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The Once and Future Christendom

A review and commentary

Originally published in September 2007


The “plan” set forth in the quoted and commented upon article seems to lay out the fundamental reasoning for the post New World Order era as we have described in our document The New World/International Order (1) and at Step No. 9 of the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times (2). Miguel knew about it through Divine Revelation, they know because they hatched it.


The Once & Future Christendom (3) by James P. Pinkerton

James P. Pinkerton is a columnist for Newsday and a fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C. He served in the White House under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

Please Note: A cooperator familiar with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings has assured The M+G+R Foundation that Mr. Pinkerton is making a hideous misuse of that tale. Tolkien, a traditional Catholic, would not favor the world-reshaping notions that this article sets forth. We have no reason whatsoever to distrust the comments made by this cooperator.

Please Note: Comments by The M+G+R Foundation are interspersed within the text and clearly labeled to avoid confusion as follows:
[Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: relevant comments]

Key quotations from article

The Revival of Christendom

Two years ago, the Eurocrats in Brussels drafted a 300-page EU constitution that consciously omitted reference to Europe's specifically Christian heritage. The voters of France, as well as Holland, rejected that secular document.

Maybe there's a lesson here. The people of Europe might not be so eager, after all, to declare that they are “united in diversity.” What does that phrase mean, anyway? How about trying to find something that unites Europeans in unity? How about a revival of Christendom as a concept – as a political concept? A revival, or at least a remembrance, of Europe's cultural heritage could be the healing force that Europe needs.

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: It failed miserably the first time around giving rise to the French Revolution (4) and related upheavals and they want to try it again!

After all, it worked in the past. In the words of the 19th-century French historian Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges, the victory of Christianity marked “the end of ancient society” – and all the petty divisions that went with it. Fustel de Coulanges continues, “Man felt that he had other obligations besides that of living and dying for the city. Christianity distinguished the private from the public virtues. By giving less honor to the latter, it elevated the former; it placed God, the family, the human individual above country, the neighbor above the city.”

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: What was elevated above country was neither God nor family but the Roman Church starting with the falsified Donation of the Roman Empire by Constantine (5).

As history proves, a larger communion can be built on such sentiments. In the 9th century, Alcuin of York declared that the crowning of Charlemagne as the first Holy Roman Emperor [800 AD] would bring forth a new Imperium Christianum. Ten centuries later, Hilaire Belloc asserted, “The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith.” Indeed, during those many centuries, Europe enjoyed a pretty good run. Only in the last century —the century of atheists, psychiatrists, and National Socialists— has Europe's survivability come into question. Today, the Christian author Os Guiness puts the issue plainly: “A Europe cut off from its spiritual roots cannot survive.”

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: We presume that he is referring to the Dark Ages (476 to 1000 AD), launched at the merging of the Church with Imperial Rome, cemented by the Crowning of Charlemagne which, in turn, heralded the despotic period (6) which included the destruction of anyone who did not agree with Rome and which brought upon the world the French Revolution, as a “pretty good run”. For satan – it certainly was!

Some will smile at the thought that Christianity might be part of the solution to the problems of the Third Millennium. Admittedly, there's an element of faith in the idea of trying to revive the idea of Christian unity. But Christendom is the Shire Strategy, applied.

To keep the peace, we must separate our civilizations. We must start with a political principle, that the West shall stay the West, while the East can do as it wishes on its side of the frontier, and only on its side. The classical political maxim cuius regio, eius religio (“whose region, his religion”) makes sense. To be sure, it has been unfashionable to talk this way in the West, but Muslims are avidly applying it as they set about martyring the remaining Christian populations of Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt. So we of the West can build walls, as needed, and as physically imposing as need be. Going further, we can finally recognize the need for an energy-independence embargo, so that we no longer finance those who wish to conquer or kill us.

For obvious reasons, strategic as well as moral, the Western political alliance must be bigger than just a few relatively friendly countries along the other side of the Atlantic. It should include, most pressingly, Russia. Vladimir Putin might think of himself as a rival, even a foe, of the United States, but he knows he faces a mortal enemy in Islam; it's the Chechens who are killing his soldiers. So as Russia enjoys its own Christian revival, ...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Yes, the falsified “Triumph” (7) of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which is indeed leading mankind to a False Dawn (8)

... a reconciliation with mostly Christian America is possible. Immediately, America should renew the spirit of Ronald Reagan’s...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Now it should be evident why the last Republican to throw his hat in the ring as Presidential is Tommy Thompson who is being “sold” as the new Reagan

...1983 Strategic Defense Initiative speech, in which the Gipper called for including Moscow inside the protective shield. So instead of building missile-defense sites in Eastern Europe, dividing Europe from Russia, the United States should put those sites in Russia's southern reaches, to face the real enemy, which is Iran and the rest of nuclear Islam. Even Putin has suggested this defensive placement, perhaps because down deep, he, too, understands that the Christian West should be unified, not divided.

