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We Wish to Make Ourselves Perfectly Clear

Regarding the upcoming Presidential Elections in the United States of America, questions about...

(a) Our preference between Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry; or
(b) How a Catholic should vote; or
(c) Our position regarding the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church in the campaign effort, etc.

...continue to reach us in spite of our past commentaries and explanations on said and related subject matters.

Individuals who ask those questions obviously have not read or have not spiritually comprehended the instructions that we are trying to get across through the documents published in The M+G+R Foundation Domain, in the Name of God, and before the End of These Times goes into high gear.

This situation saddens us because the snare of the False Christ will far surpass the snares that the world populace faces today.

In case that we need to spell out, what we are trying to convey is this brief write up, in simpler words, we will do so, in a different way:

"If an individual cannot properly discern and understand the snares that they are facing now in order to safely navigate through them, with all the explanations, examples, references, etc. that we have already published in The M+G+R Foundation Domain, then be informed that such individual will easily fall in the trap of the False Christ, unless he/she gains enlightenment from the Holy Spirit of God to understand the aforementioned instructions which miguel de Portugal has been imparting in the Name of God."

There is nothing else that we can do to make clearer the lessons God Wills for His children to learn regarding these particular events/situations; events and situations which are just mere "practice runs" for what is to come.

The disoriented faithful should incessantly pray to God so that, in His Mercy, He sends His Holy Spirit upon him/her and thus receive greater spiritual discernment power.

Therefore: We will not read, thus, respond or comment upon this type of correspondence any further.

Remember, what miguel de Portugal tries to accomplish is a Grace granted to you by God; it is not a past time for miguel de Portugal.

 Like all Graces - each individual has the right and power to accept them or reject them; however, understand that such action is between the individual and God, just like the settlement of the Talents' account [Luke 19: 12-27] is between miguel de Portugal and God.

Copyright 2004 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved.

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