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March 2020

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March 30
The verifiable details of the Coronavirus Game Plan

March 28
Former British Prime Minister calls for global government to tackle coronavirus

March 27
Czech Republic: Plans to preventive detention at home
A visual aid to clearly illustrate how the COVID-19 data is being misrepresented
Participation in Live Mass On-Line

March 25
Various items: Covid, Trumpets, Quarantine, Gamma Ray Burst...

March 23
Comments on Vatican granting emergency indulgence for Coronavirus disease

March 21
Rumor about Martial Law
Coronavirus disease misrepresented through accumulated cases

March 20
The Coronavirus Plan: What has been achieved and what to expect next
God's Megaphone through the epidemic

March 15
Cases of Influenza compared with the panic with Covid
Covid in 2020: Easter services without the faithful attending

March 13
The rush to create global panic through the pandemic - A sign of the Times?

March 11
Coronavirus, Crashing markets - The involvement of China's Deep State

March 9
Influenza pandemics and Covid-19 - A proper perspective  

March 4
A prayer - "Behold, I am making new things", says the Lord
The Commandments - Why so many Jews and Christians ignore them?

March 2
True fasting and suggested prayers

February 28
The Event 201 - A pandemic exercise before the Covid-2019 outbreak

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March 30th, 2020

The verifiable details of the Coronavirus Game Plan

From miguel de Portugal

Please, read the following material carefully and assimilate its contents to the extent that you are able to at this time. By bringing this information to the attention of the world, our responsibility is fulfilled regarding this matter.

We will try to do so in the most concise, direct and easy to understand way possible. However, if any of our readers have any difficulties understanding any of it, we will gladly strive to clarify it further.

1.  The Globalization group is made up of two entities, but with two very different intentions. One wants to establish a unique world political order and the other, the Opus Dei, is only interested in being the channel to the False Christ. (1)

The Opus Dei masters will go along with the unique world political order group and benefit from their moves and, when the time is right, they will turn against the unique world political order group and use all that they have done so far to make their demonic plan a reality. Just as they did in Latin America during the days of Bishop Oscar Romero (2).

2.  The coronavirus manufactured world-wide panic is the brain child of the unique world political order group, as we have clearly illustrated (3) with very concrete examples and numbers.

3.  The virus was to be quite deadly but, as we have revealed elsewhere, God neutralized it and turned it into a mild flu virus. This forced them to rely heavily on world wide propaganda and manipulation of a relatively low contagious and casualty numbers to achieve the resulting panic that they wanted to achieve with a truly deadly virus.

4.  The involvement of the Opus Dei with the unique world political order group is known by very few people - those who have learned it from us as we shared what God has revealed to us.

5.  Now God has placed in our hands concrete proof as how the information contained in Dr. Day's tapes (4) has been manifested on the COVID-19 manufactured world wide panic. This has come to us via Ms. Celeste Solum, a former Homeland Security and FEMA contractor. Her credentials/experience (5) are impeccable and so are the sources she uses to confirm her allegations - since they are official sources.

6.  Celeste produced a home type video (6) on March 27th, 2020, where she blows the whistle on the manufacturers of the world-wide panic using their own verifiable information. When one views (as it is deployed in the World Economic Forum web site) the extent they went to by covering every possible angle of the COVID-19 crisis, it will become obvious that many, many months (years?) went into its preparation. In addition, by carefully reviewing the results of their potential 'project problem analysis' (7), and how to act in any eventuality that may come up, is like looking into the proverbial crystal ball.

7.  As you view her presentation (6), keep in mind that Celeste is not aware of the Opus Dei involvement in the master plan nor of the fact that the virus is really not as dangerous as they intended it to be originally before God intervened. She believes that they will go ahead and fulfill the entire plan.

8.  To reach the pages of the World Economic Forum which she refers to in most of her presentation - and that could hardly be read - the reader may utilize the Link at footnote (7).

