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February 2022

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February 25
•  New Judeo-Christian Liturgical Calendar for the year 2022
•  Ex-Pope Benedict accused of failing to act in Munich Church abuse report
•  Massive truck convoy crossing Canada to protest Vaccine Mandates

February 7
•  The postulation, by some, for Archbishop Viganò as the "rightful new Pope"

February 25th, 2022

New Judeo-Christian Liturgical Calendar for the year 2022

For those of you who missed it: We have already published the New Judeo-Christian Liturgical Calendar for the year 2022. Also, but in a more compact format, you can view a table for the years 2016-2025.

In case that you may have forgotten why we composed and are using the New Judeo-Christian calendar, you may want to review the document wherein we explained it in enough detail to be understood: New Judeo-Christian Liturgical Calendar. Why? What Does It Mean? Why Is It Spiritually Important?

February 25th, 2022

Ex-Pope Benedict accused of failing to act in Munich Church abuse report

From the news:  (1)

BERLIN, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Former Pope Benedict XVI failed to take action against clerics in four cases of alleged sexual abuse in his archdiocese when he was Archbishop of Munich, a report found on Thursday, compounding a scandal engulfing the Catholic Church.

Benedict, now aged 94, has been living in the Vatican since resigning as pontiff in 2013. (2)

Presenting the report, lawyer Martin Pusch said Ratzinger had done nothing against the abuse in four cases and there appeared to be no interest shown to the injured parties.

"In a total of four cases, we have come to the conclusion that the then Archbishop Cardinal Ratzinger can be accused of misconduct in cases of sexual abuse," said Pusch. "He still claims ignorance even if, in our opinion, that is difficult to reconcile with the documentation."

Our comment:

The problem is by far larger, deeper and more serious than a single archdiocese and a couple of bishops. The then Cardinal Ratzinger, and the Roman Curia with him, were amply warned of this about twenty years ago!

It was already in 2002 that miguel de Portugal wrote to Ratzinger:  (3)

The warning through you, to the key members of the Church in reference of the rampant sexual abuse by members of the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church, was ignored.

We are not surprised. The Warnings delivered by the Mother of God, the One used by the Church to enrich its coffers by exploiting Her Holy Name, are
also ignored. (4)

Know that what the scandal which is now rocking the Roman Catholic Church is of your own doing - and this, friend, it is only the beginning.

The passivity and alleged ignorance of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy is what the warning of Revelations 2:16 is about:

"So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth." [Rev. 2:16]

(1) Reuters - January 20, 2022 - Quoted with our highlighting
(2) A convenience for legal immunity? As an illustration of their behavior, let us remember that, in a case against the Vatican Radio in 2000, The Vatican was reported to be using its diplomatic immunity to hinder investigations.
(3) 2002 - To the Roman Curia on the Sexual Abuse scandal: You Were Amply Warned
(4) Apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima - How the requests from Heaven were ignored by the Church Hierarchy

February 25th, 2022

Massive truck convoy crossing Canada to protest Vaccine Mandates

Hot in the news, from many sources: (1)

Massive truck convoy crosses Canada to protest Vaccine Mandates. It may be longest Truck Convoy ever recorded.

Truck protest against Pandemic Measures spreads across Canada.

GoFundMe ‘steals’ $9 Million from Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” Truckers under pressure from Trudeau.

Canadian Parliament votes to extend Emergencies Act for 30 Days.

Archbishop Viganò (2) to Truckers: Don’t give up! We are with you (3)


(1) For example: 27-Jan  | 5-Feb  | 5-Feb  | Feb-21
(2) Who could be interested in favoring the figure of Viganò?
(3) 22-Feb

Our comment:

FROM OUR FILES:  August 28th, 2009

Did you know that...?

...we are not calling anyone to "activism" with the information that we are sharing with our readers?

As we said in one of our documents:

Enough of Marches! Enough of Petitions! Enough Politicking! Instead - PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

It is too late for most anything else besides prayer and sacrifice. No number of marches and petitions will change the course that we are in - the final stretch. As we often repeat - All we can do is minimize the severity of the blows that awaits humanity through prayer and sacrifice. Prayer and sacrifice open the doors for God to act and, through His action, minimize said suffering.

The only "activism" needed is to share information as to what is taking place and what will come next. Why? Because when people see the manifestation of what has been announced, announced by the same individual who also said: Don't despair, it will look like the end of the world, but it is not!, despair will be minimized.

All satan can do is try to drive people to despair as humanity navigates through what will be worse than what we know as Noah's Flood; however, an informed soul will navigate through it with trepidation, yes.... but without despairing.

In addition - Eventually, physical activism (marches, petitions, politicking, etc.) will give the enemy reason to label the "activists" as terrorists and/or enemies of the state. Do not play into the hands of satan. Think about it! and then Pray!

We have published four documents which lists all the a Christian should do now and why. We recommend that they are carefully reviewed again and practice the information they contained. They are:

- Pray! Pray! Pray!
- And then, Pray More!
- What Can We Do? - Part I
- What Can We Do? - Part II

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February 7th, 2022

The postulation, by some, for Archbishop Viganò as the "rightful new Pope"

In the past, we have warned about the danger of the relationship between Archbishop Viganò and Opus Dei (1)(2)  – the organization that is the world's biggest player in the plans for the Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ (3). Now, with the knowledge of a new piece of news, we raise this alert to the highest level.

The dissident Byzantine-Catholic Patriarchate, a group of bishops who have separated from the Ukrainian Catholic-Orthodox Patriarchate and from Rome (4), and who in the past proclaimed the excommunication of Jorge Bergoglio (5), has elected and solemnly proclaimed a new – they believe – "legitimate Pope": Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. (6)

This took place on October 14, 2019. We learned about it a few days ago, thanks to a cooperator of The M+G+R Foundation. There is no doubt that the B-C Patriarchate has informed him about it but, as far as we know, Viganò has neither accepted nor rejected the election and proclamation.

