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An American born Sufi who has Eyes to See and Ears to Hear and who is known to us, wrote an anonymous letter to every Sufi group he could locate in Britain, Australia and North America. As you read this letter, it will become obvious why he chose to remain anonymous.

By means of this letter, it will become crystal clear to most that regardless of one's faith platform, the true people of God are being hemmed in - chained - by those who may use God to advance their worldly agendas but who truly do not believe in Him.

Therefore, we felt that it should be placed on-line so that it may be accessible to all Search Engines, thus, to anyone seeking illumination on this subject. We do so with the authorization of the author.

But first, we must define "Sufism":

Sufism or tasawwuf is, according to its adherents, the inner, mystical dimension of Islam. A practitioner of this tradition is generally known as sufi. Another name for a Sufi is Dervish.

Classical Sufi scholars have defined Sufism as "a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God."

The Letter

Dear Friends:


Asalaamu alaikum. I have sent this "report" to every Sufi group I could locate in Britain, Australia and North America. As you continue to read, you will understand why I have chosen to remain anonymous.


If tasawwuf in the west is going to retain its independence, it will have to sever ties with the national governments and globalist organizations that are presently exercising control over it, groups whose influence is deeper and more widespread than many suspect. The goal of these forces is to groom Sufism as an alternative to "fundamentalist" Wahhabi/Salafi Islam, an alternative that will hopefully be more passive to control by the West and/or the Globalists. Certain Sufis may naively think that there is nothing wrong with playing this role; after all, haven't they been oppressed by these fundamentalist/Islamicists? And aren't they now collecting powerful allies at last? Success! It is unfortunately the case, however, that certain Islamicist groups are also being supported by the West and the Globalists; their support and funding of Sufism is more-of-less open (except for their CIA contacts and things of that nature), their support for Islamicist groups clandestine. It is common knowledge, however, that the CIA all but founded the Taliban, that the bin Laden family had/has cordial relations with the Bush family—ex-president Bush also being past head of the CIA—and that the major "ally" of the U.S. in the Muslim world, Saudi Arabia, is also the stronghold of the Wahhabis. Those western military forces presently fighting al-Qaida and the Taliban may know—or their leaders may know—that they can't "win". But they also know that they can create chaos and accelerate the dissolution of traditional dar al-Islam; perhaps that is their real goal.


Why would the powers that be support both sides? Easy: the powers that be always attempt to control both sides so they can "play both sides against the middle", the middle in this case being traditional Sufism and traditional Islam. The West and the Globalists are dedicated to busting dar al-Islam, both by military force and by cultural/spiritual infiltration. They want to destroy Islam as a religion because it is one of the main obstacles to their plans for a One World Government. And they have realized that the best way to do this is to separate batin and zahir and set them at war. The more violent the Islamicist terrorists become, the more vulnerable the Sufis become to co-optation and control by those forces who oppose the Islamicists on one level, attempt to control them on another level, and are actually behind some of them on a third. The co-optation of tasawwuf, the spiritual heart of Islam, by these forces leaves the remaining zahiri Islam just that much more vulnerable to radicalization; if hearts are veiled from true remembrance of God, all that people can see any more is al-dunya, the world of politics and its "imperatives".


The following "items" are in no way an exhaustive report on the co-optation of Sufism, just a guide to what is clearly visible on the internet, to a mountain of evidence that demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt just how far the powers that be have gone in controlling tasawwuf and using it for their own ends.


But who exactly are these "powers that be"? The best book I or my colleagues have found to answer this question is The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman, late of British Intelligence ( The Committee, which has been in operation for the past 150 years, is the closest thing that yet exists to a global "shadow-government", based in the English-speaking world but exercising its influence on a much wider scale. Dr. Coleman lists its members; some you have likely heard of, many you have not. I have no independent way of verifying Dr. Coleman's assertions, which seem at least to be well researched—but when I ran down the list of "organizations directly controlled by the Committee of 300" (italicized and underlined below) and searched them on the internet, over 1 in 4 of them proved to be involved in some way with Sufism! And that's just the information that's publicly available!


The matter is put succinctly on the website of the Council for Foreign Relations—which, though it appears to disagree with the policy of the western powers to groom Sufism as the spearhead of anti-Islamicist "moderate" Islam, treats this policy as common knowledge. Here is the summary of the article in question as it appears on the website:


State-Sponsored Sufism


Author: Ali Eteraz

June 2009


Why are U.S. think tanks pushing for state-sponsored Islam in Pakistan?

