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A Tribulation Summary

Straight to The Chastisement

A Guest Document

by Lee Penn

On July 29, 2010, miguel sent out a warning to his mail list, saying that the prophecies of Jeremiah 25 apply now, in full force, for the whole world. He followed this up with an FYI & R post on July 31, 2010, allowing anyone who visits The M+G+R Foundation web site to see the Scriptural warning for themselves.

I pondered the meaning of these warnings, and they became very clear to me. The following assessment is based on: (a) what I wrote to miguel on August 2, 2010; (b) his response; and (c) the posted responses of several associates.

We are now facing the Apocalypse, in full force.

1. Until now, God has delayed the full manifestation of the sequence of events that miguel warned of in 1992 – although some events have begun to occur symbolically (as 9/11 symbolized the events of the first step, and as the placement of Escriva’s statue in the Vatican wall on 9/14/05 symbolized the ninth step).

2. Now, time is up. There will be "no more delay" (Revelation 10:6) in the start of the Tribulation. The long-warned steps of the sequence will very soon occur in their full reality, not symbolically; devastating events will follow each other with bewildering speed. All in all, we are just about to endure the worldwide Chastisement, a punishment greater than the Deluge .

3. We face a re-run of events like the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars (1789-1815), and the two World Wars and the Cold War (1914-1989). In the 1789-1815 and 1914-1989 "rehearsals," man-made disasters (war, tyranny, and genocide) predominated.

This time, in addition to global man-made disasters (including nuclear war, a left-wing attempt to violently build a New World Order , and a right-wing "religious" attempt to violently build its own New World Order), mankind will suffer Apocalyptic-scale natural disasters. These punishments will be sufficient to destroy all of humanity’s idols and Towers of Babel, from the Vatican to the Empire State Building, to the headquarters of the European Union, to the Kremlin, to the trade towers of Dubai and Shanghai, and beyond.

The ancient monuments which survived the Flood (which may include sites now conventionally attributed to the Inca, the Maya, and the Egypt of the Pharaohs) will not survive the coming events.

4. The "pre-Tribulation Rapture" belief that is so popular among American Protestants is in error. We Christians will experience the Tribulation .

5. Very few people anywhere will survive through this Tribulation.

6. For most of us, suffering and death are imminent.

7. Therefore, our first task now is to get right with God and with our neighbor.

8. Prayer must be the first priority for preparation; little time remains for this. (Even now, with our prayers and acts of reparation , we can still – to a degree – mitigate the severity of the impending chastisement.)

9. Under these circumstances, physical preparation (beyond the basic level that miguel suggested in this document) is irrelevant. Neither a fallout shelter, nor a well-stocked rural survivalist bunker, nor residence in some elaborate elite-only underground city, will guarantee survival.

10. In the pending worldwide Tribulation, no physical refuge is guaranteed to provide safety. The only refuge will be provided by God.

11. Political action, elections, and organizing are irrelevant now. In particular, for us Americans, the old Republic will not be restored.

12. People must be prepared to be deprived of the institutional forms of religion that they have become accustomed to and reliant upon. This is for two reasons:

a. these structures will be destroyed – or worse yet,

b. the structures will survive, and be co-opted by evil (in particular, by the false "Christ" and his " supreme religious deception " ).

Despite the seduction that the false "Christ" will offer, it will be possible for the Elect to discern and resist this last temptation.

13. The Tribulation will destroy all the organizations and the technical structure of the present world system. This is necessary because:

a. the world’s political and economic structures are now oriented toward ever-increasing oppression and exploitation, and

b. the world’s cultural structures spread corruption and lies rather than truth, wisdom, and virtue, and

c. the technical structures are ruining the planet’s ecosystems and enabling global totalitarianism, and most importantly,

d. the world’s religious structures – including the administration of the Roman Catholic Church, and the bodies that govern other faiths – are promoting blasphemous travesties that lead people away from God rather than toward Him.

If God allowed us to continue fouling our own nest as we are doing now (with evil politics, evil economics, evil culture, evil technology, and evil religion), we would soon become extinct by our own hand. Our spiritual extinction would parallel our physical extinction. Because we (and our leaders) have failed to repent in due time, we have painted ourselves into a corner. No way out of our lethal, self-created predicament exists other than the pending Divine radical surgery. In other words, the tribulation is a "severe mercy" from God, and not a "divine tantrum."


1. As miguel has warned over the years, the US has become the economic, political, and military Babylon of our time. Our beloved country (I am an American) will meet the doom that Jeremiah prophesied, and that John saw in Revelation 18. The Vatican has become a religious Babylon; it too will fall suddenly, never to rise again. Babylon’s "body" (the US) and its "soul" (the Vatican and its hierarchy) will be "thrown down with violence" in "one hour," and they shall be "found no more" (Revelation 18: 10, 21).

2. The United Kingdom is the ancestor of the US (in particular, of its political and economic traditions, and also of the long-dominant ethnic group in the US), and it is a long-term ally of this country. As such, the UK will meet a fate like ours. The US and the UK have long considered themselves blessed by God , but these blessings are now to be taken away.

3. Although the climax of the Tribulation will be very severe, it will be brief. Its duration, from beginning to end, can be measured in months, not in years. God has heard the prayers of the faithful, and has shortened "those days" (Matthew 24:22) for the sake of the Elect. We do not face the widely dreaded 42 months (let alone seven years!) of the great trial.

4. Even as the lights go out worldwide, let us nevertheless keep the faith, abide in charity, and remain hopeful. Such hope is not facile optimism, but is based on the promises made by God through Scripture and His prophets. Even amidst trials, we may say with Job:

"I know that my Redeemer lives, and at last He will stand upon the earth, and after my skin has been thus destroyed, then from my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see on my side, and my eyes shall behold, and not another." (Job 19:25-27)

5. The Tribulation is not the end of the world.

6. After this short time of worldwide suffering and darkness, there will be the Return in Glory of our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ. (This will be the True Dawn, and not the False Dawn I have warned about.) Christ will rescue His people, cast Lucifer and his lieutenants into the Abyss, and renew the face of the earth. Although evil seems triumphant now, its dark towers will soon crumble to nothing. Soon, we will see the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady.

Published on October 24th, 2010 - Mary, Mother of the Dying - European Union

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