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The purpose of this document is to share with our readership what we consider "perfect results" in the fulfillment of the function God called us to carry out.

Following is the transcript of a letter that we have just received in response to our request for a confirmation of the desire to remain in our Select Mailing List. Those familiar with us know that we do not publish complimentary letters. However, this one contains all of the results that we believe God want us to achieve, thus, as an encouragement to those who may believe that this is not possible, we have chosen to publish it.

We have underlined and footnoted certain key areas of the letter so that we may discus them at the end.


May the Peace of God be upon you all as well!!

It is my hope and prayer that God will allow me to remain on your list. My faith has been nourished (1) by all of the information you have written and your help has helped me live out that faith much more fully in these last 3 1/2 years.

I know it was Our Lord who led me to you (2), and He will decide if I still need your help (3) It is my firm belief that I do, and that as far as I have grown, is as easily as I can fall again (4), but I also know whether you come or go in my journey, is not as important as long as I remain close to Jesus. (5)

I have printed every one of your documents, except for e-mail, which I do occasionally and always do for the personal replies you have made to me. I have made these paper copies because unfortunately most of my own family is in a state of denial or crisis of faith, and although they may be blinded now, I know the mercy of God will one day penetrate their hardened hearts (6) and if I am not around at that time I want them to be able to have access to your information because I know it to be true.

I have shared some copies... as I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit. (7) I believe each one has been helped in some way.

I haven't shared this with anyone in my own church yet, not because of my lack of faith or mistrust in you, but rather because I have not been prompted to. I have been blessed to have come across some blinded priests in my life and since I was a little child, I have been pushed away from the catholic church. I say blessed because from an early age I was shown that you can't judge God on man's actions and that our Holy Faith rests upon Him (8) and our own actions. I may have been pushed away for a while but God always lead me back. Because of these earlier lessons it is not so hard for me to not be so crushed as I watch what is becoming of our church.

I know it must be and happen to cleanse it, and you have confirmed to me over and over that some of the things I see happening, really are happening and maybe I'm not as crazy as I sometimes think or I am just to self doubtful at times. Although in a worldly sense I am afraid, (9) I know God will give me the courage, and strength to endure whatever I must to fulfill His plan for my life. (10)

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I thank God most of all (11) that He has allowed me the grace of finding your site. I know most of all that you have blessed me over and over these last years and I hope you realize how your simple "yes" to God's invitation has helped me so very much. I can never repay you, (12) but I can promise you I am and will continue to use the knowledge and truths you have shared with me, to help as many poor souls as myself, (13) as the Lord wills me to and to live my life each moment for Him and to offer as many prayers as possible for the conversion of souls and for reparation to His most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of His Mother.

May God continue to shower His blessings upon you all, and may St. Michael, the great prince and guardian of His people come with the Holy Angels and Saints and protect you and us always.

Love, peace, and blessings



(1) Our primary objective - nourish the dying faith.

(2) Those who seek, shall find.

(3) Precisely! It is His Will what we must seek.

(4) That is wisdom! and an almost complete assurance of not falling back again.

(5) It is Jesus! Not Paul, Apollos, Kephas - it is Jesus Who matters! [1 Cor. 1: 12]

(6) That faith, that trust, is what Jesus will use to penetrate those hardened hearts.

(7) That is the guidance we should all strive to have always! It is infallible!

(8) That is a true Blessing and will always insure that nothing will ever come between God and us.

(9) This is a reality we must accept - the flesh and all the weaknesses associated with it....

(10) ...while knowing that with God our weaknesses will always be overcome.

(11) Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's! [Luke 20: 25]

(12) The fulfillment of our mission in you surpasses any possible payment you could make....

(13) ...except this, which is the proper utilization of the "Talents" entrusted to you. [Matthew 25:14-23]

miguel de Portugal frequently offers prayers of consolation to our Lord Jesus Christ for He must have felt very lonely and quite rejected while carrying His cross up to Golgotha. He also thanks Him for carrying on to the bitter end a mission that, by human appearances, seemed to be totally in vain, while asking Him to grant him such enormous Grace so that he can do the same for His Honor and Glory.

miguel de Portugal feels that this letter is nothing less than a reminder and confirmation of His "Yes!" to such request.

May we then add our voices to those of the Seraphims and Cherubims as they intone before the Throne of God:

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of Power and Might, Heaven and Earth Are Full of Your Glory. Hosanna in the Highest - Blessed is He - Jesus Christ! -Who Comes In the Name of the Lord. Hosanna in the Highest!

© Copyright 2004 - 2022 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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