We wish to publicly express our gratitude to Mrs. PD @ US for bringing to our attention Celeste's video. This twenty yearlong supporter is the same one who brought to our attention the Road Map for National Security: Imperative For Change which was published eight months before the 9-11 events and proved that they were also programmed with a very specific purpose.

(1) Interaction of Both
(2) Manipulation of Right and Left by the Opus Dei
(3) Coronavirus Scam Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
(4) New Order of Barbarians
(5) Celeste Solum professional experience
(6) Video published on March 27, 2020
(7) World Economic Forum Link

Note Added on September 8, 2022: This item became a separate document on March 31, 2020, The Details of the Coronavirus Game Plan - which is part of a series of six documents on The Coronavirus Deception (the Index can be found in the linked document).

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March 28th, 2020

Former British Prime Minister calls for global government to tackle coronavirus

We have been informed that...
[our underscoring]

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle coronavirus.

Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The former Labour prime minister, who was at the centre of the international efforts to tackle the impact of the near-meltdown of the banks in 2008, said there was a need for a task force involving world leaders, health experts and the heads of the international organisations that would have executive powers to coordinate the response.

and then, conveniently, it happens that...

The current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Johnson's office said the prime minister was tested after showing mild symptoms for the new coronavirus and is self-isolating and continuing to lead Britain's response to the pandemic.

all the while the Council of Foreign Relations has just reported that...

Reported cases of coronavirus in the United States surpassed those in every other country, making it the new epicenter of the pandemic. U.S. health experts have warned that cases are rapidly increasing in several hot spots across the nation.

The United States has more than 85,000 cases and 1,300 deaths from the virus, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, with more than half the reported cases in New York.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke on the phone yesterday to affirm the importance of collaborating to combat the pandemic, signaling a possible thaw in tensions.


1. One of the cabinet Ministers of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was Ruth Kelly - an out-of-the-closet member of the Opus Dei. This necessarily makes Mr. Brown friendly towards Opus Dei.

2. With current British Prime Minister being infected too it will be easier to "sell" to his party Gordon Brown's proposal to establish a global government to tackle the coronavirus "threat". Gordon Brown is from the opposing party.

3. Let us not forget that it was in Johns Hopkins University where they had a dry/trial run of a coronavirus pandemic last October 2019 as we published on February 28th.

Brethren we pray and hope that you realize that what we have been announcing since 1992-93 is coming to its fulfillment.

There is precious little else that we can do besides helping all to strengthen the faith needed to navigate to the End of These Times and reach those throughout the world who have never seen our pages. We hope and pray that you help us do so!

(1) Source
(2) Source

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March 27th, 2020

Czech Republic: Plans to preventive detention at home

From Mr. IW @ Czech Republic

Here at the local level, what is emerging is that the government intends to provide a way out of our "preventive detention" at home, through a special type of "parole": Whoever consents to be tracked by mobile phone, will be able to move "freely". It is planned to impose this measure after Easter.


Considering that we can ascertain to the reliability and credibility of Mr. IW, it seems that we do not need to call for Daniel to read yet another crystal clear sign on the wall. [Daniel 2]

This is the type of technology they may use.

A visual aid to clearly illustrate how the COVID-19 data is being misrepresented
Participation in Live Mass On-Line

From miguel de Portugal

* A close collaborator has prepared a visual aid to clearly illustrate how the COVID-19 data is being misrepresented. Spend less than one minute for another reality check on the manufactured crisis - Click Here.

* If you wish to participate in a Live Roman Catholic Church Mass On-Line Click Here for the schedule and location.

* If you wish to participate in a Live Orthodox Church Mass On-Line Click Here for the schedule and location.

* For Eucharistic Adoration Chapels On-Line with Live Webcams Click Here .

* For those who are part of our Virtual Parish : Remember, you are spiritually included in our daily Masses through the Communion of Saints and the faculties granted to miguel de Portugal by God. Nonetheless we encourage each one of you to participate in the Live daily Masses On-Line as well as in the On-Line live Adoration.

