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The Falsification of

The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


The purpose of this - yet another Fatima-related (1) document - is precisely the purpose of most of them: To prevent the innocent and disoriented faithful from falling into the carefully and masterfully crafted snares of satan. Eve and Adam fell into those snares even knowing God in a very special way.

The official Vatican posture is that: The Triumph of Immaculate Heart of Mary is taking hold in the world since Heaven accepted the implied Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, as it was requested at Fatima, and done by H.H. John Paul II in 1984 (2).

Of course, all of that is contrary to every word written about Fatima before 1984, words which were further clarified and confirmed by Sister Lucia's posthumously published biography. (3) Words which had been endorsed by the Church Administration before the Opus Dei took over it under the implied purpose of: Let us Save the Church from the Masonic hordes.

As the often misquoted saying from 1300 AD goes (4): The proof of the pudding is in the eating. "Proof" meaning "tasting". Therefore, let us "taste" this alleged Triumph.


FIRST: The Official claims of the "Triumph" as published in October 2006 by an "independent" Nigerian newspaper - The Guardian (5):

Here are the key quotes from this long piece (italics added by us):

"History has proved the Bible right: Secret Societies who "love darkness rather than light because of their evil deeds (Jn 3: 19) have been overthrown by the Kingdom of light. Egyptian power is gone. Assyria is gone; Babylon is gone; Persia is gone. Imperial pagan Rome has been defeated. Nero is gone, Domitian is gone; Caesar is gone; U.S.S.R has disintegrated like a pack of cards. China with all their co-travellers, will later turn a new leaf. Rome remains the center of Christianity. The victory is won! The Church has continued to triumph over the forces of evil and all the Goliaths of this world. Great indeed is the mystery of our religion! (1 Tim. 3:16). An outlawed sect which started in Judea and persisted for centuries, finally displacing all other gods and emperors in the greatest empires on earth is an outstanding tale. During Pope John Paul II' visit to Israel, a Jewish Rabbi said to him: "We thank the Catholic Church in its two millennia history for making the belief in the One True God known to the world"."

Comment: The author here is claiming that the Triumph has already come, and that the Roman Catholic Church has defeated evil. His delusions and/or brainwashing must be very great indeed.

"The prophetic dreams of St. John Bosco (1815-1888) which are recorded in seven volumes revealed that one of the strategies of the enemy is to infiltrate the Church. But through praying the Rosary, fasting and the Holy Mass, the Church will triumph at the end."

Comment: This is strange. The seven volumes are not of the dreams, but of St. John Bosco's full biography which, of course, contains his forty dreams. But who cares? One lie, twenty lies, one million lies - who is counting? In addition, do note that the author of this article expects the triumph to be the of the Church, not the triumph of Christ.

"Till the end of time, Michael and the faithful angels fight on the side of the Church - and this, Revelation shows us, is the side that wins."

Comment: Again, the author describes the triumph as that of the Church, not Christ.

"History's most blatant example of a human institution usurping God's prerogatives is Rome and its Caesars and later the Communists. They literally demanded the worship that belongs to God alone. And they made war on the saints, instigating bloody persecutions of those who would not worship the emperor."

Comment: The author forgot to mention the Nazis, not to mention the Imperial Popes.

SECOND: A Review of "Converted" Russia in the era of the alleged "Triumph"

Exhibit One

Dying Population: The nation is succumbing to a low birthrate, disease and despair. Leaders see the trend as a security threat. (6)

October 8, 2006

Welcome to Kstinovo, population one.

Antonina Makarova, 78, spends her days watching news and soap operas in her peeling wooden dacha, the only inhabited structure in two lanes of sagging cottages that once were a village. Her nearest neighbor, 80-year-old Maria Belkova, lives in adjacent Sosnovitsy, population two. But she can't hear anymore, and all in all, Makarova finds the television better company.

The Tver region, along the upper reaches of the Volga River 130 miles north of Moscow, is dotted with more than 1,400 villages such as Kstinovo labeled nezhiloye - depopulated. Since 1989,.... with deaths outnumbering births more than 2 to 1.

Exhibit Two

To Russia with Fury - Sometimes charity means anger. (7)

October 9, 2006

When Russian President Vladimir Putin walks up to a boy in Red Square and - as if impromptu - lifts the kid's shirt and smooches his belly, as the postcommunist tsar recently did this, remember this: His government hired the American PR firm Ketchum to make Russia look good.

A winsome reputation is not easy to come by in a place where not only are oil profits skyrocketing, but so are less flattering things - numbers of skinheads, homeless orphans, violent crimes against minorities, aids infections, and incidents of religious discrimination. Then there's the leprosy of the Russian soul - the corruption permeating all levels of society. What PR campaign could pretty it up?


Should we be surprised that the Faithful gets more disoriented every passing day, and that many are cutting ties with the Roman Church Administration? (Said Administration has proven to be such an abysmal failure that they "are not even good at being bad," if we judge them by the sloppy, easily seen through, ways they lie and deceive.)

Nonetheless, please, please - do not abandon the Catholic Faith! God protected that Pristine Faith (8) from those vultures (9) for centuries so that His Elect would have the full protection needed to sail through the End of These Times.

You may ask: What can we then do? We have already responded in two documents (10). Do not fear - God is with His Children and our Heavenly Mother will never abandon us (11).

(1) Fatima Documents Index
(2) For the real story about the Why? of said Consecration read Note 8 of This Page
(3) The partially revealed Third Part of the secret of Fatima
(4) The proverb is ancient - it has been traced back to 1300 and was popularized by Cervantes in his Don Quixote of 1605.
(5) This article is no longer available on-line but we have a copy of it on file
(6) A Dying Population - Los Angeles Times
(7) To Russia with Fury | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction
(8) Our position regarding the Catholic Faith
(9) Wolves passing themselves as Shepherds
(10) It Seems That All In The World Is Crashing Down - So - What Can We Do? and What Can I, As An Individual, Do?
(11) Why is Mary so important?

Published on November 9, 2006, Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. John of Lateran

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