But what of Christians elsewhere in the world? What, for example, of Latin America – which includes the likes of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez? And even more urgently, what of Africa, where Christians are suffering from many afflictions, including the inexorable Muslim advance, pushing south past the 10th parallel into the Christian populations of countries including Nigeria, Sudan, and Ethiopia? How to withstand these many challenges?

The answer: through political co-operation. In Tolkien's world, it was the Council of Elrond. Perhaps in our world, it could be Council of the West.

It's been done before. In AD 325, Constantine the Great convened the Council of Nicaea, drawing together quarrelsome bishops from across Europe to hammer out the basic doctrines of the church.

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Yes indeed, a pagan military Emperor Presiding the Council was to bring harmony amongst quarrelsome bishops (9); a Council upon which the new-Christianity, the christianity out of touch with Jesus Christ, was founded.

Constantine was the first Christian Roman Emperor, although he concerned himself more with geopolitics than theological minutiae. “It is my desire,” he told this first ecumenical convocation, “that you should meet together in a general council ... and to know you are resolved to be in common harmony together.” The council was a success, producing the Nicene Creed, which united European faith for centuries to come.

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Can you hear satan's cackling? As the saying goes – “Blood is thicker than water”. What a mockery to the suffering of the Christian martyrs up to the Council of Nicaea.

But today, how to find a new unity that reaches across oceans and continents, to include the likes of Putin and Chavez? Answer: with great difficulty, not all at once, and with no certainty of success.

And what of other hard cases? What of Africa? The Christian countries of Africa are part of the Shire Strategy and need to be embraced with tough love...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Their definition of “Tough Love”: Persecute and burn whomever is a threat to their agenda. (10) It is not our imagination. We have the events of centuries upon centuries to prove it.

...The immediate mission is to delineate a Christian Zone and a Muslim Zone, dividing countries if need be. All Christians, and all Muslims, have a stake in minimizing conflict; the obvious way is by separating the combatants. So a wall should go up between the warring faiths, and then a bigger wall, until the flashpoint risk of civilization clash goes away...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Yes, like the walls Jesus built when He walked amongst men – we presume...

...Then, and only then, might we hope to find workable solutions within the Christian Zone.

Some will insist that this neo-Constantinian vision of muscular political Christendom is implausible – or inimical to world peace...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Man will never learn from history – that is why God will bring him and his institutions to their bloody knees; (11) He has been left no other choice.

...But in fact, whether we like it or not, the world is forming into blocs. Samuel Huntington was right about “the clash of civilizations” – but with political skill, we can keep clashes from becoming larger wars.

No matter what we say or do, the blocs of Hindus, Chinese, and Japanese are all going their separate cultural ways, rediscovering their own unique heritages. And Islam, of course, is at odds with all of its neighbors. In his book a decade ago, Huntington, mindful of the indirect danger posed by American universalism, was even more mindful of the direct danger posed by Muslims: “Islam's borders are bloody and so are its innards,” he writes. “Muslim bellicosity and violence are late-twentieth century facts which neither Muslims nor non-Muslims can deny.” That's bad news, but there's a silver lining: if Westerners, Russians, Africans, Hindus, and Chinese all feel threatened by Islam —and they all do— there’s plenty of opportunity for a larger encircling alliance, with an eye toward feasible strategies of containment, even quarantine. But not conquest, not occupation, not “liberation.” So the big question is whether or not Christians will continue to be divided into four blocs, as they are at present: Western, Russian, African, Latin. Can four smaller Christian blocs really become one big bloc? One Christendom? Perhaps —borrowing once again from Tolkien— such unification was meant to happen.

That is an encouraging thought: a Council of the West, bringing all the historically Christians countries of the world into one communion.

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Encouraging indeed if we are talking about satan's feelings.

The Rescue of Israel

But what of Israel? If East is East and West is West, what of the Jewish state, which sits in the East? After all, the entire Middle Eastern region is looking more and more Mordor-like. Tolkien described that terrible wasteland: “High mounds of crushed and powdered rock, great cones of earth fire-blasted and poison-stained, stood like an obscene graveyard in endless rows, slowly revealed in the reluctant light.” Not much hope there, at least for Westerners. Whatever possessed us to think we could make Muslims into our own image? Was it a Ring that lured us?

We can make two points: first, Israel must survive, and second, on its current course, Israel will likely not survive.

