miguel de Portugal

Houston, TX 77254-0581

August 1 and 2, 1997

First Friday and Saturday of the Month

M. Rev. Anthony Pilla, President
M. Rev. Joseph A. Fiorenza, Vice President
The National (U.S.A.) Conference of Catholic Bishops
c/o Galveston-Houston Diocese
1700 San Jacinto
Houston, TX 77002

Subject: I have learned the true meaning of "Fear of God"

May the Peace of God and the Consolations of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be with you, now and forever!

Allow me to bring to you some measure of comfort by acknowledging the immense problem that we (1) face in effectively eradicating the problem of pedophilia from among the clergy and religious.

Immense and impossible for man; but with God, all is possible. Therefore, we must acknowledge and activate the mechanism which will move God to fully exercise His infinite power to assist us in the resolution of this problem.

+++A "humble and contrite heart" will secure whatever Divine assistance we may need. There is no limit.+++


The multimillion dollar judgment against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas seems out of line at first glance, but, is it really?

In His Infinite Wisdom and Love for His children, God will use whatever mechanism which will help us respond quickly to correct our wayward ways. Unfortunately, the response to the financial aspect of most issues within the Roman Catholic Church, has proven to be the most effective mechanism.

I know that no amount of money will help these young men carry the almost unbearable (2) crosses with which they have been burdened.; and, as if that were not enough, they must also entertain in the deepest recesses of their souls that often posed question: "Why did God allow it?"


(1) See Page 2 for Notes.

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M. Rev. Anthony Pilla, President
M. Rev. Joseph A. Fiorenza, Vice President
The National (U.S.A.) Conference of Catholic Bishops

August 1 and 2, 1997

How many members of our clergy and of the armies of theologians can really answer that question? Yet, there is a real, concrete and coherent answer and in it lies the solution of most of what ails mankind.

God does not make it a practice of creating the millions upon millions of sexually dysfunctional creatures - homosexual or heterosexual. No, He doesn't. We (1) do. Done quietly, and preferably under the cover of Piety.


Gentlemen, for the first time in my life I know what 'fear of God' means and I want to share it with you...

It means to find myself before Jesus Christ, the Appointed Divine Judge of Humanity, and hear Him say:

"Miguel, I showed you the multifaceted devastation that child sexual abuse causes. I showed to you to the extent it has penetrated society and religion at all levels. I have granted you the Grace to easily identify the symptoms. I have given to you the wisdom and the necessary means to combat it with charity and compassion, but, relentlessly. Why did you not do it?"

"Come now", He adds, "before I pass My Final Judgment on you, I want to show to you how much pain and destruction your doubts, your hesitations, your fears, thus, your inaction, have wreaked upon my children."

My dear brothers, that is what fear of God really means; it can be felt in the very core of one's being.

There is only one way for me to allay that fear: Act and do whatever I must do to bring this misery to an end.

As of you...

I encourage you, and through you, the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States of America to have confidence in the Mercy of God. Admit what needs to be admitted; expose whatever needs to be exposed; make the necessary spiritual and material amends that need to be made. The Mercy of God will be right there with you making it all work, shielding you and assisting you in the Glorification of His Most Holy Name and the Sanctification of the Holy Mother Church.

The events which will restore the Church to its former Spiritual Glory can and will be tempered by the actions taken within it to bring about the necessary changes.

At His service, thus, at yours I remain simply....

miguel de Portugal


(1) Yes, "we". We are part of the Mystical Body of Christ. We believe in the Communion of Saints. We are collectively responsible for the sins of the world. We were given much, thus we have much to account for.

(2) Unless treated appropriately, which is seldom done, it will become heavier as time goes by.

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