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One would think that this subject matter has been amply covered after 2000 years of Christian Evangelization; but then again, one would also think that the world would not be in the state it is in now after the same 2000 years of Christian Evangelization.

Nonetheless, "crying over spilt milk" never solved a problem. God inspired action - does!

We have received a letter from a frequent visitor to The M+G+R Foundation pages, whom we know to be a devoted child of God, seeking guidance regarding prayer. Her questions are so valid and universal that we have taken her letter as a prompting from God to address this issue as clearly and quickly as possible and publish.


The letter received, with a minimum of editing, follows:

After reading your recent board postings, forum and news commentaries, I have a few questions.

My first question refers to the direction, dedication or offerings when we pray our rosaries and prayers to Divine Mercy, or in general when we talk to the Blessed Mother or Jesus throughout the day or suffer any penance. Always, if my recollection serves, the Blessed Mother has asked us to remember the Pope, Bishops, Priests in our prayers. During this time of transition, while we have no Holy Father, for whom to offer prayers, what, specifically, should we be asking from Heaven?

If, as you say, things will not be worked out until very late, and if evil forces are at work within the Vatican and elsewhere in the Church, then I am concerned about asking Our Lord and Our Mother to provide assistance to a conclave of man, and what may be a mockery of God. Is it best just to offer prayers without intentions in either direction, much like you advised Americans to defer to God's will during the last election, and let those prayers be directed as the Most Holy Trinity sees fit?

Or should we pray for the Church as we would for any dying friend or family member, since it seems She must soon be crucified? Or, should we focus on the future and pray for the glorious resurrection of the Church?

My other question is: During Our Lord's Passion, did the prayers of His Mother and His followers reduce his suffering... in that "Time?"

Or, can His suffering only be reduced by us in this "Time." The reason I am curious about this is because you stated that those who prayed to God not to take the life of Pope John Paul II caused him much suffering. If that is so, I would like to now be able to offer some reparation, on behalf of that suffering, and to ease any eternal suffering. But I am afraid I simply don't know if there is a way to do so that would be pleasing to God.

If you would be so kind, would you please share any enlightenment that has been availed to you in this regard?

I submit these questions to you faithfully, and I await, in the same faith, the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit,


In answer to such universal and timeless questions we are going to present a general guideline for effective prayer and then answer any specific question from the letter which may not have been answered by our general guidelines.

(1) Basic Understandings

(a) The most comprehensive and powerful single line prayer to God is seeking/asking that "The Will of the Father is Done on Earth as It Is in Heaven".

Why? Because His Will IS Perfect and only as we approach such state we will approach a state of true Justice on Earth; and only then, we will approach a true state of Peace on Earth.

Peace is the Fruit of Justice; Justice is the Fruit of doing the Will of the Father. All else is just talk - simple and hollow chatter.

(b) Mary is truly our Mother and She is the soul Who is the closest to the Most Holy Trinity. Therefore, "This Mother" truly "knows best", thus we must seek Her guidance and defer to Her intentions for everything.

The string of Rosaries miguel de Portugal (m de P) offers in a day are prefaced by the following fully thought through - and not just going through the motions - invocation:

Queen of the Holy Rosary, inspire in my heart a true love of this devotion so that meditating upon the Mysteries of our Redemption which are recalled in it, we may obtain Peace for the world, the Conversion of sinners, the Fulfillment of Your Plans and Intentions dear Mother, the Triumph of Your Immaculate Heart and the favor which I ask for in this Rosary which is to pray for me to Your Son, Our Lord and God, so that my request before each decade be heard and in His Merciful Goodness granted - but always, dear Mother, always, secondary to Your intentions and plans to which I defer with great trust and confidence and as an act of my free will.
I ask it for the greatest Glory of God, for Your own Honor dear Mother and for the good of all souls specially those for whom I intercede, those who have asked for my intercession and those for whom You desire me to intercede.

As you will see - m de P makes an issue of deferring to the Will of God and the Intentions of our Heavenly Mother - as an act of his free will - regardless of what he may ask for in addition before each decade. Why? Because he knows, does not believe, but knows, that the Will of God IS Perfect and that his Heavenly Mother has his intentions at heart without the detriment to any of Her other children.

By "default" all other prayers m de P offers throughout the day fall under such invocation umbrella, even though additional, but not contradictory, invocations may be offered.

(c) Anything that m de P asks for - most specially in the spiritual sense, i.e., increased faith, patience, humility, etc. is always asked with the conditional that it be granted by God to the level (in the amount of) God has ordained for him from all Eternity. We should never want to have more faith, humility, etc. that He deems perfect for each one of us.

Each soul is truly unique and each one has a special and unique "formula composition of virtues" so that, from its very soul-core, the also unique body, and expressed through psychological system (brain) that God has granted that particular human, that individual fulfills the Will that God intended for him or her at the moment of his or her conception.

