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The Three Sr. Lucias

and The Replacement of Pope Paul VI


The main purpose of this document is to show, once again, the way the faithful are shamelessly lied to by those they have placed their trust in, by men who did not shrink from lying even on events related to the Mother of the Son of God.


The following may sound like "religious gossip" or "tabloid fare" but we are sharing it with you because God unmistakably drew me to it. There must be a very real reason - of which I am not yet aware - since it does not change an iota what we have published about Fatima (1), the Second Vatican Council and its Popes (2), the Opus Dei (3) and other religious conspiracies, etc. If anything, it adds the details taking place to key Vatican related events.


We vaguely remember hearing something about a replacement for the original Sister Lucia of Fatima but never paid attention to it... since, as we stated above, it would not change anything that we have revealed in the Name of God. I also remember hearing something about the replacement of the original Pope Paul VI long before my conversion. That was promptly forgotten/dismissed since the Vatican and all associated with it were of no interest to me.

Both issues must have been very important to many since the Internet is full of blogs and articles about them - mostly incomplete, incoherent and/or contradictory - which we certainly would not recommend to our readers. For example, one site which reproduces a reasonable study of the Sr. Lucia issue and calls itself Traditionalist - The Catholic Fatima Movement Order - proclaims on its main page that Mary is God and that the God of the Old Testament was satan. Enough said!


What we have realized at the insistence of God, and which fits perfectly in what we already know, is that:

(a) The Sister Sr. Lucia that most people know and which has become a "household image" is Sr. Lucia No. 3 with Sr. Lucia No. 2 being the first replacement of the original Sr. Lucia - Sr. Lucia No. 1

(b) Yes, the original Paul VI was replaced with one more suitable for satan's "Grand Plans". Then John Paul I was elected, greatly disturbing their carefully laid plans... which were quickly resumed by a completely-in-the-dark, but well intentioned, John Paul II (4).

If it were not such a serious matter it would be amusing to see the photos of Sr. Lucia No. 1 and Sr. Lucia No. 2 in the official Sanctuary of Fatima chronology of events... as if they were the same.

Now, meet the three Sr. Lucias - 1st through 3rd (left to right). Just look at their "matching" teeth! Not to mention facial bone and cartilage structures.

The three Sr. Lucias

One thing that focusing on these issues did for us was to explain the apparent behavioral incoherence of Paul VI which, after all, it turned out not to be incoherence. We were talking about two different human beings who were coherent within themselves.

The above should give our readers another striking example of the massive deception which permeates the world - political and religious.

As a bonus from Heaven for having followed through with these unusual prompting, God gave me a tremendous gift/suprise. I have had - without realizing its full contents - a very large book wherein the entire handwritten texts of Lucia's Three Memories are reproduced (photos of each handwritten page). In addition, it has most, if not all, hand written correspondence sent by all three Lucias to various ecclesiastical authorities. The handwriting is so different for all three that it is amazing that the author of the book did not realize it.

What a historical treasure... which we picked up in a used book store in Salamanca about 20 years ago for just a few dollars.

God never cease to amaze me!

miguel de Portugal

(1) Fatima Documents
(2) About Vatican II
(3) Dime-Store Opus Dei Theology
(4) The trajectory of John Paul II

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En Español:  Las Tres Sor Lucías y el reemplazo del Papa Pablo VI

Originally published on September 10, 2019 in For Your Information & Reference • Published as a stand-alone document on April 22, 2021

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