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"Pope" Francis is presented as "Our Only Hope"

Originally published on August 10th, 2021

Following is the cover of a book authored by Francis/Bergoglio (1)

The title is "In Him Alone Is Our Hope: The Church According to the Heart of Pope Francis"

Cover of Francis' book - In Him Alone is Our Hope

Who is that "Him"?

Looking at and reading the cover, who do you think they are presenting as
Our Only Hope, Jesus Christ or "Francis Christ"?

Do you see an image of Jesus on the cover? Can you find the Name of Jesus on the cover?

Do you think this is just an "accident" overlooked by the publishers?

Think about this:

* The book has been published for many years now. There is no doubt that Bergoglio and the Vatican know it. Since they have not protested this most serious offense against Our Lord Jesus Christ on the cover, they are approving it by default.

* If no publisher has stopped publishing the book under these circumstances, they are as complicit in promoting idolatry as the original publisher.

* If this has not caused scandal among the "faithful", it is either that they are blind or that they are more faithful to Francis than to Jesus Christ.

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(1) "In Him Alone Is Our Hope: The Church According to the Heart of Pope Francis", a book published in 2013. This book is the transcript of a retreat Bergoglio gave in the Holy Week of 2006 when he was Cardinal. As you can see, it is not presented as a book by Cardinal Bergoglio, but by the "Pope" Francis.

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En Español:  El "Papa" Francisco es presentado como "Nuestra Única Esperanza"

Published on August 10th, 2021

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