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Proven Conspiracies

Part II

Destroying files of nuclear deals


As we said in Part I (1) .....

Just like satan saw to it that in the 20th Century many were convinced that he did not exist - thus lowering their spiritual guards - those who are behind a multitude of conspiracies make a concerted effort to convince the world that such a thing is the product of unstable minds.

What is interesting is that people easily fall for such snares even before the Conspiracy Theory busters' "sales pitch" is finished.

But why? Why such an easy sell? The answer is quite simple although different for each case. In the case of the Conspiracy Theory busters it is even an easier "sale" for them.

If one does not believe that "this" or "that" is really taking place, no action is needed and complacency reigns. The few who believe that something is amiss, that 2+2 must be 4 and not 7 or 13, eventually give up since they become the target of every crackpot joke. Case closed!

Blessedly, all The M+G+R Foundation has to do is publish what God places in our hands or infuses in m de Portugal's soul for those who have eyes to see and have ears to hear. If it is for only one individual, so be it. If it is for 100 million individuals, so be it. This is God's Creation and it is God's responsibility to insure that those who have eyes to see, see it, and those who have ears to hear, hear it. In either case, we will sleep well as long as we disseminate the information far and wide, but woe to us if we do not speak loud and clear.


In Part I we addressed GLADIO: A LEGION Of SLEEPER COMBATANT UNITS and how such conspiracy theory was acknowledged by heads of state; that is, it certainly was not a "theory" - it was a fact!

Today - August 25, 2008, The New York Times published an even worse Conspiracy Theory which has been confirmed as a fact, not a theory, by the Head of State of Switzerland.. (2)

We will only quote the highlights. You may access the whole article if you want to confirm that all is being quoted within text.


In Nuclear Net’s Undoing, a Web of Shadowy Deals

The president of Switzerland stepped to a podium in Bern last May and read a statement confirming rumors that had swirled through the capital for months. The government, he acknowledged, had indeed destroyed a huge trove of computer files and other material documenting the business dealings of a family of Swiss engineers suspected of helping smuggle nuclear technology to Libya and Iran.

The files were of particular interest not only to Swiss prosecutors but to international atomic inspectors working to unwind the activities of Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani bomb pioneer-turned-nuclear black marketeer. The Swiss engineers, Friedrich Tinner and his two sons, were accused of having deep associations with Dr. Khan, acting as middlemen in his dealings with rogue nations seeking nuclear equipment and expertise.

The Swiss president, Pascal Couchepin, took no questions. But he asserted that the files — which included an array of plans for nuclear arms and technologies, among them a highly sophisticated Pakistani bomb design — had been destroyed so that they would never fall into terrorist hands.

Behind that official explanation, though, is a far more intriguing tale of spies, moles and the compromises that governments make in the name of national security.

The United States had urged that the files be destroyed, according to interviews with five current and former Bush administration officials. The purpose, the officials said, was less to thwart terrorists than to hide evidence of a clandestine relationship between the Tinners and the C.I.A.

Over four years, several of these officials said, operatives of the C.I.A. paid the Tinners as much as $10 million, some of it delivered in a suitcase stuffed with cash. In return, the Tinners delivered a flow of secret information that helped end Libya’s bomb program, reveal Iran’s atomic labors and, ultimately, undo Dr. Khan’s nuclear black market.

In addition, American and European officials said, the Tinners played an important role in a clandestine American operation to funnel sabotaged nuclear equipment to Libya and Iran, a major but little-known element of the efforts to slow their nuclear progress.
The relationship with the Tinners “was very significant,” said Gary S. Samore, who ran the National Security Council’s nonproliferation office when the operation began. “That’s where we got the first indications that Iran had acquired centrifuges,” which enrich uranium for nuclear fuel.

Yet even as American officials describe the relationship as a major intelligence coup, compromises were made. Officials say the C.I.A. feared that a trial would not just reveal the Tinners’ relationship with the United States — and perhaps raise questions about American dealings with atomic smugglers — but would also imperil efforts to recruit new spies at a time of grave concern over Iran’s nuclear program. Destruction of the files, C.I.A. officials suspected, would undermine the case and could set their informants free.

“We were very happy they were destroyed,” a senior intelligence official in Washington said of the files.

But in Europe, there is much consternation. Analysts studying Dr. Khan’s network worry that by destroying the files to prevent their spread, the Swiss government may have obscured the investigative trail. It is unclear who among Dr. Khan’s customers — a list that is known to include Iran, Libya and North Korea but that may extend further — got the illicit material, much of it contained in easily transmitted electronic designs.

The West’s most important questions about the Khan network have been consistently deflected by President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, who resigned last Monday. He refused to account for the bomb designs that got away or to let American investigators question Dr. Khan, perhaps the only man to know who else received the atomic blueprints. President Bush, eager for Pakistan’s aid against terrorism, never pressed Mr. Musharraf for answers.


If that is what is being acknowledged - just imagine the details, the errors, the leaks, etc. that have not been acknowledged. In addition - it is obvious that the Tinners are the type who may serve the highest bidder - business prostitutes.

Was the CIA the highest bidder? After all, allegedly, they did not even have an updated map of Belgrade when they chose the Embassy of the People's Republic of China as a target to bomb by the US (3). Rumor has it that Alice had the updated Belgrade map at her Wonderland residence.....

This new exposé also remind us of the Chemical and Biological Warfare Traveling Salesman (4) as well as the time the Soviets had a nuclear bomb at their Washington, D.C. Embassy. (5)

(1) Part I
(2) Original Article
(3) The wrong map
(4) The Death Traveling Salesman
(5) The Nuke at the Soviet Embassy

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