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Opus Judei?

The Proverbial Pandora's Box (*) Had a Proverbial False Bottom

 And Much More Is Coming Out

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(*) Pandora's Box is an artifact in Greek mythology, taken from the myth of creation in Hesiod's Works and Days. The "box" was actually a large jar given to Pandora, which contained all the evils of the world. Today, the phrase "to open Pandora's box" means to perform an action that may seem insignificant or innocuous, but that turns out to have severe and far-reaching consequences. May those who have Eyes to see, See, and Eras to hear, Hear!


The purpose of this document is to shed more light on the Ecclesiastical Masonry (EM) (1) and the intertwining of its tentacles with those of another group, whose existence and agenda have been carefully dismissed from reality, just as the EM has done for itself.

With a better understanding of the players, their agendas, and their disinformation techniques, it will be possible for the faithful to decode the news as reported by the world's media, and to understand the true reality we all now face.

This document should also serve as an alert to the particular group that seems to be deeply intertwined with the EM: Should God allow them and the EM a little time after reaching their common objective, there will no sharing of the spoils between the EM and themselves, because they will become the EM's last "seek-and-destroy" target. Make no mistake - the EM will attempt to complete Hitler's "Final Solution" worldwide, and will not spare its erstwhile covert co-conspirators.


A. It is essential to understand that the existence and activity of a nefarious sect or cult within the Roman Catholic Church does not in any way reflect negatively on other Catholics, the Catholic Faith itself, or on any other Christians. Likewise, everyone who reads this document must remember that the existence or activity of a nefarious religious sect or cult, whose members are nominal Jews, should in no way reflect negatively on upright Jews (practicing Jews and non-practicing Jews alike). As we clearly pointed out years ago, the Jews did not crucify Jesus (2) - the nefarious sect which had commandeered Judaism at that time, the Temple Masters in Jerusalem, were the ones responsible for His crucifixion.

B. A brief historical background of European Jews. (3)

Spanish and Portuguese Jews are a distinctive sub-group of Sephardim who have their main ethnic origins within the Jewish communities of the Iberian peninsula (in particular the converso or Marrano groups) and who shaped communities mainly in Western Europe and the Americas from the late 16th century on. These communities must be clearly distinguished from:

a. the descendants of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 and from Portugal in 1497, who settled in Mediterranean countries of Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and

b. the present-day Jewish communities of Portugal and Spain, which were founded with the assistance of the "Spanish and Portuguese" communities outside the peninsula, but also include other ethnic groups.

Spanish and Portuguese Jews have a distinctive ritual based on that of pre-expulsion Spain, but also influenced by the Spanish-Moroccan rite and the Italian rite.

The reason for this distinction is because, when Spain and Portugal summarily expelled the Jews (who had been living, up to then, in relative harmony with the Christian and Muslims in those countries), the Jews were given the opportunity to convert to Catholicism. Those who did so could stay and keep all their property. Generally speaking, the upright Jews left, while others chose to feign a conversion to Catholicism while practicing their own faith behind closed doors.

Obviously, these false converts never read the first chapter of the Book of Isaiah (4).  Regardless of what offerings they made to God (as Jews or as Christians), these offerings and prayers were rejected by God. It is theologically obvious that anyone who publicly rejects one's faith and pretends to embrace another for material gain is mocking God and pleasing satan.

These converts quickly realized that the money and power in Spain and Portugal were in the hands of churchmen. Therefore, not content with a feigned conversion, many joined religious orders and became 'Ecclesiastical climbers', reaching the highest levels in the hierarchy. Mystically speaking, all spiritual/sacramental work they did was null and void from the start, with consequences that have had repercussions on the faithful for centuries to come, down to today.

The false converts became masters of deceit, which brings to mind the words of our Lord Jesus Christ through Luke and John:

Now you Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter; but your inside is full of rapine and iniquity. [Luke 11:39]

I know thy tribulation and thy poverty, but thou art rich: and thou art blasphemed by them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. [Rev. 2:9]

Behold, I will bring of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie. [Rev. 3:9]


We have been made aware of  a book - Opus Judei - published in 1994 in Bogotá, Colombia, by an anonymous author using the pen name of Alfonso Carlos de Borbón. This book intimately connects the Opus Dei - the family roots of its founder, Josemaría Escrivá,  included  - with a group of Jews by heritage but not by faith, whose only interest has been and continues to be political and financial power. The book contains 198 footnotes with many reliable references, and a bibliography listing 25 authors and their work. It must be the best researched book exposing the workings of the Ecclesiastical Masonry and its allies.

After spot checking the references, we are confident of the validity of the core message the book conveys in its entirety. Even the part of the book which covers the history of Spain since the late 15th century matches what we knew from books (and now also know through personal experience).