Your sincere efforts in doing so will bring to you many Graces from an abandoned and forgotten, yet, Almighty, Merciful and Loving God.

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March 25th, 2020

Various items: Covid, Trumpets, Quarantine, Gamma Ray Burst...

Various items from miguel de Portugal

The real threat that COVID-19 poses is to catch it - which is nothing to worry about considering other ongoing, and far more serious infectious, diseases - and be forcibly isolated for 40 days, with fines and jail terms for those who break the quarantine.

(B) Today is the Feast of the Annunciation which we have equated with the Jewish Feast of the Trumpets in the New Liturgical Calendar based on the Calendar Jesus followed.

Jewish tradition indicates that both the ram’s horn and the priestly silver horns were used in the Feast of Trumpets. The trumpet sound was an alarm of sorts and can be understood as a call to introspection and repentance.

In the New Testament, we see that the Lord’s Second Coming will be accompanied by the sound of a trumpet (1 Corinthians 15:51-52; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). Each of the judgments in Revelation 8-9 is also signaled by a trumpet. Just as the shofar (*) called the Jewish nation to turn their attention to the Lord and ready themselves for the Day of Atonement, so will the “trumpet of God” call us to attention for His Second Coming.

(*) Shofar: An ancient musical horn typically made of a ram's horn, used for Jewish religious purposes.

Perhaps that is why, month to date, the most visited page of our Domain - only second to the Home Page - is: The Spanish version of The Trumpets of the Apocalypse - What Do They Mean? The Identification of Some of Them in Today's World. Most of those visits are from Hispanic readers in the US. Maybe the readers of the documents in English should review its English version.

(C) More than 70% of the population of Australia, Canada, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam approve of the implementation of quarantine/lockdowns. Tragically the have swallowed the hook, line and sinker! Source

(D) For another reality check....

As of March 24, 2020, there have been only 544 deaths in the US as the result of COVID-19. Source

80,000 people died of flu in the US during the 2017-2018 winter, highest death toll in 40 years. Source

For the year 2016 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that 37,461 people were killed in the US as the result of motor vehicle crashes. Source

For the year 2020, 1,806,590 new cancer cases are projected in the US as well as 606,520 cancer related deaths. Source

Brethren, we are not making up these numbers they are official and verifiable numbers. The world population is, as the saying goes, being had.

(E) With the COVID-19 monopolizing over 90 % of the news worldwide, those who are promoting the panic from behind the scenes could get away with, symbolically speaking, swapping the Eiffel Tower with the Statue of Liberty without few New Yorkers and Parisians taking notice.

Do you get the picture? Pray, pray, and pray! and then Pray some more!

(F) Do you realize that if a Gamma Ray Burst were a reality in God's plans as part of the Reseting of Creation, the way most of the Elect would be spared is if it hits around this coronavirus scare. After all, most people are in lockdown conditions, thus, indoors, and mostly safe from being "turned into toast" by a Gamma Ray Burst.

This does not mean that God is behind the coronavirus scare; it is just another example of how even satan must serve God!

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March 23rd, 2020

Comments on Vatican granting emergency indulgence for Coronavirus disease

From Mrs. IW @ US

My daughter informed me that an article dated March 20, 2020, published at the Divine Mercy web site, announced that: “Vatican Grants Emergency Plenary Indulgence for Divine Mercy Chaplet”.

She asked how can he promise this; that she was confused by this.

My response to her was: “Plenary indulgences have been a part of the Catholic Church's arsenal of graces for a very long time. Look up the definition (1) as it does provide a good explanation of their value..... "

As I read through the article (2), what struck me was that the emphasis for the indulgence only focuses on those who have the coronavirus and not on any other critically infectious diseases that are far more rampant and deadly (3) than this one at this same time. I personally have a problem with this.

