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We have spent billions of pixels (in the pre computer days it would have been "gallons of ink") explaining to those who come across our pages about the New World Order.

The world is already plunging into full darkness, and God just placed in our hands one or two more dots to finish up the picture that we have been conveying to the world via Postal Service since 1985, and via Internet since 1998. Maybe the remaining Elect, who are still on denial, will wake up now.

Dear readers - if you do not "get it" now, there is absolutely nothing else that we can do to help you, but pray. Our position henceforth is exactly that of St. Paul as he made it known at Ephesus:

I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of any of you. For I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God. [Acts 20:26-27]


We have written about the New World Order (1); we have written about the New World Religion (2); we have proven to the world that President Bush (Sr.) is the Godfather of the New World Order (3); we have shown how the various groups who have joined forces to achieve the New World Order are having the typical human difficulties (4); we have shown that, without realizing it, President Clinton delayed the New World Order for ten years (5); we have illustrated in many different ways that the U.S. has had a shadow government for some time essentially operated by the Opus Dei (6); and we have amply shown what is the final objective of the Opus Dei (7) so that they can enthrone satan as the falsified Christ (8), even if most top echelons of Opus Dei are not even aware of that.

The above should be more than enough background for an individual with an intelligence quotient (IQ) of only 50 to be fully aware of the overall picture. If the reader's IQ is over 50 and cannot see it, then, said reader are in full denial (9), in which case we do not want to convince you about the truth lest you understand with you heart, and be converted. [paraphrasing Isaiah 6:10 and Matthew 13:15]

The above paragraph and many others below may not be "politically correct" but neither was Jesus (10) in many instances, and it is in His Name that we speak.


Keeping in mind that we are only pro God and have no human favorites nor favorite political ideology, let us proceed.

God placed Mr. Trump in the White House just as He placed Judas Iscariot amongst the disciples and Mr. Obama in the White House.

Mr. Trump's job - also unknown to him - is to greatly accelerate the arrival of the End of These Times, thus, as a collateral, play havoc with the New World Order proponents. What God has done is to channel the unpredictable and arrogant behavior of a human being to trigger the Salvation process for humanity.

Why greatly accelerate it? Because as the globalization plans advance even the Elect would be lost. Mr. Trump was elected on what could be summarized as an anti Globalization platform - Make America Great Again - and a non interventionism mentality not seen for some decades.

That is precisely why Mr. Trump is being attacked brutally by the Globalization proponents with the mainstream media at its head. Remember, the Globalization agenda requires a New World Order (1) and a One World Religion (2). Therefore they have to get him out of the way somehow.

Their plan - Plan A (11) - calls for Vice President Mike Pence to assume the Presidency of the United States, once Mr. Trump is removed from the White House, and the Globalization will be back on track. Why? Let us take a look at the remarks Vice President made on Advancing Prosperity and Economic Growth in the Western Hemisphere in Santiago de Chile on August 16th:

We are literally witnessing the unfolding of a new era of economic growth in this New World, and President Trump and I are grateful for the commitment to economic freedom that is spreading across this hemisphere.

And together I believe we will reach new heights of prosperity and opportunity in this still new century, and the world will once again marvel at the New World.

No, the above are not quotes from some anti Trump media outlet. What you are reading above are direct quotations from the full text of Mr. Pence's speech as published (12) by the White House.

In the meantime, Mr. Steve Bannon, no favorite of ours but the strongest anti Globalization man Mr. Trump had in the White House, was relieved of his duties. His parting words were:

The Trump Presidency that we fought for, and won, is over (13)

That may be true to a certain extent, but the objective for which God placed Mr. Trump in the White House will be fulfilled lest even the Elect would be lost.

The intermediate steps God takes will change from day to day because each one depends on how the World Masters react after every step God takes in response to their prior reaction in what is an Apocalyptic Chess Game. However, rest assured, it will not be long before God says Check Mate!

Make sure that you understand that when we say that if the Globalization is fulfilled, even the Elect would be lost, it is because we know that. Not only we know that as a fact, but also know the mechanism being used now to achieve it, as well as the final phase.

If we did not have absolute assurance from Jesus that God will shorten These Times, we would fall into despair. That is bad and how real it is!


Even though we would want the Salvation of all, being realistic at this point, whether a reader believes us or not is no longer of our concern. If by after 32 years they still do not, we do not want to convince them lest they understand with their hearts, and be converted. [paraphrasing Isaiah 6:10 and Matthew 13:15]

That is why I am very much at peace as I paraphrase Paul's words in Acts 20:26-27.

I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of any in the world. For I have not hesitated to proclaim to the world the whole will of God for thirty-two years.

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Published on August 21st, 2017

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