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In Defense of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair

(Originally published when they both were in Office)


This document was originally prepared and issued after Dr. Kelly, the British Weapons of Mass Destruction Specialist, and critic of Prime Minister Blair's Iraq policies was found dead. When Former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill publicly discussed the inner workings of the Bush Administration (1) we felt compelled to reissue it including the reference to Dr. Kelly's death (2).

It seems just and right to place a few issues in perspective and we feel strongly compelled to do so now. (3)


We must realize that the alleged suicide (read: murder) of Dr. Kelly does not necessarily mean that Mr. Blair and/or his allies are behind it. Blair, Bush, et al were placed and are maintained in power by some individuals who have huge financial vested interests and they will make sure that their investments are protected.

It is totally conceivable that if this scientist was a real threat to those interests and they felt that the government was not doing enough to neutralize him, they would take it upon themselves to do so - but not with governmental approval as it may have been the case with Princess Diana (4).

The same mechanism applies in the US politics. Anyone who thinks that Mr. George W. Bush became President of the US for his good looks, charm and dexterity must also believe in Santa Claus. They (5) placed him there for his low IQ and his family good connections. This IS NOT a joke. He does not have the foggiest idea of what is taking place and the apocalyptic consequences of his induced (5A) actions.

Of course, those in the "visible" world have to act upon the "visible" part of the drama but miguel de Portugal has the responsibility to lift a corner of the veil that covers the "invisible" reality.

But there is more...

Even all of the so called "White House-Hawks" ("WH-Hawks") are not to be written off as "the bad guys". Some really believe that we must be "in physical control" of the world to insure the world's security. This is typical of insecure individuals: They must control their surroundings so that they feel secure. Open and close textbook case - Psychology 101.

Other "WH-Hawks" believe that such is the way God handles matters: Fire and Brimstone = Tomahawks and Bunker Busters. This is the Old Testament way as opposed to the New Testament way. (What would Jesus do, fellow Christians? Did He orchestrate a revolution to bring down Imperial Rome (6)? But we don't want real facts, do we?)

Yet others may have a thwarted and repressed egos that calls for "settling the past score" from deep down, yet, it is manifested on the surface as something else. Ms. C. Rice, for example, seem to have many of the background qualifications for this dysfunction and her personality profile makes a good case for such evaluation. Therefore - out went Karen Hughes, the level headed and no nonsense "conscience" of President Bush.

We also have the "WH-Hawks" who the only God they believe in is money. They think that is the meaning of the message found on the U.S currency: "In God we trust!" Someone failed to explain to them that that was not a label of equivalence: "God = Dollars".

Let us not forget that in a war - a prolonged war - there are hundreds of billions of dollars to be made in oil (consumed in equipment - ground, sea and air), weapons (used to destroy and kill) and reconstruction projects (to rebuild what was just destroyed). It is really a tidy business, isn't it? Especially when some believe that the world is overpopulated and needs to be "trimmed down". After all, other people's children are the ones who are dying and the taxpayers money, is what is being spent.

The worse - are of course - the "Christians" who want to "help (actually: play) God" by precipitating the Apocalypse and the return of Jesus Christ.

From the vantage point which God has given miguel de Portugal - this is the most stupid, un Godly, anti Christian and abominable position of all. What they are really doing is "playing God" ...and, we ask, pray tell: Who is the one who has been trying to "play God" since before his fall? Lucifer, of course!... But they can't see it... (7) and neither could Eve...

This is why it is imperative to pray for the past and current US and UK leadership since many of the "bad guys" are only disoriented and confused in their thoughts and logic. This is something that the Holy Spirit of God can handle quite well but God demands prayers and acts of reparation for this to take place.


(1) As we ponder Former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill's report regarding the influences under which President Bush functions, we feel that it is appropriate to reissue this document in President Bush's defense while, at the same time, air some concerns resurrected by Mr. O'Neill's accusations.
For example: O'Neill charged that Bush entered office in January 2001 intent on invading Iraq and was in search of a way to go about it. No; it was not Mr. Bush's intent. It was the intent of those who place an unsuspecting Mr. Bush in the White House.
Take a look at the Road Map for National Security: Importance for Change published on January 31, 2001. The mechanism was already set up and published; all they needed was someone in the White House that they could easily manipulate. Mr. Bush was the perfect choice!
Specifically troubling are the facts that its publication was withheld until immediately after the swearing into office of President Bush, as well as some quite prophetic statements found on page vi of the aforementioned Road Map for National Security; most specially in the light of the events that have transpired since then.
History indeed will pass judgment on all of this, however, it behooves all citizens of this world to pay close attention to what is taking place in it.
(2) As we review the White House reaction to the statements of Mr. David Kay (former Chief Weapons Inspector) and those of of Prime Minister Blair regarding Lord Hutton's report on the alleged suicide of Dr. David Kelly (former British Weapons of Mass Destruction Specialist) regarding the absence of WMD in Iraq now and before the commencement of the war, it is obvious that the responsibility for such gaffe has been officially, albeit diplomatically, shifted to the intelligence community.
Should we be surprised? After all, the CIA allegedly did not have an up-to-date map of Belgrade showing where the Embassy of the People's Republic of China was located. Or did they?
It seems that it does not matter how we add the reported "2+2", we just cannot come up with "4" on the world stage. They must be using what mathematicians call "imaginary numbers" or the reported "2+2" are not true.
Either we have intellectually impaired leaders or we have intellectually impaired individuals running the intelligence community or, does it really matter? After all, the leaders base their decisions on the reports of the intelligence community and not on the information from the State Department (US) or Foreign Ministry (UK). This may sound outlandish but tally the hours that Mr. Tenet, the CIA Director, has been bodily present in the Middle East negotiating, and how many hours has the US Secretary of State, Mr. Powell, spent.
A worldwide dairy empire with headquarters in Italy, Parmalat, has done something even worse than Enron - about 15 US Billion Dollars worth - and just now it is discovered. 15 Billion US Dollars later!!! But where is the money? But, again, does anyone really care?
No. Not enough people care for us to even bother publishing facts and figures which may point to Parmalat leadership's intimate connection with the Opus Dei, an organization that seems to be connected with huge financial scandals and other unsavory situations.
Time must be just about up... God has even resorted to taking away the life of a young soccer player in the middle of a professional game in soccer-adoring Portugal - with full media coverage - in the hopes of getting the attention of those who are too blind to see and too deaf to hear that "the party is just about over".
(3) For those who like to know "motives" or to identify "the Hand of God"... this document was originally intended to be a brief e-mail to a small selected group of close associates of The M+G+R Foundation. This document is "what happened".
(4) About Princess Diana's death
(5) Who may "They" be
(5a) About inducing behavior - an expert speaks
(6) About Biblical "Facts and Figures"
(7) Those who have Eyes to See and ears to Hear

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