My question is, why now? Why not have proclaimed this new indulgence years before when there were other REAL critical pandemics? I have to wonder about the timing. Then again, maybe I'm overreacting.

Knowing what I know (many thanks to mdp’s web site), it is very difficult for me not to react in a certain manner towards such critical matters. I just don't feel right about this particular indulgence for the reasons stated. Should I be completely off track with this, then may God forgive my suspicious nature.

Should you feel inclined to shed light upon this matter, I would be most appreciative, especially if I'm way off track with this.


A. Thank you for alerting us that the Vatican is on the same bandwagon as those who, on a completely global scale and in unison, are propagating a lie to cause world panic - as we have exposed elsewhere .

It is becoming obvious that the purpose of generating such worldwide panic/chaos is to pave the way to identify the Falsified Christ as the real one on His Second Coming.

Actually, such operation is quite coherent with the Opus Dei mentality and their penetration in key places of affluent nations worldwide.

This staged panic is crushing the political Globalization plans through the forced isolation of countries but is a satan-given gift to the religious Globalization plans.

No; you are not overreacting at all! Your response is that of someone who is well in tune with the Holy Spirit of God.

Thank you for being the instrument that has moved us to publish/reveal what He has been whispering in our ear for at least a week.

(1) Our Document on Indulgences
(2) The Article
(3) Diseases that are far more rampant

Note Added on September 8, 2022: This item became a separate document on March 24, 2020, The purpose of the Coronavirus Manufactured Crisis - which is part of a series of six documents on The Coronavirus Deception (the Index can be found in the linked document).

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March 21st, 2020

Rumor about Martial Law

From miguel de Portugal

There is a rumor going about that Martial Law will be declared in the U.S. on March 22nd @ 8 PM EST.

As we said - "it is a rumor" - but a very likely event considering that it has been declared in some European nations under a "gentler" name.

Because of that very real possibility we recommend our readership to review a guest document we published in 2016 titled Martial Law by Executive Order.

Should it happen tomorrow - why then at 8 PM EST? That is about one hour before the first stock market opens in Asia on Monday March 23rd.

We are at peace and you should also be. One way or another God Will see His children through whatever eventuality rises in our way to the End of These Times.

Coronavirus disease misrepresented through accumulated cases

From Mr. RB @ Spain

Peace and Blessings!

One may ask...

As of March 20th, how many people are currently infected by the coronavirus "Covid-19" in China?

The apparent reality, if you ask to...

World Health Organization (WHO): 81,300 cases (1)

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: 81,337 cases (2)

The reality?

They are deliberately leading the public to a misperception when they talk about "confirmed cases" without the needed explanation. The reality is that, as of March 20th, the current total cases in China is 6,569. The accumulated total is 80,967. From this accumulated total, there are 71,150 patients who have recovered and have been discharged, and 3,248 deaths. (3)

Sadly, almost everyone and everywhere, on the media, on Internet and on the street are falling (or cooperating) in this trap and catching the wrong number for the currently infected.


And, now, when almost everybody is used to the mask, are we ready to put ourselves voluntarily the wristband? (4)

NOTE. For a source documenting daily the "Recovered" cases in many regions over the world, you may watch the most current "csv" file at this database from the Data Repository by Johns Hopkins CSSE

(1) World Health Organization (WHO) - Situation report 60, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), 20 March 2020
(2) European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - Situation update worldwide [retrieved as of 20 March 2020]
(3) China National Health Commission Update on March 20; The checksum is 6569 + 71150 + 3248 = 80967
(4) Hong Kong is putting electronic wristbands on arriving passengers to enforce coronavirus quarantine

Note Added on September 8, 2022: This item from Mr. RB became the epilogue of a document published on March 19, 2020, The Coronavirus Scam - What has been achieved and what can we expect next - which is part of a series of six documents on The Coronavirus Deception (the Index can be found in the linked document).