In recent years, Israel finds its strategic situation worsening. It is increasingly confronted, not by incompetent tinhorn dictators but by determined Muslim jihadists, many of whom live in the Palestinian territories, some of whom live within Israel itself. Meanwhile, Iran proceeds with its nuclear program, while Pakistan, just a heartbeat away from Taliban-ification, already has its nukes in place, ready for export should the right fatwa be uttered. And the Russians and the Chinese, empowered and lured by high energy prices, have their own designs on the region, which include no good tidings for Jews.

Unfortunately, if we look forthrightly into the future, we can see blood and fire ahead for Israel...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Of course they can see it – it has been programmed! Any satanic project has to include amongst its top priorities the destruction of the original Chosen People of God. Since Hitler was not allowed to finish “the job”, they will attempt it again.

...Aside from the civilization-jolting moral tragedy of a Second Holocaust —a phrase used freely, albeit not lightly, by such Jewish observers as Philip Roth and Ron Rosenbaum— there would be the physical devastation of the Holy Land. How would Christians recover from the demolition of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem? How would Diasporic Jews absorb the Temple Mount's obliteration? And how, for that matter, would Muslims react to the detonation of the Noble Sanctuary, which sits atop that mount?

Any destruction of Israel would be accompanied, one way or another, by the destruction of much of the Middle East. If Masada came again to Zion, it would likely also be a Strangelovian doomsday for tens or hundreds of millions in the Middle East. And it might mean the annihilation as well of other Muslim religious sites, from Qum and Karbala to, yes, Mecca and Medina.

Some say that the solution to Middle Eastern problems is some sort of pre-emptive strike:...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: He must mean the one that its being given its final touches before its execution. The “Part 2” of the already applied program. (12)

... get Them before they get Us. That, of course, is exactly the sort of bewitching that Tolkien warned most strongly against – the frenzy to solve a problem through one hubristic stroke, to grab the One Ring of power for oneself, even if that grabbing guarantees one's own fall into darkness.

A better vision is needed. The Council of the West must do its duty, to Christians, to Jews, and to the need of the world for peace. Having agreed that Israel must survive, within the protective ambit of Christendom, the council could engage Muslims —who are, themselves, in the process of restoring the Caliphate— in a grand summit. Only then, when West meets East, in diplomatic twain, might a chance exist for an enduring settlement. When all Christians, and all Muslims, are brought to the bargaining table, they all become stakeholders in a pacific outcome.

This summit of civilizations would be difficult and expensive, even heartbreaking. It might take a hundred years. But let us begin because the reward could be great: blessed are the peacemakers.

The Knights of the West

With great effort, the West could unite around the Shire Strategy, seeking to secure and protect all our Christendom, spanning oceans and continents. But it won't be easy. It will take more than diplomacy – it will take strength.

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Yes... it was “Tough Love” wasn't it? Yes, just ask from Joan of Arc to the almost decimated native population of the New World. They will tell you all about their “Though Love”.

This Shire is ours now, but the way things are going, it won't be ours permanently. So we must vow to defend the Shire, always. In the last of the “Rings” films, Aragorn the Strider proclaims, in full St. Crispin’s Day mode, “A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!”

We in the West will always need warriors. We must have chevaliers sans peur et sans reproche —“Knights without fear and without reproach”— to safeguard our marches and protect our homes. Men such as Leonidas, whose Immortal 300 held off the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 BC, long enough for other Greeks to rally and save the nascent West. Or Aetius, the last noble Roman, who defeated Attila the Hun, Scourge of God, at Chalons in AD 451. Or Don Juan of Austria, who led the Holy League to naval victory over the Turks at Lepanto in 1571. Or Jon Sobieski, whose Polish cavalry rescued Vienna from the Turks in 1683.

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: How did we get from “No pre emptive strike” to this parallel? Because the concept of “coherence” (13) does not exist for these people.

These are not just legends, not just fictional characters – they were real. And if we dutifully honor those heroes, as heroic Men of the West and of Christendom, we will be rewarded with more such heroic men.

Future epics await us. Future Knights of the West, ready to defend Christendom, ...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Dream on. The closest to “Knights” mankind will see will be the Angels manning the “Trumpets” and emptying out the “Bowls”.

...are waiting to be born, waiting for the call of duty. If we bring them forth with faith and wisdom and confidence, then also will come new heroes and new legends.

Maybe it was meant to be. And that is an encouraging thought...

Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: Yes, indeed, it was meant to be —the Apocalypse, that is (14)— and we praise God for it since it is mankind's only hope.

Final Comments by The M+G+R Foundation: They have overlooked that fact that there are other “Saviors” lined up to “save the world” (15) . God will use their infighting for supremacy to make the “initial cut” in their ranks. The above mentioned Angels will finish up the clean up process.

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