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Darwin Was Dethroned

Even Before His Theory Was Enshrined

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The purpose of this very brief document is to, once and for all, place the Darwin Theory of Evolution (1858) in its proper historical perspective: Later than that of Patrick Matthew (1831) which, apparently unbeknownst to Mr. Matthew, includes the undeniable signature of God.


Darwin was not the originator of the theory of evolution by natural selection of species. The originator of this idea, horticulturist Patrick Matthew, wrote in 1831 that evolution proceeds very slowly over long periods of time – but with sudden “leaps” during and immediately after times of global catastrophe. (1)

Such is the assessment by Michael Rampino, a geologist at New York University. In a recent essay in the journal Historical Biology, Rampino said that “a more accurate theory of gradual evolution” is that “long periods of evolutionary stability are disrupted by catastrophic mass extinction of life,” upheavals that are followed by rapid evolution of species. This view was first published by Scottish horticulturist Patrick Matthew – four decades before 1858, when Darwin first published his work on natural selection.

Matthew saw that mass extinction were crucial to the process of evolution: "...all living things must have reduced existence so much, that an unoccupied field would be formed for new diverging ramifications of life... these remnants, in the course of time moulding and accommodating ... to the change in circumstances."

Rampino, a geologist who has studied the effects of volcano eruptions and asteroid impacts on the planet, notes that geological history is now commonly understood to be marked by long periods of stability punctuated by major ecological changes that occur both episodically and rapidly. This casts doubt on Darwin's theory that "most evolutionary change was accomplished very gradually by competition between organisms and by becoming better adapted to a relatively stable environment."


This is consistent with the history set forth in our documents on “Evolution and Creation(2), and our “Creation Time Line” document (3). God is the Creator of all; He has guided and ruled Creation from its beginning, and will do so until its end. Periodic planetary disasters have been part of His governance of the planet – including the asteroid strikes, super volcanoes, and Ice Ages that preceded as well as after the Creation of mankind.

Mankind experienced one such disaster after our race fell into a spiritual abyss: the Flood, roughly 12,000 years ago. God repopulated the planet afterward with the new Elect (4) and with His other creatures.

Now, the allegedly civilized world has again taken the human species to the brink of self-destruction – and as before, God will allow and use disaster as a corrective measure. This time, the cataclysm will be swiftly followed by the transfiguration of (faithful) mankind and of Creation, by means of the Second Coming of Christ and His establishment of a “new heaven and a new earth.”

In the short term, the news is bad: the Great Tribulation. However, just over the horizon, is the return of the Faithful to Paradise-like conditions in God's Kingdom ... and this time, the serpent will be bound for a “thousand years.”


No matter how hard science tries to blot God out of the equation, in the end, it is science which confirms the reality of God.

As we have often said: "Even satan must serve God!"

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Editorial Credits: Mr. Lee Penn

Published in honor of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary  - December 8, 2010 -  European Union

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