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The Infallible Guidance by the Holy Spirit

Clarifying Possible Misconceptions


The purpose of this document is to shed some light on a fundamental issue of Catholicism and other Christian denominations: Our recourse to the Infallible Guidance by the Holy Spirit and how we can greatly benefit from it.


In a nutshell: If each one allowed the Holy Spirit of God to guide our every step, then, every step we took would yield perfect results. “Perfection” is not what man may think of – which usually is based on a concept completely colored and influenced by the very personal and very worldly interests of a particular man or woman.

The only Perfection that exists is God and, if every step that each one of us takes as we journey through life [hopefully, with Him as the Ultimate Goal] is taken in accordance to His Holy Spirit, it will simply be perfect. Joseph’s perfect step may be different than the perfect step taken by, say Ellen, when faced with exactly the same external circumstances; however, each is step perfect when all factors (external and internal) are taken into account – something that only God can do for He knows each one of us as “the palm of His hand”.


“Ask and ye shall receive.” [John 16:24] There is no greater joy for God, besides the return of the Prodigal Son, than to have His children truly seeking to do His Will by invoking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Even when a “mistake” is made under such guidance, it was not a mistake, per seGod may have allowed it to help His child learn something that could not be learned otherwise and that would serve to avoid greater evils and harm in the future.

Unfortunately, the Church Administrators (i.e., those in charge of the administration of the treasure of Faith) have not understood this yet...

The Triune God has allowed mistakes to be made by the Church Administration; He has sent His Daughter (of the Father), Mother (of the Son) and Spouse (of the Holy Spirit) —Mary— to help them see their errors and correct them. All that we have to show for as a result of such Heavenly Grace is typified by the likes of Cardinal Arinze who, at a fund-raising dinner in Pittsburgh in July 2004, and in response to a question about how his office prepared a recent document on communion, he spoke of wide consultation with bishops and cardinals, of dozens of drafts and endless amendments before it was finally approved by Pope John Paul II. He then finally concluded:

“But it is still a human document. It does not pretend to be perfect. So if you find anything that could have been said differently, please tell us.”

Maybe the Church Administrators should concern themselves as to why the Holy Spirit of God is having such a difficult time getting an inspiration across to them. If they did ask the question, however, the answer would be: “Because you are trying to please men and not God!” [1 Thessalonians 2:4]

Last but not least: If you feel/believe that satan can interfere with the guidance given to you by the Holy Spirit, think twice! You are ascribing satan greater power than the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

However, how can that illusion appear to be so, as many times it does? The answer is also quite simple – once God reveals it:

By Divine design man’s free will is inviolable – even by God. Therefore, only your will can block the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God; and only a will subject to satan, even at the subconscious level, can maintain the fateful illusion. (1)

That certainly explains much (individually and institutionally), doesn’t it? (2)

(1) Understanding the spiritual mechanism of this situation
(2) How the Church Administration effectively blocks gentle Divine Assistance only to trigger, by default, less gentle Divine intervention.

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En Español:  La Guía Infalible del Espíritu Santo

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