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March 20th, 2020

The Coronavirus Plan: What has been achieved and what to expect next

From miguel de Portugal

The Latest post on our Board:

Published on March 19th, 2020

The "Coronavirus Plan" : What has been achieved and what to expect next.

An Alert for those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear.

God's Megaphone through the epidemic

God's Megaphone..... works wonders, doesn't it?

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis reiterates the Italian Bishops’ call for prayers and extends an invitation to union in prayer to all the faithful.

Pope picks up Italian Bishops’ appeal to pray Rosary together

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March 15th, 2020

Cases of Influenza compared with the panic with Covid

Did you know that...?

...according to estimates published on December 13, 2017, by the Center of Disease Control, between 291,000 and 646,000 people die worldwide from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses each year, higher than a previous estimate of 250,000 to 500,000 and based on a robust, multinational survey.

The new estimate, from a collaborative study by Center of Disease Control and global health partners, appears today in The Lancet. The estimate excludes deaths during pandemics. (1)

Now, compare that with the numbers that are being used to throw the world population into a panic as Euronews reported (2) yesterday.

If you feel that we are "being taken for a ride", it is because we are! Maybe you should review again the remaining Old Testament prophecies that are to be fulfilled now and connect a few dots.

(1) CDC Reports
(2) Euronews Reports

Covid in 2020: Easter services without the faithful attending

In keeping with.... the race to the End of These Times:

All of Pope Francis’ Easter services next month will be held without the faithful attending, the Vatican said on Sunday, in a step believed to be unprecedented in modern times.

The services, four days of major events from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday, usually draw tens of thousands of people to sites in Rome and in the Vatican. (1)

(1) Reuters Reports

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March 13th, 2020

The rush to create global panic through the pandemic - A sign of the Times?

From miguel de Portugal

The following is not necessarily prophecy. It should be taken just as an illuminated opinion based on actual facts.

This man-made generated global panic - with no let up in sight - seems to indicate that the World Masters have realized that they have ran out of time to implement their Globalization dream and they are determined to force it through regardless of what it takes or what lies they have endorse. On the other hand we have God fulfilling His promise to shorten these times lest even the elect be lost [Matthew 24:22].

Therefore, it is safe to assume that we are there already - At the beginning of the non-stop final stretch to the End of These Times.

Even the military is contributing to said End of Times project:

According to Matthew P. Donovan, acting undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, the United States faces an array of threats from near-peer competitors China and Russia that have not been seen since before the fall of the Berlin Wall. (1)

The level of outright idiocies that are being used by key world political leaders, and trumpeted by the media on a global scale, is simply unbelievable. Just as a few samples, since we could write page after page of the daily lines used to enhance the panic:

(a) A leader of the stature of German Angela Merkel has told the Germans that the worse is yet to come and to expect 70% of the population to be infected.

(b) Some European Hospitals are seeking blood donors to ensure adequate supplies. (sarcasm on) What do we have now? A coronavampire? (sarcasm off)

(c) Just this morning some official was proclaiming that after the current crisis reaches its peak, there would be another peak around Christmas. We presume that, just in case that this staged panic does not work as well as desired they have a Plan B ready for the Christmas Holidays.

(d) Significant fines and jail terms are multiplying for those who break quarantine in Europe.

(e) To ensure high media coverage the infection by "famous ones", or by well know politicians of the world, is being trumpeted from "every corner". In that way, even those who only read heartthrob and sports publications will be reached too.

(f) From the WHO official list of those who have contracted the coronavirus, they do not subtract the number of those who overcame it - which is the immense majority. In that manner, the number of those ill seems to be increasing.

Let us not forget that, as we announced in a recent mailing, when we compare the coronavirus effects with events that we have already lived through, it is not even worth mentioning.

