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As we memorialize the utilization of destructive nuclear power in Hiroshima and Nagasaki sixty years ago, it is only right that we bring those events into some sort of unbiased perspective. Only Truth will bring Justice and only Justice will bring Peace. Such is our purpose by issuing this brief document.


The United States of America has been the "whipping boy" of the world for perhaps too long. The only time the "whipping" is stopped is when one of the ones manning the whips needs help from the most generous nation on Earth. As we have stated, and lived up to, we are non political and non partisan, but that does not mean that when the truth continues to be twisted for the benefit of satan we are to remain silent.

Since a few days before August 6th - the 60th Anniversary of the nuclear obliteration of Hiroshima - the European news stations which we have access to have been relentlessly pounding the audience about the "vaporization" of over 180,000 inhabitants in Hiroshima and Nagasaki while showing (in close up, naturally) news clips of the survivors being treated for the horrific burns they suffered. The resulting experience one walks away with is: "How much unnecessary suffering the Americans brought upon these poor people."

We believe that criticism is the foundation of progress - constructive criticism, that is. While, destructive criticism must be exposed for what it is - another weapon from satan's arsenal.


We have already expressed the theo-logic behind the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thus we will not repeat it here.

We have also amply shown that if any one single individual/nation/institution is to be responsible for the horrors brought upon humanity by World War II is the Roman Catholic Church Administrators - not the Faith but the Administrators of the Church who always place their survival above that of the sheep they were entrusted with.

Now that we have dealt with the theo-logical aspects of the nightmare of World War II , politically speaking, we need to pin a few "Medals of Shame" so that those who keep "whipping" the "whipping boy" (the U.S.) spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror of history - past, present AND future so that they make the many necessary self corrections.

When Hitler came to power - essentially in 1932 - Germany had nothing as the result of World War I. No army, no industry, no weaponry, nothing! Germany was essentially a bankrupt nation. If anyone takes the time to sit down and, in an unbiased manner, study the transformation of Germany from nothing to the military terror it became, one feature becomes crystal clear: The transformation was done openly under the very noses of France and England who, by default, emboldened Hitler every time he got away with a military move. As Hitler did this, like a parasite, he would swallow up the resources of the country he had just marched into, digested and absorbed them, became stronger and moved on to the "next course".

We highlight France and England because Italy was heading in the same direction as Nazi Germany and no help could be expected from them, while Spain..., what can we say? The Spanish Dictator allowed Hitler to test his air war machinery over the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War in addition to sending a Division to give "Hitler a hand" (1).

The United States cannot be blamed for looking the other way. The U.S. was a whole ocean away, in its own neighborhood and attending its local affairs. The two who should not have, France and England did look away, over and over again, and the price was horrendous. Hitler could have been stopped with a spit if the will had been there when he tried his first armed move.

Regarding the holocaust which cost the lives of six million Jews - it was indeed a monstrous reality; however, the media keeps leaving out another five million people who were exterminated and who were not Jews. They were Gypsies, Polish nationals, Russian nationals, homosexuals, and whomever else Hitler's twisted soul did not like. We need to remember all eleven million people who were exterminated, not only the Jews.

We are not making light of the ca. 180,000 lives lost in three days between Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but let us be less dramatic and more realistic. Even if the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had not saved a single American and Japanese life by quickly ending the war in the Pacific Theater, those children of God had it a lot easier than those 11 million children of God who suffered unspeakably before being exterminated in the concentration camps. The same goes for the residents of St. Petersburg who, after being held essentially hostage of the Germans for nearly 900 days, ended up eating their own dead and children to survive. What about the other ca. 30 - 40 million children of God who died in the cities and battlefields?

Given the choice, we would like to be vaporized in an instant instead of being a terminal resident in a Nazi concentration camp. What about you?


It is clear from our writings that we do not approve of any kind of violence under any circumstances nor approve of many of the methods utilized by the U.S. Administrations - present and past - to achieve certain goals. It is also clear from our writings that there are many issues that need improving in the American system, but, at least, the United States has a system that allows correction-of-course in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

When powerful vested interests seemed impervious to those peaceful and harmonious methods we always have recourse to God, through prayer and acts of reparation. God has every man in His Hand and all He needs from us is for us to "activate" the mechanism He established for the redemption of mankind and He will deactivate the most powerful of vested interests... but for that we have to have Faith in God and not in man! Not being that the case, God Will have to allow Step No.1

Brothers and sisters - men and women of good will - as the anti-U.S. subtle propaganda continues for the "wanton murder" of the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, let us keep very much in mind two lessons that we should never forget:

(1) Obey God above all, as well as His instructions as relayed by the Virgin Mary. - remember, Jesus never had a problem with the Roman Empire.

(2) "Looking the other way" has never solved any problem - on the contrary. Ask the Roman Catholic Church of the U.S.

While, at the same time, the world must give credit to the human entities who so deserve.

Imperfect as the United States of America may be - people and government - if it had not been for "America" (2) - as many call the U.S. - Hitler would have been proclaimed god and would have proceeded to "purify" the rest of the planet of its "undesirables" using his well developed "Final Solution" techniques.

Therefore - before attempting to cast the next stone to the United States of America, remember, God, at one time, used the U.S. so that you might have that stone and the freedom to cast it!

(1) The "División Azul" (Blue Division) made up of "volunteers" sponsored by Franco and mainly fighting in the Russian front.
(2) Which God utilized to "slam the brakes" on Hitler when He deemed sufficient the Divine Justice already dispensed.

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Published on August 6-9, 2005 - European Union

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