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A Most Needed Reality Check

It is patently obvious that our brothers and sisters, on a worldwide scale, live in a deep lethargic sleep of innocence and wishful thinking.

This psycho-spiritual state seems also to prevail at the highest levels of the U.S. government as well as in the administrations of religious institutions.

With this very brief document we hope to arouse the conscience of the true children of God - the Elect - to pray. Let us not forget that the Elect will make it to Heaven "one way" or "another"; with the "another" being the relentless increase by God of "the megaphone's volume" (1) so that they finally listen to Him.

Anyone who may think that his/her protection lies in military might and in the many manifestations of the intelligence community, be it the mythical ECHELON, CIA, NSA, etc. or wishes to believe that there are no conspiracies (2) - is simply deluding himself/herself and living in full fledged denial. (3)

Of course, self-delusion is an individual right; we respect the freedom of people to make this choice - just as God respects the decision of a soul, at the time of the Final Judgment, to choose Hell. However, self delusion will carry a high and painful price if the soul is destined for Heaven.

It is our function (4) to raise the proverbial "Red Flags" that God Wills so that there will be no: "Where was God when....?" or "How could God allow...?" or "What kind of God is One Who...?" - as Ratzinger has already done (5) - as apocalyptic events continue to unfold.


FIRST - The containment and/or management of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

The Biological and Chemical WMD are on sale in the open market (6). See for yourself.

Nuclear and other WMD: What not has been sold "under the table" after the collapse of the Soviet Union is still there. (7)

SECOND - The physical security of key World Leaders

It is a joke (8). A serious, and a very bad joke at that.

The smuggled Nuke (9). The stakes are now far higher. Are there now another ones?

THIRD - The Intelligence expertise

We do not seem to be able to learn from history. (10)

Second: As the saying goes: "Who can sleep with these thunderclaps" . (11)

Third: September 11 took place, didn't it? Or that was not an intelligence lapse as many claim and have allegedly proven, or something needed to quickly implement Phase III. (12)

Fourth: Could they not predict that the same thing that happened with the Taliban/Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein was going to happen again, this time in nuclear-armed Pakistan? [See "First" above.]

Fifth: Has it not occurred to them why the Castro regime has survived for 48 years untouched by anyone? Is it due to "random chance" or is it by design? (13)


We strongly recommend to one and all to pay more attention to God (Remember the First Commandment?). Then, through Prayer (14) and More Prayer (15) directly and harmoniously intervene in world events through the Spiritual Domain. That IS (16) what can be done now. Nothing else (17). As one may see, unless one is in total denial, the three physical methods cited above for protecting national security are simply useless.

To Catholics, in particular, we recommend that less attention should be paid to Church politics and "politically correct" Catholicism. Instead, LIVE (not talk about, but LIVE) the magnificent (18) Catholic Faith. We are fed up - yes, fed up - with the "defenders of the Faith" who show up in Church only for funerals and weddings, scoff at the Sacraments, but are more Catholic than Jesus Christ!

Ratzinger (19) was elected because the whole issue is political and not of God (20). Therefore, utilizing as a measuring stick what God has taught us - " Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's..." - the Vatican is no more than another political institution and should be treated as such. Nonetheless, God has allowed all of this just as He allowed the crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ - prophecy must be fulfilled.

A NOTE from The M+G+R Foundation

If a reader takes offense with the above positions, we suggest that the problem/complaint is taken up with God directly. miguel de Portugal (21) , using acceptable U.S. slang, "had a real life" and was successfully practicing two professions when God summoned him to His service. He does not issue warnings for Fund Raising, Ego Trips, Self Validation or for his Glory. He does this for the Glory of, and in obedience to, God. Do not be caught among those who will one day soon say: "If I had only known....". All have been amply warned. (22)

May the Holy Spirit of God guide your every step. We assure you - without it, you will be hopelessly lost.

(1) About the megaphone's volume
(2) Proven conspiracies
(3) The wages of denial
(4) Our Function
(5) Why, Lord, did you remain silent?"
(6) See for yourself
(7) Is still there
(8) It is a joke
(9) The smuggled Nuke
(10) We do not seem to be able to learn from history
(11) Who can sleep with these thunderclaps
(12) Phase III
(13) And many thought that they knew it all...
(14) Prayer
(15) More Prayer
(16) What can I do?
(17) Besides this... nothing else!
(18) About the Catholic Faith
(19) About Ratzinger
(20) Just one example
(21) miguel de Portugal had a life!
(22) All have been amply warned

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Edited and published again on November 8, 2007 |  Feast of St. Michael the Archangel - Eastern Orthodox Churches

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