(d) A most important reality to keep in the forefront is that God can and does read our hearts (intentions) as an open book and He will act upon such reality and not upon what we - consciously or unconsciously - "are trying to pass by Him". That is, if we truly want to do His Will or that something is granted only in accordance to His Will, - even though we may "humanly" prefer that "this" or "that" were to be granted - He, understanding our humanity, will not be offended an indeed will grant the request according to His Will.

As a soul draws closer in communion with God, it appears that said soul no longer has a will - or has very little personal preferences. However, as a soul journeys to that point of communion with Him, it should rejoice in the safety of knowing that God, empowered by our surrendered-to-Him free will, will safely (for us and all!) grant our requests in accordance to His Will, thus, in the most Perfect manner.

(e) We should strive to empty ourselves of "self" and "ego" so that God can fully work through us as He originally intended. Our "self" / "ego" blocks / interferes with His action. Once again we remind the reader what Jesus told Peter when he wanted to prevent Jesus from going to Jerusalem:

"...Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men." [Matthew 16:23]

(2) Basic Applications

(a) Regarding the conclave which selected Ratzinger to succeed John Paul II - It was m de P's most sincere prayer that the Most Holy and Adorable Will of God would be made manifest in it, through it, and that the final choice be His. Now, we must remember that His Will may be to allow something upon humanity which will fulfill Prophecy and be for the ultimate benefit of humanity. There are many examples of this. (1) Had we prayed for "this one" or "that one", without total and complete deference to His Will, we would have, in effect, done what Peter was doing as related Matthew 16:23 (see above).

In reality this is most pleasing to God because, even though one may have a personal / human preference such preference is being joyfully "sacrificed" for the Glory of God!

(b) We should pray for the Holy Purification of the Church in accordance to the Holy Will of God, thus suffering will be minimized, etc., etc.

(c) The Faithful must pray, just as our Mother has asked repeatedly, for the Hierarchical Administration and clergy of the Church. This lapse by the Faithful has been the biggest culprit for the Hierarchical Administration and clergy not finding their way back to the light after having lost it for 1600 years (exceptions always noted).

When Holy Orders are received we should imagine that a "Target" has been placed in that consecrated soul which will make it a preferential target of satan. Thus these men and women need the prayerful support of one and all. Since humans, in general, are so self centered and egocentric - the faithful is always demanding of them everything but seldom pray on their behalf. We can all see the horrible consequences of them not having been protected by the faithful's prayers - i.e. A completely failed Evangelization effort.

Yes, we know that in Mass prayers are offered for the Pope, Bishop, etc. but in most cases the congregation, as usual, is just going through the motions and such prayers serve no purpose other than to offend God! [Otherwise, would the world be in the condition it is after the billions upon billions of Masses offered over the centuries? Think!]

(d) How can we console Our Lord and Mother for the sorrow they experienced back then and now?

This is quite simple: Making every drop of Jesus' blood and every tear shed by Mary count - That it may never be said that not even a single one was shed in vain.

But how?, we can hear a chorus of voices asking.

This is even simpler: With every breath we take, we must truly strive to do the Will of God in everything - specifically by living the Gospel.

Of this, m de P has been clearly and audibly advised by Mary. Again, all else is just talk - simple hollow chatter.

(e) Regarding the praying at cross purposes with God's Will and thus increasing suffering.

When this is done out of ignorance and not malice nor arrogance, the Divine Mercy of God reduces "its cost". As to what reparation should be offered for this? A burning desire to understand how can we better serve Him and apply it.

This, of course, is applicable to anything that we have done out of ignorance and not malice nor arrogance.
m de P was conversing with a lady who thought she was in good spiritual shape - mostly due to her limited education and intellect. When, without "tirades, fire nor brimstone", he explained to her why abortion was such a grave act - she, without delay, ran to Church at once in horror, to undergo the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This is why fanaticism does not work, and why by patiently and lovingly explaining the reason why something is wrong as well as the terrible consequences associated with such act - physical and spiritual - we could keep the population in Purgatory at its minimum!

(f) Some of you may think: "If God reads our hearts as an open book, why do we have to specifically request something?"

The answer may be found in another question: "Do you want God to grant you all the evil thoughts that passes through your heart in one day?" Of course not!

Brethren - God has thought of everything; the problem is that we think we can improve on His system. Ask Adam and Eve... they will tell you how much they improved their lot by trying to "improve on His system".


We are sure that we have not covered every possible angle with the above explanations and examples, but if the above is understood and applied - all will work out in accordance to the Will of God... and, as you have heard us say over and over again... What else could we want besides Perfection in our lives which, by definition, is the Will of God?

(1) Mercy in Action - Part I and Part II

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Published on April 17, 2005 • Clarified on November 9th, 2019

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