We are well aware of Viganò's – generally correct – position against the Coronavirus Scam (7), as well as the fact that he is being positioned and seen by many as "that brave bishop" who, while being hierarchically under the head of Rome, dares to publicly question the official position of the Vatican and of "Pope" Francis himself on the Vaccination Campaign and on other important and highly visible issues.

The B-C Patriarchate has been attracted (or seduced, if you want to say so) by Viganò's apparent courage and his ability to publicly expose important truths. They really believe he is an honest bishop – and we are not saying he is not, but that is not the problem. The problem is that they are not foreseeing the final trap that will "crown" the nefarious events in the world scenario we are living through.

We will explain it in outline:

1. The problem is that the Byzantine-Catholic Patriarchate's support for Archbishop Viganò, by virtue of their proclamation "Habemus Papam" (6), has become full and unconditional for all present and future judgmental assessments emanating from Viganò's mind and mouth.

2. Viganò is somewhere (or at one of two extremes) between being fully manipulable by Opus Dei or being fully complicit with Opus Dei.

The reality of Opus Dei is so clear to us that we can assure you that any bishop in a high position in the Roman Catholic hierarchy who sympathizes with them and does not see them as a danger to the Faith and to the world is too blind to be a competent religious leader. And the case is even worse if he actively cooperates with them or is a member (hidden or not) of the organization. The level of infiltration and the methods of the organization are so well known (8), that, in the clergy, even indifference is no longer a responsible position.

Viganò's record perfectly confirms that he is a close friend of Opus Dei (1)(9), so he is no exception to the rule. Moreover, his courage in denouncing the Coronavirus Scam and criticizing Francis' encyclicals while, on the other hand, not raising a word against Opus Dei, confirms that he fully supports Opus Dei's activity and organization.

3. Viganò, influenced or controlled by Opus Dei, would almost certainly endorse the candidate prepared by O.D. to incarnate the False Christ (3).

He is especially vulnerable, because his stance on piety and tradition (10), as well as his hope for a just Pope, are in perfect harmony with what Opus Dei preaches and appears to be (11)(12). If he is suitably caressed (13), he can be led to believe that he himself could be a good "Pope", wrapped with all the hidden support of Opus Dei.

4. Therefore, despite the general good intentions of the Byzantine-Catholic Patriarchate, and despite some important and very relevant issues and truths they may have denounced or exposed for our times (14), they are predisposed to fall into the trap of the False Christ through the Viganò-O.D. axis.

5. This same conclusion can be extended to all those who sympathize with Viganò to the point of considering him "papable" without seeing that his position regarding Opus Dei represents a serious problem.

A few more words to help understand the context around Viganò...

It is very significant that Viganò has not been expelled or demoted from the Catholic Hierarchy, or covertly attacked to bring him down for his public denunciations against the Coronavirus Scam and against the "Pope" (15). His public stance and his permanence in the public arena indicate that, not only does he feel sufficiently protected or quietly accompanied by others within the Hierarchy and in the world behind the scenes, but also that this protection is real and working.

Many public figures in the world who are harsh critics against the Coronavirus Scam, or who denounce the inconsistencies and injustices related to the Vaccination Campaign (16), are mercilessly attacked (17). All the mainstream media – obviously controlled (18) – are tirelessly censoring and discrediting anyone who opposes the direction of the Campaign. But they do not seem to have done this in the same proportion against Viganò. Is not it strange?

It is not that "they" – the Globalization Masters (19) – have no means to get any public figure out of the way. They have almost buried alive a president of the United States because he went against their globalization plans (20). But the echo Viganò is having in many media - not simply in spontaneous social media contexts - is still going full speed ahead. Is it coherent?

(1) Was the Opus Dei involved in the Viganò exposé of Homosexuality and Pederasty in the Vatican?
(2) The "Appeal for the Church and the World" promoted by Viganò and his sponsors
(3) The ultimate candidate prepared by Opus Dei to incarnate the False Christ
(4) Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate: Decree of establishment (Apr. 2011)
(5) Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate: Francis/Bergoglio is not a valid Pope (Nov. 2016)  |  Commentary by The M+G+R Foundation
(6) Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate: Habemus Papam (Oct. 2019)  |  Archived copy in our domain
(7) Our Position (The M+G+R Foundation) on the Coronavirus Crisis
(8) Documents on the Sect of Opus Dei  |  Also:  Infiltration in the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, - in Education - and in the World
(9) Opus Dei celebrations in which Viganò is known to have taken part
(10) For example, his criticisms of the Second Vatican Council  |  However, it is not justified to blame the Council for all the ills of the Church
(11) No one can simultaneously serve Mammon and also God - Exposing the Fallacy of the Opus Dei and others
(12) The Prelature of the Opus Dei - In Conclusion - Manipulation of Right and Left by the Opus Dei
(13) As was John Paul II
(14) For example, the identification of Francis as an invalid Pope, or the identification of the Covid Vaccination as a planned trap
(15) Our position (The M+G+R Foundation) on the anti-Pope Francis
(16) The biggest inconsistency of the Covid-19 "vaccines":  The experiment has been proven to have failed but they continue to promote them
(17) For example, to the point of almost withdrawing a worldwide publication under coercion and without legal verdicts
(18) For example, Google, Facebook, and Twitter's Conflict of Interest in Vaccines
(19) "Globalization": the politically correct name for a One World Government
(20) Mr. Trump, a stumbling block for proponents of the New World Order

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