For example..... (2)

Name Date World pop. Infected (est.) Deaths worldwide
2009 flu pandemic 2009–10 6.85 billion 11-21% (0.7–1.4 billion) 151,700–575,400
Typical seasonal flu Every year 7.75 billion 5–15% (340 million – 1 billion) 290,000–650,000/year
2019–20 seasonal flu 2019–20 7.75 billion 11% (800 million)
(in the USA, 34-49 million)
0.45-1.2 million
(in the USA: 20–52,000)

Comparing the above numbers with the ridiculous figures associated with the coronavirus numbers should be more than enough to alert those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear that we are witnessing the beginning of the non-stop final stretch to the End of These Times.

God, as always, helps His children with a spectacular confirmation of the realities that we announce in His Name. This time He did it through the announcement that all churches in Rome will be closed until April 3 as part of coronavirus lock down. (3)

Do we need to draw someone a picture?

(1) Defense Department Reports
(2) Source
(3) Source

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March 11th, 2020

Coronavirus, Crashing markets - The involvement of China's Deep State

From miguel de Portugal

Through the Grace of God we have been able to catch the World Masters (WM) with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, or shall we say, the coronavirus jar.

As you know, our position has been from the beginning that the whole event was staged by the WM. Not that the virus does not exist; it is that said virus does not even come close to posing the threat they have the world believing that it is, as we have shown in an earlier post.

Why spring it from China? We also knew that it was because, with their high population, with ample money and thirst for traveling, there would be more people from China present all over the world, at any one time, than from any other country in the world. However, we had no facts and figures to confirm what we knew otherwise, except that the actual spread of the virus was ridiculously low (as per God) when compared with the level of threat that is being proclaimed throughout the world 24 hours a day.

Then, God came through again....

Since last Monday I felt compelled (pushed) by God to look into the effect that such massive scare has had so far in the key world Stock Markets. Considering the backup of His work that I am trying to clear up, I could not see how I could get those figures in an easy manner. Not a problem for Him.... He showed me where and how we could do it in 5 minutes!

Our findings follow, with our comments following the table.

North and South American Indexes
YTD % Change
Dow Jones United States -17.47%
S&P 500
United States -15.15%

European Indexes
YTD % Change
FTSE 100 England -22.26%
CAC 40 France  -22.88%
DAX Germany  -21.21%

Asian Indexes
YTD % Change
Shanghai SE
China  -2.68%
Hang Seng Hong Kong  -10.49%
Nikkei 225 Japan  -17.93%
Taiwan TSEC
Taiwan  -9.20%

First look at the almost imperceptible effect in China's markets - a drop of only 2.68% year to date. Considering that China was the epicenter of the global crisis which is being blamed in the US and Europe for the crashing markets, it does not make sense, does it? Of course not, unless it is fully controlled.

Now look at the European markets - their very large drop (ten times that of China) is almost identical for the three major countries, including that of England, in spite of all the raucous about England leaving the European Union - which, by the way, has already taken place. Does it make sense? Of course not, unless it is also controlled.

Now look at the drop in the US - large but not as large as in Europe. That is because the "crying wolf" in the US has been more controlled that in Europe - wherein it has reached hysterical levels.

The Hong Kong drop could be ascribed to the political problems that they have been having with mainland China for months. It is not larger because of China's invisible cushion. Taiwan's drop is also low as Hong Kong's for similar reasons - political problems with mainland China, but also cushioned by China's invisible cushion.

What about the large drop in Japan's market? China has no love for Japan - especially after World War II.

Therefore, the way the full picture has been confirmed, we see that it was China's Deep State or shadow government, which, as with all major countries, they also have and is operated by the World Masters, who was/is behind this. Their objective? The implementation of their Globalization dream.

I hope and pray that this information as clearly as possible since this is only the beginning of the final stretch of the World Master's plan.

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March 9th, 2020

Influenza pandemics and Covid-19 - A proper perspective  

From miguel de Portugal

In order to place the manufactured panic over coronavirus in its proper perspective, we are sharing with you the numbers associated with the Influenza Pandemics for the las 130 years.

