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The Real Pulse of the World

How to Detect It


The purpose of this document is to show those who have been Blessed with finding it in the Internet maze how to "take the pulse" of the world. To know where the world is really at; not how the media wants you to believe it is.


News are pretty much about the same today as in the days before and will be in the days to come - mostly lies. As we have said before, the important news are the ones which are not reported and which one must discern, through the Grace of God, from worldwide public indicators.

As we have also said many times, the World Masters have their agenda and proceed to drive the world to the point they want it to be for satan's Grand Entrance. Being that they are the Masters of the world they know what their next move will cause (if God allows it, of course!).

Therefore, to evaluate the seriousness/validity of the news and the real state of the world, we will give you a few clues which you can, by yourself, utilize to discern when something may happen as the result of a move by the world Masters.

Remember - they serve Mammon (1), so we will show you how to "take the pulse" of Mammon.

The Markets

First know how the world stock markets are really reacting. Discount adjectives by the talking heads of the media such as "plummeted", "peak out", "crashed", etc., etc. They seldom match the reality.

The first Markets to open in the world are those of Asia. Look at them and you will see how the stage is being set for the rest of the world on that day.

The next ones to open are those in Europe. In there you will see how Europe is reacting to whatever unseen event to which Asia reacted.

Finally, the markets in the Americas open. Not only they will reflect what happened in Asia, and then Europe, but they will, in turn, set the stage for tomorrow's Asian markets. Take a look!

The Gold

The gold price also reflects the Masters' moods and plans. Take a look at them but do not be impressed by large drops or increases in the graphs that you will see. Look at the left column of the graph in question and see the actual numbers by which the price has changed and not by how dramatically the lines of the graph my express it.

Real Value of the Currency

Another page to check is the Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate Forecast. The stronger the Euro, the weaker the Dollar thus the weaker the U.S.'s financial clout in the world.

A good example of withheld news is precisely the drop in value of the US dollar. Back in July 23, 2012, the Dollar/Euro exchange rate was 1.212 (it took 1.21 US dollars to buy 1.00 Euro). At the time of this publication (April 7, 2014) it was 1.371 (it took 1.37 US dollars to buy 1.00 Euro).

What makes this notable is that, according to the average media reports, the US economy seems to be doing quite well while the Eurozone economy seems to be doing poorly. Were that true the numbers would be reversed.

You may keep up with US Dollar/Euro trends via This Link

God's Input Through Nature

Far more devastating than stormy weather are earthquakes. As we have pointed out before, the media reports what they are told and not what really matters to the people. You may hear that there was an earthquake in some obscure place in China and you may think - "So what? It was a deserted place and thousands of miles from us."

Not so fast.... Keep an eye on the world monitors and they will tell you how an earthquake in some obscure part of the planet may be affecting now or later other parts of the globe, including you home country or city.


As we have also said many times, God appointed shepherds do not wish to take God's place by word, or deed or by creating codependency as religious institutions do. Our function is to:

(a) Help the children of God establish a solid connection with Him as they journey back home; and

(b) Provide some physical signs which can be accessed and interpreted by His children so that they are not blind to the realities in the world... realities which will eventually lead to the full collapse of all systems.

Be at Peace, All is truly Well. You are indeed loved!

(1) Mammon, in the New Testament of the Bible, is material wealth or greed, most often personified as a deity, and sometimes included in the seven princes of Hell. Source

Published on April 7th, 2014

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