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A Theological Explanation For

The near-Apocalyptic Climatic and Geological Events Worldwide

The 2005 Tsunami in SE Asia Will Be Used as a "Textbook Example"

A question many ask themselves now:

Listing the cited by the press horrors that many children of God were enduring in South East Asia before the earthquake and ensuing tsunami - terrorism in Sri Lanka, child prostitution, adult female trafficking, a booming sexual tourism industry and high abortion rates - as the cause of such punishment...

....many would still wonder: So many innocent people, people that have nothing to do with such activities have died or have survived in total misery. These disasters seem to be so illogical, random and totally senseless.

A Theological Explanation

You ask: "These disasters seem to be so illogical, random and totally senseless - Why?"

In reality, they are neither random acts of nature nor acts of vengeance by a despotic God. They simply are a method which God utilizes to minimize the damage to souls that we, "civilized christians", have allowed, caused and/or fail to prevent.

Without recurring to the typical theological demagoguery of the so called experts, let us get to the point.

(a) Man, wanting to be God-like drifted away from the protection of Divine Grace and fell into a life of moral and spiritual decay. Ask Adam about it or tune to the 24 hours news channel - any news channel - it is all there as a confirmation of that statement.

(b) God in His Mercy chose to give us an opportunity to be restored to His Grace. He then sent His Son. The Vatican of those days - the Masters of the Temple - crucified Him as soon as possible lest He ruin the rich and plush life they led at the expense of the faithful and for their strictly personal benefit. Just as the Vatican of today hides the complaints from Heaven - through the Virgin Mary. Fortunately, Our Lord Jesus Christ left for us a Way, well explained and delineated, so that we may reach Justice, Peace and Harmony - His Yoke.

(c) The Church that He established for that purpose chose to commercialize such "Way" for their sectarian benefit and in detriment of those for whom God had specifically sent His Son.

(d) The world sunk in misery after misery while the Roman Catholic Church strove to become rich and powerful at all costs - lying included - while ignoring its original responsibility and only reason for its existence.

(e) God, seeing what is about to befall humanity, sends Mary, the Mother of His Son, starting early in the 19th Century - not to promote the sale of religious items and raise funds for "works of charity" but to compensate for the massive deficiencies of the Evangelization efforts of the Roman Church.

(f) The "Vatican vendors" discovered another gold mine in the Marian Apparitions and, shamelessly ignoring Her Messages and Warnings, they exploited them to the last cent.... and continue to do so.

(g) The world continued in its descending spiral towards the abyss with great number of the clergy and Hierarchy at the lead.

Then. we must ask ourselves: What options has man left to God for the protection of His children?

(a) Apply pain so that those who have ears, Hear!; and for those who have eyes, See! and respond by:

(i) Correct their lifestyles and stop conducting others to sin; and

(ii) Means of prayer and acts of reparation minimize the suffering which He will certainly allow for the salvation of souls.

(b) Protect the souls of those who have become vulnerable due to the lack of spiritual and material charity from the "civilized christians" by means of:

(i) Draw to Himself immediately as many souls as it is possible for the time being;

(ii) Allow others to survive in total misery so that, amidst so much misery it would be very hard for them to fall again in the wrong path; and

(iii) Give an opportunity to the "civilized christians" to exercise their spiritual and material charity by assisting the victims of such catastrophes and, by doing so, reduce the pain that justly awaits them for their luke warm christianity.


The solution has been in our hands for centuries. The M+G+R Foundation, as a last resort, has spelled it out in various crystal clear documents which people keep on reading and, obviously, failing to understand.

Therefore, God, will continue to exercise the only option man has left Him until His Redemption Plan is completed, with man's cooperation or without it!

Is this so hard to understand? or is it that the True, Living and Loving God cannot be fitted in the mold of the god man has invented?

A final note: All of the above applies to the leadership and laity of all religions - not only to the Christians. God is the Father of all and Mary is the true Mother of all and one day, not far in the future, She will be recognized as such - a moment we await in joyful ecstasy.

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Document originally published in portuguese and Spanish in 2005

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