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Norway's Anders Behring Breivik, The Knights Templar and Opus Dei

Any Connections?

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Following are the pertinent quotes from Robert Hutchison's Their Kingdom Come: Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei,
Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Griffin, 2006 ed.


“Like his predecessor, this Benedict is Opus Dei’s man.” [1]


 “Under Benedict XVI, Opus Dei will consolidate its hold over the Holy See. As its power increases not only do the risks of provoking a schism become more threatening but so does the danger of a confrontation with radical Islam.

Opus Dei is anything but marginal. Its members form a transnational elite. They seek to colonize the summits of power. They work with stealth – ‘holy discretion’ – and practice ‘divine deception.’ They regard Jerusalem, Rome, and Washington as the focal points of temporal power. Because of their literal interpretation of the Scriptures, they accept that a showdown with the forces of evil is inevitable.

The Book of Revelation affirms that the showdown will come at Armageddon, and in the end the Church of Christ will triumph. Opus Dei regards this as an unassailable verity. As post-millennialists, the prelates of Villa Tevere believe the time is approaching when their Lord and Savior will return to inaugurate the New Jerusalem.” [2]


“But according to Father Vladimir Felzmann, a one-time Opus Dei priest who became a close aide to the late Cardinal Basil Hume, the Prelature is the closest the Catholic Church has come to recreating the military orders of the Middle Ages.” [3]


“We do know, however, that he [Escriva] was an admirer of the Knights Templar. Several of their practices would be incorporated into Opus Dei’s norms and customs when, later, they came to be set on paper.”[4]


“After his [Don Alvaro’s] week-long visit to the Holy Land, on the evening of 21 March 1994 he celebrated Mass for the last time in the Church of the Cenacle and returned to Rome on the following day. That night he died of a heart attack. He was eighty. The vicar general, Don Javier Echevarria, was at his side and took possession of the piece of the True Cross originally worn by the Founder. Within the next twenty-four hours, John Paul II visited the prelatic church of Our Lady of Peace and knelt before the funeral bier of Don Alvaro. This bending of protocol – a pope only kneels before the earthly remains of a cardinal – was more than papal esteem for the prelate general of Opus Dei, but a sign of fidelity to the organization that had done everything in its power to raise him to Peter’s throne.” [5]


Regarding the 1994 UN Population Conference at Cairo:

“On population questions, then, the Vatican made common cause with Islamic extremists [in Iran and Libya]. This opportunist plan – the forming of an alliance of convenience – Pro-Life insiders affirmed, was the work of Opus Dei, once again demonstrating that the Prelature was capable of directing Vatican policy.

The Cairo strategy was crafted within the Pontifical Council for the Family, assisted by the Pontifical Academy for Life and the John Paul II Institute for the Family. All three were under Opus Dei’s influence. The Council for the Family was headed by its ally, Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, and among the Council’s consultors were two members of Opus Dei’s priestly hierarchy and their close associates, Bishop James Thomas McHugh and Monsignor Carlo Caffarra.” [6]


During the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, “Medjugorje was under the control of the apparently Opus Dei-assisted and Catholic-led Croatian Army.” [7]


“A former high-ranking Opus Dei member in Spain believes that the next Crusade – the Tenth Crusade – will be a cybernetic one, not fought with bombs or bullets, or even Middle Eastern oil, but with the latest computer technology and electronic communications. ... This view was to an extent echoed by John Paul II in early 1991 when, in response to a suggestion that development was no longer applicable to a country’s state of industrialization but, today, to the strength of its banking sector and, tomorrow, its command of advanced communications systems, he smiled and noted, ‘That is the thesis of Opus Dei.’” [8]


“Seen from the inside by a former Holy Cross priest [Father Felzmann] , Opus Dei’s prelates are convinced that they are guardians of the divine truth; they are the ‘inheritors’ of the Knights Templar. ...

[ Felzmann said: ]

‘The Second Psalm was the Templar hymn. ... Each celibate member of Opus Dei, man or woman, must recite the Second Psalm upon rising every Tuesday. ... The Templars and Opus Dei sing the same psalm.’

‘In Opus Dei you find the same elitism as with the Templars, and this comes, I suppose, from that warrior mentality, from the idea that there is an enemy outside, and from a highly focused esprit de corps. ...’

‘Deus le volt! We are God’s chosen. These are not the words of the founder. They are the words of the current Opus Dei leader in Rome. I lived with them for four years. They told me with utter conviction, ‘We have been chosen by God to save the Church.’ Some of them openly state that in twenty or thirty years Opus Dei will be all that remains of the Church. The whole Church will become Opus Dei because ‘We have an orthodox vision that is pure, certain, solid, assured of everything. The founder was chosen by God to save the Church. Therefore, God is with us.’” [9]



As we said in the title - You decide if there is any connection or not.


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Published on July 28th, 2011 - Mary, Queen of Peace

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