Once certain ideas go mainstream, it often takes a pretty big flop to disprove them. The United States was supposed to be hailed as the liberator of Iraq, just as it was going to be easy to turn Afghanistan into a democracy. Well now, according to commentators from the BBC to the Economist to the Boston Globe, Sufism, being defined as Islam's moderate or mystical side, is apparently just the thing we need to deal with violent Muslim extremists. Sufis are the best allies to the West, these authors say; support them, and countries as diverse as Pakistan and Somalia could turn around.

The Sufi theory has a lot of variations, but at its core, it's pretty simple: Violent Muslim extremism, rather than having material and political bases, is caused by certain belligerent readings of Islam usually associated with Salafism, a movement that attempts to resurrect the Islam of the prophet Mohammed's time, and Wahhabism, a similarly conservative branch. If Muslims can be indoctrinated with another, softer, interpretation of Islam, then the militants, insurgents, and guerrilla fighters will melt away.


Some of you have not even suspected that you are vulnerable to such forces. Others are uneasy, but unsure as to how they might find out more. Still others know quite well already. And Allah most certainly knows, and has known, from all eternity. He will be the final judge, and no human being or jinn can avoid being brought before his Bench at the end of time, or simply at the end of his or her short life. If only we truly feared Allah! If we did, then the fear of al-dunya, which is always hidden under some sort of glamour or blandishment or bribe, would have no power over us.


The following findings are simply the product of two or three days in the internet. I simple googled Dr. Coleman's list of organizations plus the word "sufi", and noted the first one or two entries that confirmed my suspicions; in some cases the entries contained new research leads, but I didn't follow them up in any great depth: the globalists are so confident of success in their attempt to co-opt Sufism, and have already been so successful, that they hardly bother to hide their plans. The URLs below ought to give anyone interested in such information many leads for future research. Some of these connections may be harmless, or relatively so, and in many cases the Sufis involved undoubtedly entered into them innocently enough. Others show an undisguised will on the part of the western powers and the globalists to co-opt tasawwuf; they are as follows

[List and URL's available upon request.]


Some of you may feel that to refuse to take sides against the Islamicists, no matter who one must ally with to do so, is to lend them support: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". However, the actual situation may be more on the order of "The enemy of my enemy is also the friend of my enemy, and therefore both my friend and my enemy at the same time". Some groups may be in a sufficiently desperate situation that they must accept any help that offers itself, no matter what strings may be attached. But any Sufi tariqa that can maintain true independence from political influence of any kind—which is still more or less possible in the west—should, in my opinion, not throw this opportunity away while it still exists.


In conclusion, I would advise:


1) Never accept funding or patronage from a group, foundation, or interfaith organization whose background you have not thoroughly researched—and even then be wary. Be especially wary of any group that approaches you.


2) Be extremely wary of the interfaith movement; it is one of the main vectors of globalist control over the world's religions. (For an exhaustive analysis of this from the Christian perspective see False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism and the Quest for a One-World Religion by Lee Penn; Many local interfaith groups are sincere, but often they have never thought to question the motives and hidden agendas of the groups and foundations who support them. And if our central duty is to remember God, why do we need to spend a lot of our precious spiritual attention dialoguing with people from other religions? We certainly ought to familiarize ourselves with the basic tenets of the other religions, but beyond that, why dialogue? In specific instances, when difficult community relations are involved, or when a pressing need appears to diffuse potential interfaith violence, such dialogue may have a place. But if we are reasonably sure that no-one from the other religions in our community plans to bomb our mosques and dergahs and zawiyas, just as we have no plans to bomb their churches or synagogues, or even to speak disparagingly of them either in public or behind their back, then let us turn our attention to Allah and how he is dealing with us in our own lives, and forget useless dialogues that at best are a waste of time, and at worst may be preparing the groundwork for the syncretic One World Religion that the globalists ultimately wish to impose on all of us, which will without a doubt be the religion of al-dajjal.


3) Beware of the desire that "Sufism take its place on the public stage." Beware especially of public demonstrations of any kind, especially if they are organized by groups you don't know! Don't militantly demonstrate for peace—BE peace. Realize the nafs al-mut'ma'inna.  And be willing—not just willing, I would say, but eager—to embrace anonymity, marginalization, irrelevance—irrelevance to anything but the eternal destiny of your soul, and the souls of your brothers and sisters. It is through this alone that you will serve Islam and humanity, more deeply than you can possibly know before the Day of Resurrection. According to the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, "Islam began in exile and will end in exile; blessed are those who are in exile!"


Yours Truly,



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