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The Real Purpose of the Castro Regime

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The "Saviors of the World" are Having "Family" Problems


The reader may find confusing that, in one hand, we report on the harsh and open criticism Mr. Gorbachev directed to President Bush and his foreign policy, and specifically, the war against Iraq.

On the other hand we speak about Former President Bush and his connections with the Opus Dei as well as his excellent relations with Gorbachev (1).

On a "third hand", so to speak, we speak of the control that Opus Dei had on H.H. John Paul II (2) yet the Vatican has strongly opposed President Bush's invasion of Iraq.

All of that seems incoherent, does it not? Appearances are deceiving unless one has the keys to the apparently impossible puzzle.

The one key to understand the coherence of that which appears incoherent, lies in the fact that there are several groups whose underlying agenda, motivated by a Messianic Complex, is to "Save the World".

In a letter written years ago by miguel de Portugal to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, the official Vatican spokesman, he identified for him the other Messianic Groups besides the Opus Dei and how and why they were going to clash.

Naturally, each group will cooperate with the other to the extent it is beneficial to their very individual plans; however, as times goes by and each individual "Salvific Project" progresses, current allies turn into bitter enemies.

Keeping in mind the mutual affinity between Former President Bush and the Opus Dei, that of Former President Bush and Gorbachev and the disparate behavior of the current President Bush which has alienated every major world leader except Mr. Blair, consider the reality that...

President George W. Bush - unknowingly - has torpedoed the carefully orchestrated plan for the New World Order - of which former President Bush is the Godfather and for which his son was elected President under most unusual circumstances in 2000. This action is very dangerous for him.


Buried in the news that seldom the U.S citizenry will see, we find that Former President Bush flew to Sochi, Russia, to have a personal and private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Yahoo European News of Sun Sept. 14, 2003, 1:46 PM ET we read:

Former President Bush Meets With Putin

By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV, Associated Press Writer

SOCHI, Russia - Former President George H.W. Bush met Vladimir Putin upon arriving Sunday in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, less than two weeks ahead of his son's talks with the Russian leader.

Bush and his wife, Barbara, traveled to Sochion a plane provided by the airline that serves Putin and other Russia government figures. Putin, his black Labrador retriever nearby, greeted them on the tarmac in English, shaking Bush's hand and giving Barbara a bouquet of roses.

Putin rarely meets even high-level visitors at the airport, and Bush thanked him for his "extraordinary courtesy." "I can tell you our president will be overcome with gratitude for the way you are treating Barbara and me," Bush said.

We further read....

Bush, who visited the White House before leaving for St. Petersburg, Russia, last week, said Sunday "our president has a great feeling not only of respect (but) of friendship for President Putin. This is not diplomatic language, this is right from the heart."

The warm words set a cordial tone for the summit, which comes as Russia and the United States seek to patch up relations after deep disagreement over the war in Iraq (news - web sites) and continued debate about the postwar situation.

The Kremlin said last week that Putin and the younger Bush will meet Sept. 26 at Camp David.

As if that were not enough we also read...

The Russian news agency ITAR-Tasssaid the elder Bush also will meet with Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, who stepped down in 1991 as the Soviet Union collapsed during the elder Bush's presidency.

Russian news agencies quoted an unidentified Kremlin official as saying Saturday that talks in Sochi would focus on the development of Russian-U.S. relations over the past decade and opportunities presented by the upcoming summit.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

If the situation were not as serious as it is, we would have a hard time stopping the laughter. So now, Bush, the "Father", is trying to smooth the feathers that Bush, the "Son", has ruffled and which almost aborted those carefully laid plans to Save the World by the forcing a New World Order and a Universal Religion upon the population of the world.

One must wonder if the Opus Dei, the "Holy Spirit" of this very unholy "trinity", is being left out of the plan?

We know but, do they? They obviously do because they are fighting back with a vengeance.

(1) Gorbachev
(2) The entrapment of His Holiness John Paul II

NOTES Added to the Original Document after its publication

Added on October 1st., 2003

As the CIA and White House battle (over the leaking of sensitive information to the press) heats up, and while most analysts cannot figure out exactly the "Why?" of the risks the CIA Management is exposing themselves to by taking the White House head on... maybe this document will help understand all of that as well as what is to come. Keep in mind the historically strong association of the Opus Dei with the CIA.

Added on January 1st, 2004

On this day H.H. John Paul proclaimed that "the world needs a 'new international order' to solve its conflicts and ensure peace".

It is a disgrace that someone sitting on the Chair of Peter and claiming infallibility trades the teachings of Jesus Christ, Whom he claims to represent, for a "new international order to solve its conflicts and ensure peace".

Added on June 3rd, 2004

CIA Director, George Tenet, abruptly resigned yesterday for "personal reasons". President Bush meets with H.H. John Paul II tomorrow.

The Real Purpose of the Castro Regime

Why the Castro Regime has lasted for so long

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• "The Saviors of the World and their Family Problems"

Originally Published on September 15, 2003

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