We have a critical disclaimer, however. We disassociate ourselves completely from a bigoted generalization that may be read into the text of this book or any of its references, a generalization that would blame all Jews for the malicious acts of most of the false converts in Spain and Portugal.

The book is in the Spanish language, although its introduction, prologue and complete first chapter, with fifteen sections, is now available in English. (5)


A very high-profile example of what the book conveys was recently published in our Private FYI&R page as follows:

The Archbishop of New York, Terence Cook, attended (on May 11, 1968) a funeral service at the Temple Emanu-El back in May 1968. (a)

It was the funeral of Mr. Sol Rosenblatt, a high profile Jew and Cardinal Spellman's legal advisor. For the first time in the history of New York, the archbishop of the diocese attended a religious service in a Jewish synagogue.

The new archbishop of New York, Archbishop Terence Cooke, yesterday (May 11, 1968) was a guest at the Temple Emanu-El at funeral services held for the famous lawyer Sol Rosenblatt, who died in Biarritz, at the age of 57 years.

Sol Rosenblatt was the legal adviser of Cardinal Spellman, who served the Archdiocese of New York before Monsignor Cooke.

This was the same Mr. Sol Rosenblatt who gave a very firm helping hand to get Opus Dei established in Boston back in 1952. (b)

The arrival in Boston of Fr. Guillermo Porras Muñoz, a recently ordained (1951) Mexican member of Opus Dei known in the United States as Father Bill, triggered a series of rapid steps that would lead to the opening of the first center of Opus Dei in the city.

Father Porras contacted Sol Rosenblatt, a Jewish attorney with a warm spot in his heart for Hispanic culture; Father Múzquiz had met him on an earlier trip to New York. In the course of that meeting - the start of a long friendship with Opus Dei - Rosenblatt had offered to be of any help he could.

What needs to be asked is: Wasn't Mr. Rosenblatt, of Jewish heritage, aware of the intimate relationship between the Opus Dei and the Spanish Blue Division (c) which fought shoulder to shoulder with Nazi Germany? After all, the Blue Division was active from June 24, 1941 - October 10, 1943, barely 9 years before!

An influential New York attorney, of Jewish heritage, who was not aware of the Opus Dei association with Hitler, and what had happened to his people in the concentration camps, seems to be an impossibility unless he was willing to sell the people whose heritage he shared to the highest bidder.

(a) Translation from La Vanguardia May, 12, 1968
(b) The Early Days of Opus Dei in Boston
(c) The Blue Division
(end of quoted Private FYI&R page)

We could go on with many similar examples with which the book is enriched, but time does not allow it. All we can do at this time is direct the reader to the translated portion of the book (5) and to the full book in Spanish (6). This is more than enugh to sound all of the neessary alarms.


There is a group of Jews, by heritage but not by faith, whose only interest has been and continues to be political and financial power.

They have been and continue to be close collaborators with the Ecclesiastical Masonry master plan (1). In the end, they will find out that the False Christ (7) will not make any distinction between them and the upright Jews, those who are Jews by faith as well as heritage. Satan, in the form of the False Christ, will attempt to exterminate them all.

If they do not wish to believe that perhaps they will after they learn about the fate of Archbishop Oscar Romero.


In a prior document (8) we revealed that satan is not giving up his continued attacks against Jews. For him, the Holocaust did not suffice; he intends to attempt to complete the annihilation of the Jewish people. We now quote from said document:

The fires of hatred and a future persecution of religion are being fueled and fanned today by the fanatics within Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The backlash will be a religious-totalitarian regime of the right which will be topped off by the identification of the False Christ.

In this very brief regime - should God allow its manifestation -  all Jews, Muslims and true Christians (Catholics and non-Catholics)  - those who will not submit to the False Christ - will be brutally persecuted by those who adore the "Catholic" False Christ (7)

Voila! satan has set up the ultimate brutal circus: The hordes of the  "Catholic (false, of course) Christ", who will now be globally identified, will spearhead the attempt to exterminate true Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Brethren - that is satan's final Global Final Solution: The extermination of all who will not "dance to his music" and who will remain loyal to the true God they worship in different - but very real and faithful - ways.

In the end, the group of Jews, by heritage but not by faith, whose only interest has been and continues to be political and financial power, and have been close collaborators with the Ecclesiastical Masonry master plan, will find out that the hordes of the False Christ will not make any distinction between them and the upright Jews, by faith as well as heritage. Satan, through the hordes of the False Christ, will attempt to exterminate them all.


(1)  Ecclesiastical Masonry - Who may they be?

(2) The Jews did not crucify Jesus, the fanatics did

(3) Spanish and Portuguese Jews

(4) First Book of the Prophet Isaiah

(5) Opus Judei - Partial professional translation into English

(6) Book in Spanish

(7) The False Christ

(8) satan's Final Act

Originally published on November 2012
Clarified further on February 2020

© Copyright 2012- 2021 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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