As of March 9th at 10 AM CST these are the official coronavirus statistics (1):

109,578 confirmed cases and 3,809 deaths

Today's world population is about 7.8 billion individuals - a little over four times that of the world population during the Spanish flu. So, to compare the coronavirus theatric production with the a real pandemic threat like the Spanish flu, divide the coronavirus confirmed cases and deaths by four:

Confirmed cases of coronavirus would proportionally then be: 27,400 with the deaths being: 950

During the Spanish flu the level of confirmed cases was about 500 million with the level of deaths at 20 - 100 million depending on the source.

Now, isn't the coronavirus a staged theatric production or not? Now that you are informed, you decide.

Influenza pandemics
World pop. Subtype
Reproduction rate
People infected (est.)
Deaths worldwide
Case fatality rate
1889–90 flu pandemic
1,53 billion
Likely H3N8 or H2N2
2.10 (IQR, 1.9–2.4)
20–60% (300–900 million)
1 million
Spanish flu 1918–20 1,80 billion H1N1 1.80 (IQR, 1.47–2.27) 33% (500 million) 20–100 million 2–3%
Asian flu 1957–58 2,90 billion H2N2 1.65 (IQR, 1.53–1.70) 8–33% (0.25 – 1 billion) 1–4 million <0.2%
Hong Kong flu 1968–69 3,53 billion H3N2 1.80 (IQR, 1.56–1.85) 7–28% (0.25 – 1 billion) 1–4 million <0.2%
Russian flu 1977–78 4,28 billion H1N1 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
2009 flu pandemic 2009–10 6,85 billion H1N1/09 1.46 (IQR, 1.30–1.70) 11-21% (0.7–1.4 billion) 151,700–575,400 0.03%
Typical seasonal flu Every year 7,75 billion A/H3N2, A/H1N1, B, ... 1.28 (IQR, 1.19–1.37) 5–15% (340 million – 1 billion) 290,000–650,000/year <0.1%
2019–20 seasonal flu
2019–20 7,75 billion A(H1N1)pdm09, B/Victoria, A(H3N2) Unknown 10% (800 million; USA, 32 million) 450,000 (USA 18,000) 0.06%



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March 4th, 2020

A prayer - "Behold, I am making new things", says the Lord

From miguel de Portugal

I have offered the following prayer in Spanish four to seven times a week since the late eighties. God just move me to translate it and share it with our readers.

God said, "For I, the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, am your Savior. Fear not, for I am with you, and besides Me there is no other saviour.

Remember not the past, nor bring to mind the things of old. Behold, I am making new things: soon they will come to light. Will you recognize them? Again I will put roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert land."
[inspired from Isaiah 43]

For all these promises You make to me, my God, I have faith and trust in You, I have peace. Praise be to Him who makes these promises and fulfills them all.

God turned my crying into laughter and my defeat into victory

I pray for those who rejoiced in my misfortune and who even today still try to harm me.

I ask for mercy for them because they are bringing upon themselves great tribulations. Give them Light Lord, so that they may rectify now, while there is still time.

I live in Jerusalem, the city of peace; there I found my retreat of tranquility. That tranquility that no human being can disturb, because it is the Peace that gives me the presence of God in me. My peace is real, it is true, it is sacred.

Thank you Father because it is so!

The Commandments - Why so many Jews and Christians ignore them?

Last Monday... the First Reading of Mass was from Leviticus 19:1-2, 11-18.

The LORD said to Moses, “Speak to the whole assembly of the children of Israel and tell them: Be holy, for I, the LORD, your God, am holy.

You shall not steal.
You shall not lie or speak falsely to one another.
You shall not swear falsely by my name,thus profaning the name of your God.

I am the LORD.

“You shall not defraud or rob your neighbor.
You shall not withhold overnight the wages of your day laborer.
You shall not curse the deaf, or put a stumbling block in front of the blind,
but you shall love your God.

I am the LORD."

Biblical scholars agree that the Book of Leviticus was written somewhere between 538 and 332 BC.

