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The Biblical Mark of the Beast

Part 2

The Equivalent of the Mark of the Beast

may be

The Tests and "Life Saving" Vaccine

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The Equivalent of the Mark of the Beast may be The Tests and "Life Saving" Vaccine

The purpose of this very brief document is to announce the secondary purpose for the COVID-19 deception - the enforcement, on a global scale, of a test and a vaccine as a requirement to be freed from a lock down state.

The Biblical Mark of the Beast

Part 1. The Biblical Mark of the Beast- What could it be? Published in 2009.

Part 2. It could be the Tests and "Life Saving" Vaccine. Published in 2020. (This document)

Part 3. WHO passport system - Towards a Global Police State. Published in 2023.

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En Español:  El Plan del Coronavirus - La vacuna 'salvadora' podría ser el equivalente a la Marca de la Bestia

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