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The Truth About the Spreading of AIDS

Needs to Be Brought to Light

FOREWORD [Added on April 9, 2018]

In 1997 miguel de Portugal supernaturally received the key element of the information that we are now revealing, but we were not to make it public then.

As you will note in the body of the document which follows, two related news reports came to our attention on April 2003 and October 2004 respectively. After we read the second news report, this document was composed on October 15, 2004, and parked it on an unlisted server that we have. We hoped that we never had to release it.

Then, through the usual providential set of circumstances that we are so familiar with, we came across another news report where the world was informed that a Global study dispels some myths about sexual behavior. Once we read in that third news report (1), among other things, that...

“We did have some of our preconceptions dashed,” she said, explaining they had expected to find the most promiscuous behavior in regions like Africa with the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases. That was not the case, as multiple partners were more commonly reported in industrialized countries where the incidence of such diseases was relatively low.

.... we knew that the time had come to release this information regardless of any collateral damage to us. If the reader has difficulty in grasping what our message is as the document is read, the CONCLUSION section will make it crystal clear.

May God have Mercy on His Elect!


The purpose of this document is to attempt to wake up the zombie like religious, social and political leaders - local, national and international - who continue to believe that our apocalyptic warnings are just another way of "passing the time".

Unfortunately, as long as the people - of whichever religion - continue not to apply themselves in prayer and supplication so that God's Mercy diminishes the suffering that awaits humanity (for the good of their souls), we continue to lose the battles (not the war!) to satan.

Mankind has shown that only "Shock Therapy" will get them to act; therefore, here is some of the "Shock Therapy" needed.


On April 21, 2003, an article was published in reputable newspapers exposing the reality that a South African scientist was offering for sale to the FBI deadly bacteria (2).

This traveling salesman of death travels the world selling, to the best bidder, what was developed under his directorship - during the apartheid days in South Africa - to allegedly decimate their "undesirable population".

On October 9, 2004, ABC reported (3) that Kenyan Ecologist Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Prize, claimed that HIV was deliberately created.

Of course, it logically and coherently follows that both - confirmed and legitimate - news reports are certainly related.


The world leaders who live in comfort and who practice their faiths as just a routine act may, upon reading the above news reports, shrug their shoulders, and carry on with their "on denial" life style.

"Not so fast, brethren!" says miguel de Portugal. This time we really want to get your attention and get you truly involved in world affairs and on your knees before God, NOT before man!

It so happens that on July 26, 2004, TIME Magazine, on p 56 of its International Edition, published a most interesting article (4) titled: Death by Mosquito: Malaria, like AIDS, is killing millions. But unlike AIDS, it can be cured. Why isn't that happening?

The article proceeds to statistically show how malaria has been drastically eradicated on a worldwide scale, however, when looked at on a region by region basis, statistics show that in sub-Saharan Africa there has been very little relief in the deaths caused by malaria.

A world map prepared by the World Health Organization clearly indicates the areas of the world in which malaria is widespread. As it is to be expected, the areas where malaria is widespread, and is not under control, include the countries which have the poorest of the poor. In apocalyptic terms: The people which, according to the World Masters, need to be exterminated in a "politically correct" manner.

Once again, we can almost hear the shrugging of the shoulders of those world leaders "who live in comfort and who practice their faiths as just a routine act" and who are truly uninterested about what happens to poorest of the poor.

Not so fast, brethren! We may still catch your attention. Read on.

Hundreds and hundreds of pages have been written explaining how mosquitoes cannot transmit the AIDS virus (5) while one gets explanations about how they transmit other diseases - like malaria, for example.

In a nutshell, it is claimed that the typical transmission-by-mosquito takes place with the cooperation of the digestive system of said mosquito. The virus in question comes into the mosquito with the blood sucked in from the individual who was bitten. The blood with the virus goes through the digestive tract of the mosquito, it is digested, and the virus, undisturbed, then shows up in the saliva of the mosquito. Once the mosquito bites its next victim it infects another individual with the virus in its saliva.

Said articles proceed to explain to the reader, in great detail, that such is not the case with AIDS virus since it does not survive the digestive system of a mosquito.

That may very well be or not be. However, since it would take great resources for an individual to prove or disprove such allegation, the originally concerned individual takes it at its face value and moves on secure that his/her government is indeed looking after his/her best interests.

But, is it that the case? Read on....


Even the most casual observer is aware of the confirmed transmission of the HIV virus through hypodermic needles. This is such a proven fact that many countries have concluded that by exchanging the used and infected syringes with clean syringes for the intravenous drug users, the AIDS incidence can be significantly reduced.

The question is: How can the AIDS virus be transmitted by an infected hypodermic needle and not by the infected mosquito snout, which is a natural hypodermic needle?

Once our carefully laid logic gets out we are confident that the next "study" will "prove" that the mosquito snouts have a natural enzyme which destroys the AIDS virus upon contact.


As an Epilogue. let us share with our readers a few quotations from the above mentioned TIME Magazine article (4):

"As current trends make clear, AIDS is surpassing the Black Death as the most devastating plague ever to afflict the human race."

"Malaria sickened 300 million people last year (2003) and killed 3 million — most of them under age 5. AIDS last year (2003) killed just over 3 million people."

"Researchers believe the average number of cases of malaria per year in Africa has quadrupled since the 1980s. ... some rural areas have seen a heartbreaking 11-fold jump in mortality. The death rates from malaria are as high as those from HIV, says Dr. Christa Hook,... In many ways, it's a kind of silent Holocaust."

May those who have ears, "Hear!" and those who have eyes, "See!" and, to all of them we tell: Pray! Pray! and then Pray some more!

(1) Global study dispels some myths about sexual behavior
(2) South African scientist offers to sell FBI deadly bacteria
(3) The first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize claims that HIV was deliberately created
(4) Death by Mosquito
(5) What would any reasonable individual expect? That the CDC in Atlanta issue a communiqué that the AIDS virus is transmitted by a means that cannot be eradicated by man? Let us be realistic. Would we expect NOKIA, Motorola or Sony-Ericsson to publish results of studies which connect the use of mobile phones to brain tumors? Verizon? Vodafone? Would we expect the manufactures of artificial sweeteners to confirm that indeed aspartame causes Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus like symptoms? All of that would happen just after: (a) someone finally finds a hidden huge cache of WMD in Iraq; and (b) a bearded fat man wearing a red suit is seen cruising the skies in a sleigh pulled by reindeers!

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