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Staging the Ultimate Deception

Technology ready for The Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ

Part 1

Technological Advances showing how easy would be to remotely and neurologically control anyone's mind

Originally published on November 30th, 2019

Neurological Control through Electronics


The purpose of this two part document is to bring up to date our readership regarding the technological advances already here which will make very easy to stage the Ultimate Deception – the falsification of the Second Coming of Christ. Several options are being considered by satan and the questions are: "Which one will God allow him to use and when?"


The following information is being shared with the world in the same spirit Jesus spoke in parables [Matthew 13:13,15] – that is, praying that only those who need to see and hear these warnings do so.

In spite of that, we will make every effort to speak clearly and in simple terms and leave to God the individual blocking of the understanding of what we are about to share with you. We will give you more than enough professional references in case that you want to confirm, on your own, the gravity of the matters about which we inform you now. That is as far as we will go.

To the point...

Jesus said:

And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22]

It has become crystal clear that we have reached the point where even the elect will be ensnared and lost unless God acts very soon.


This is what the under Evangelized, zombie like, and fully distracted with Smart Phones, humanity is facing:

A. The Deep Fake software that can generate counterfeit videos

What has been called Deep Fake is a system whereby a video can be altered in such manner that, even if one has been warned about the alteration that is to take place, one may not even notice it as it is taking place. (1)

The flawless alteration can include the images, the spoken word and even the language or any combination thereof. (2)(3)

It should be obvious that no information via a video —official or not— can, or should be, trusted.

B. The prediction of individual behaviour based on just a little Facebook interaction

In reference to influencing public and individual opinions – According to Michal Kosinski, the individual who developed the technique which was later on sold by his partner to the Cambridge Analytic (4), this is how effective it is:

With only 68 "likes" in a Facebook user evaluation, Mr. Kosisnki's technique could predict: skin color with 95% certainty; sexual inclinations with 88% certainty; and political preferences with 85% certainty.

He took it one step further and, with just 150 "likes", he would know the target individual better than his/her parents – which included their needs and deepest fears as well
as being able to predict their behavior in most areas of human interaction.

All Mr. Kosinski had to do was to access the individual's Facebook page.

C. Artificial Telepathy

Artificial Telepathy – We have had this information since the year 2009 but it was not until now that God moved us to share it as a final warning. Quoting from the original source (5):

"The term C4ISR is a perfect descriptor for Artificial Telepathya powerful fusion of signal processing technologies that allows technicians to remotely gather and collect human intelligence from the brain signals of other human beings. As with C4ISR, Artificial Telepathy automates "signals collection" (eavesdropping) and "intelligence analysis" (figuring out what people intend to do) by utilizing satellites and computers, and the overall goal is military command and control.

Indeed, one might define Artificial Telepathy as a subset of C4ISR with a special focus on neurology, psychology and mind control. Artificial Telepathy is an exotic form of C4ISR that allows warriors to communicate nonvocally with soldiers in the field, enables spies and intelligence agents to perform reconnaissance and surveillance non locally by means of "remote viewing," and allows military officers to command and control the behavior of human minds at a distance, with the artificial aid of carefully networked satellite and computer technology."

The article above quoted describes its military use (6). However, the technique and equipment is fully applicable in order to influence the population at large just as well. Keep in mind – what you read above was the "state of the art" in the year 2009. Imagine what they are able to do now. A current list of patents (7) currently associated with such techniques should give you an idea of the extent of its technical development.

It is not hard to conclude that anyone's mind can now also be easily, and remotely, neurologically controlled unless God prevents it.


The only protection that the Elect now has, besides that provided by God to His children, is to know what is really taking place regarding the manipulation of the masses. Now all who reads this two-part document should begin to understand what we really mean by that.

That is why it is so important to have an intimate relationship with God. A relationship which will help being connected with Him at all times. Not through an alleged seer or visionary —which is what satan wants— but through a prayerful connection with Him enriched by the Holy Texts which compose the only Book of Truth.

Using computer/internet technology jargon:

Think of God as an anti virus protecting you from all the viruses coming into you – through your senses and straight through your neurons in the form of Artificial Telepathy. For an anti virus to work it must be installed, updated and active in all internet connections.

What does this means? Although only the members of the Elect will gain Eternal Life with God, should they get derailed by any of the tactics described above, God will not have any other choice than to use pain (8) to ensure that the individual snaps out from the errors into which he/she has fallen and returns to Him.

The only information that today's news reports and opinions of the commentators contain is: What the Masters of the World are currently trying to make the public believe.

The brainwash theme varies from nation to nation and from region to region and, in many cases, are for the whole globe's consumption, but they should be seen as just manipulation techniques.

It is obvious that, beyond this notification, and Part 2 of this document, the main focus of Miguel de Portugal (9) must essentially be helping to strengthen the faith of the true children of God, thus help them to avoid as much pain as possible.

(1) NBC Reports with sample videos included. We strongly recommend that the videos in that article be viewed. If anyone of them has been taken down, let us know since we have stored them in our files
(2) Another excellent sample (video in YouTube)
(3) Type what you want the person on the video to say and he/she will say it
(4) Mining Facebook for information (PDF format)
(5) Original source of Artificial Telepathy
(6) Its military use
(7) List of patents
(8) His Megaphone
(9) Who is Miguel de Portugal?

Staging the Ultimate Deception - Part 2

Technology ready for The Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ

Ready for a live "Jesus" generated by Artificial Intelligence and appearing in YouTube like programs?

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Published on November 30th, 2019

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