the V in environment with ventilators;”  (12)

We noticed his statement that "there's been hundreds and hundreds of papers written" about the treatment with intravenous Vitamin C (13) [in general, not just for Covid, as we understand the context]. In the past, we had already published a guest document on the amazing therapeutic properties of Vitamin C, but not in direct relation to the new coronavirus.

Therefore, we have done a little research in an attempt to develop Dr. Shavi's assertion. Some of what we have found has resulted in the two new guest documents that we have just published:

Part 1: Successful High-Dose Vitamin C Treatment of Patients with Serious and Critical COVID-19 Infection

Part 2: Vitamin C Treatment of COVID-19: Case Reports

(12) Minute 30 in the above mentioned video
(13) The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C

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May 21st, 2021

Indiscriminate vaccination of persons who are already naturally immune

From Ms. LM @ USA

You recently posted information on the vaccine from this doctor [Dr. Hooman Noorchashm (1)].  I am so glad you did.  [...]

See the attached article [by the same doctor (2)].  [...]

Peace and Blessings


(1) See FYI&R March 27th, 2021, "On the vaccination of those who already have been infected"
(2) A Letter of Safety Warning To CVS, Rite Aid And Their Pharmacists- By Dr. Noorchashm

Response by Ricardo de Valencia:

Thank you for pointing us that interesting article by Dr. Noorchashm. As a result of your e-mail, we have read more extensively his website (1) and prepared a new document on indiscriminate vaccination. As we see it, the irrational "vaccination for all" policy, which includes those who are already natural immunized or recently infected, is only "inexplicable" if one does not take into account a more powerful purpose for vaccination other than just the eradication of the disease.

The pretext that "We are capable of the gigantic enterprise of producing 'vaccines' in about a year but - Oh! We forgot that immune persons don't need to be vaccinated and we have not prepared a protocol for this", simply does not stand up.


(1) Please Note: If we put the Covid "vaccines" in the context of why they may have actually been created, we cannot agree with Dr. Noorchashm's magnanimous view of them (he believes that they are "the most powerful and effective ones we’ve ever created"). But we make use of Dr. Noorchashm's testimony because his valid arguments on the issue of indiscriminate vaccination cannot be disqualified on the grounds that he would be an "anti-vaccine quack".

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That they may hear, and not understand  [Mark 4:12]

FROM OUR FILES:  Published on April 9th, 2019

From miguel de Portugal:

Many times I think, write or say - in reference to societal and political world events - something like: "What is wrong with them?" or "How can't they see it?" or "Are they that blind, that stupid?" or "Isn't it obvious to everyone?".... and then God explained it to me - as a Palm Sunday gift.

Let's go back to the last few months of Jesus life before His crucifixion. Now, think about the obvious miracles that He performed - up to and including the resurrection of Lazarus practically at the doors of Jerusalem and witnessed by many Temple lackeys; the reattaching of the ear - cut off by Peter - from a servant to the chief Priest when He was being arrested; and a many others major miracles well known to the Temple Masters.

Gamaliel, a Pharisee, thus part of the Temple Masters, knew well that if Jesus was not of God and He were to be ignored, His movement would die of its own accord, just as we read in Acts of the Apostles 5:34-39 when he used this logic to dismiss the Apostles left after Jesus was crucified. Yet Gamaliel did not use that logic before Jesus was crucified to spare His life - he used it afterwards.

Now, let us consider how well those same questions, that keep coming to mind, apply to the Temple Masters as well: 

"What is wrong with them?" or "How can't they see it?" or "Are they that blind, that stupid?" or "Isn't it obvious to everyone?"

Now then, if they had applied Gamaliel's logic to Jesus, He would not have been crucified and there would not have been Salvation since He was, and is, the only Messiah and the Messiah had to suffer as Jesus did. That is, the Temple Masters had to be blind to those realities so that prophecy would be fulfilled and humanity given an opportunity to Eternal Life.

Now, let us come back to today so that we may fully understand why today's political, religious and social leaders are blind to what is obviously happening in the world - just as the Temple Masters were about Jesus.

Jesus clearly stated: And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22]

"Those days" are our days, and the effective blindness and stupidity of today's political, religious and social leaders will soon trigger the full blown Apocalypse so that the Elect will be saved - if not, even they would be lost.

Simple, isn't it? As it always is once God reveals it!

You may then ask: What are we to do if we are not to help the political, religious and social leaders become aware to what is really taking place so that they take the appropriate steps and avoid a major catastrophe - the full blown Apocalypse? For example, explain to UK's Prime Minister May what is the source of the problem that she has encountered in her efforts to separate the UK from the European Union (Brexit) and why she is  being blocked - just like Mr. Trump is being blocked in many areas no matter what he does.

We are to do what we have been announcing for years:

(a) Pray and offer sacrifices so that the Will of God be manifested in all areas of the world so that suffering is minimized among the Elect, while Divine Justice is Dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled; and

(b) Make available to all the information that we have published. That is, make available but do not insist for the same reasons Jesus spoke in parables....

That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand: lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them. [Mark 4:12]

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