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The True Origin of Wahabi-based Islamicist Terrorism

[Excerpted from Diplomacy by Deception, second edition, updated and revised,

by ex-British intelligence officer D. John Coleman, Global Review Publications, 1993, pp. 39-40]

The British government always played the Abdul Aziz and Wahabis (the Saudi Royal Family) against Sheriff Hussein, secretly entering into an agreement with the two families that "officially" pretended to recognize Hussein as the King of Hijaz (which the British government did on Dec. 15, 1919).

The British government agreed to secretly back the two families with enough arms and money to conquer the independent city-states of Arabia. Of course, Hussein was not privy to the side deal so he agreed to launch a full-scale attack on the Turks. This prompted the Wahabi and Abdul Aziz families to put together an army and launch a war to bring Arabia under their control. The British oil companies thus succeeded in getting Hussein to battle the Turks unwittingly on their behalf.

Funded by Britain in 1913 and 1927, the Abdul Aziz-Wahabi armies conducted a bloody campaign against Arabia's independent city-states overrunning Hijaz, Jauf and Taif. The Holy Hashemite city of Mecca was attacked on October 13, 1924, forcing Hussein and his son, Ali, to flee.

On December 5, 1925, Medina surrendered after a particularly bloody battle. The British government, demonstrating once again its grasp of diplomacy by deception, did not tell the Wahabis and Saudis that it's true goal was the destruction of the sanctity of Mecca and the overall weakening of the Muslim religion, which was deeply resented by the British oligarchy and their Black Nobility Venetian cousins. Nor did the British government tell the Saudi and Wahabi families that they were merely pawns in the game to secure Arabian oil for Britain over the claims of Italy, France, Russia, Turkey and Germany.

On September 22, 1932, the Saudi-Wahabi armies put down a rebellion in the largely Hashemite territory of Transjordan. Thereafter Arabia was named Saudi Arabia and was henceforth to be ruled by a king drawn from the two families. This, by deceit of the British, oil companies gained control of Arabia.

Published on June 18, 2010

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