My question continues to be what excuses have those who have claimed, or still claim, to be Jews and Christians and simply ignore such crystal clear teachings.

Before miguel's conversion "he passed from all that stuff". He did not have a Bible nor had ever read one, nor anyone ever (!) invited him to look at one - thus it was logical that "he passed from all that stuff" but... what about all those "Bible thumpers" amongst Jews and Christians?

It is truly beyond my understanding - and that is not a figure of speech - that they blatantly ignore the fundamental teachings of what they claim to believe.

Let's teach them all by example as they see how we live without blowing our horns. Just conduct ourselves as those who truly believe in Christ should.

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March 2nd, 2020

True fasting and suggested prayers

Last Friday... God reminded us through Isaiah 58 what is the true fasting He wants from us:

This, rather, is the fasting that I wish:

Releasing those bound unjustly, untying the thongs of the yoke;
Setting free the oppressed, breaking every yoke;
Sharing your bread with the hungry, sheltering the oppressed and the homeless;
Clothing the naked when you see them, and not turning your back on your own.

Then your light shall break forth like the dawn, and your wound shall quickly be healed;
Your vindication shall go before you, and the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.
Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer, you shall cry for help, and he will say: Here I am!

Because I fasted twice a week with bread, water and black coffee since the late eighties until a year ago due to health issues, I can give certain testimony that such fasting is much easier that following in full [than] His above requests 365 days a year!

It is never too late to do it His way, without necessarily giving up other forms of fasting. To begin with, you can begin offering the following prayers daily to help you attain and maintain such spiritual attitude and state:

Be mindful, O Lord, of those who travel by land, by sea and by air;
of the old and the young;
the orphans and widows;
the sick, the suffering, the sorrowing, the afflicted, the captives, and the needy poor;
and upon them all send forth Thy Mercies, for Thou art the Giver of all Good Things. Amen!


O Christ Jesus, I acknowledge that You are the King of the Universe. That all that has been Created has been made for You.
Exercise upon me all Your rights. I renew my baptismal promises, renouncing satan and all his works and pomp.
I promise to live a good Christian life and to do all in my power to procure the Triumph of the Rights of God and Your People.

Divine Heart of Jesus, I offer You my poor actions seeking that all hearts may acknowledge Your Sacred Royalty, and that thus the Reign of Your peace may be established throughout the universe. Amen!

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February 28th, 2020

The Event 201 - A pandemic exercise before the Covid-2019 outbreak

From miguel de Portugal

Mrs. PD @ US has brought the following to our attention. Our comments will follow the post.

Statement about nCoV and our pandemic exercise (1)
[our highlights]

In October 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted a pandemic tabletop exercise called Event 201 with partners, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Recently, the Center for Health Security has received questions about whether that pandemic exercise predicted the current novel coronavirus outbreak in China.

To be clear, the Center for Health Security and partners did not make a prediction during our tabletop exercise. For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction. Instead, the exercise served to highlight preparedness and response challenges that would likely arise in a very severe pandemic.

We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019 outbreak will kill 65 million people. Although our tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019.

Comments: The above described exercise is not a coincidence any more than the "coincidental" issuing of the Road Map for National Security: Imperative For Change (2) just ten days after Mr. Bush had taken office in January 2001 and a few months before the tragic 9-11 events - which were needed to push through Congress - without review - the Patriot Act and implement the "Imperative For Change".

Dearest reader - if by this time you have not acknowledged what is really taking place, and that we have been announcing since 1992-93, there is nothing else we can do for you.

(1) Official Source
(2) Road Map For National Security : Imperative For Change (Please note date of publication and particularly the contents of page vi)

Note Added on September 8, 2022: This item became a key part of a separate document published on March 2, 2020, The Coronavirus Scam - Figures that do not justify fear - which is part of a series of six documents on The Coronavirus Deception (the Index can be found in the linked document).

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