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It Is Obvious That Everything In The World Is Crashing Down


What Can We Do?


The Problem

As the world careens into a hell-like state, many upright and honest people ask themselves:

"What can we do? It all seems so hopeless?"

The Answer

Amazingly enough the answer was given to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ and brought to our attention by His Most Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary.

The Question

Yes... but exactly how?

And that, brethren is the purpose of this brief document.


Neither we - nor anyone else! - have anything to add to the answers already given by Heaven to mankind, through the Holy Scriptures and through legitimate Manifestations from the Virgin Mary and from Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. However, we are here to assist the faithful in seeing how important it is to follow Heaven's instructions.

The Faithful, and the agnostic as well, should review and grasp:

First:  The Highlights of the Marian Messages since early 19th century: what was requested and what for (1). This will help understand the "What" and "Why" of the problems mankind was, and is, facing and the way to correct them.

Second:  Mankind's response, or lack of it (2), to said Marian Messages should be carefully reviewed. This will help understand why the world continues in an all-encompassing downward spiral. It will show those who care and are interested that: It is not because God does not care nor because His solutions (3) are not good that "the civilized world" is a complete and absolute failure (as failed as the Biblical Tower of Babel project).

Third:  The full meaning and implications of all communications from Heaven (4).

Fourth: The spiritual/supernatural mechanism that is activated when we follow the instructions from Heaven and practice our Faith as God intended it to be practiced - with Him as the True Foundation of Any Faith (5), in which Goodness, Mercy and Charity are at its core.

Fifth: "Why" God allows catastrophes upon mankind (6); you may then review some modern examples with the light of this new gained understanding.

Sixth: The reality that the worst sin than anyone could have possibly committed is but a grain of sand when compared with the oceans of the Mercy of God (7). Therefore, a repentant and contrite soul always has recourse to Divine Mercy in an effort to reduce, or completely eliminate, the consequences of Divine Justice (8).

Key devotions and prayers to "activate" and "potentiate" Heaven's action:

[In parenthesis, next to each devotion, we suggest the frequency and when.]

A. The meditated Holy Rosary (9). This is prayer most endorsed by Heaven. (At least one mystery per day)

B. The meditated Stations of the Cross (10). (Once a week on Fridays)

C. First Friday Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (11). (First Fridays of the month)

D. First Saturday Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (12). (First Saturday of the month)

E. For Catholics - the Key Sacraments (13). (Reconciliation: Once per month; Holy Communion: At least once per week)

F. A very edifying Daily Invocation (14).

G. The Chaplet of Mercy (15). (*) (Daily: Preferable sometime between 2 and 4 PM while meditating on the Passion of Christ)

H. The Chaplet of Tears (16). (Once per week around midweek)

I. Scriptural Readings (Daily - From daily Mass schedule: Old and New Testament)

J. Renew your consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Once per month)

K. Consecrate your children to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Renew it once per month)

(*) June 19, 2009 - We have just found out that the Chaplet of Mercy has been pulled from the Marian Site and is very hard to find. The reason? Considering the times we are living in, it just confirms that indeed it works and that is a very powerful prayer. Therefore, we have wasted no time, and have prepared a page on the Chaplet of Mercy.

We understand that some of you will say: "I just don't have the time for this!"

Therefore, miguel de Portugal has the following to share with you:

1. Before he left "the world" completely to follow Him, m de P (17) was practicing two (not one, but two!) full time professions with offices 50 miles (80 km) apart. However, he did all of the above plus more - totaling over 4 hours per day. Yet, somehow, time just seemed to "appear" to fulfill his professional, family and social duties and responsibilities. Why? Quite simple: When you put God FIRST AND ABOVE ALL, He will see that all else you have to do will somehow get done and even better than you could before. This not a pious text book story - m de P lived it - day in and day out - it works!

2. Consider how much free time the surviving victims of the SE Asian tragedy have now. Did you notice how many thousands greeted the New Year in prayer and candle light vigils instead of partying?

If you follow our recommendations voluntarily - the beneficial results will be far greater than imagined and the pain will be quite minimal.

Summarizing, m de P wants you to know that: When one places God First and Above All, as the modified saying goes, one "can have his cake and eat it too... and not even gain weight!" But as always - the choice is yours!


Do not focus on the calamities that afflict the world today. They are "here to stay" and will increase to unprecedented levels.

Utilizing US colloquialisms: Do not host: "Pity Parties" and "Ain't It Awful Parties"

Do not focus on who is primarily responsible (18) for what is taking place. It is too late for "Monday Morning Quarterbacking". God will dispense whatever Justice is due to whom He sees fit

We recommend: "Do not focus on who is primarily responsible", but we do not say "Do not be aware and acknowledge" this fact. That would be Denial (19) and you would fall into the same centuries old trap. One must be aware to be able to cooperate in correcting what the past, present and future challenges were, are and may be through focused prayer and acts of reparation.

"Here" (turn on the Late News to be reminded of what "Here" really means) is where we are; This (20) is what is coming upon humanity; do not sit on your hands waiting for The Vatican to say a "magic word" - there will be none forthcoming.

Did not Jesus say:

"Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in Me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these because I am going to the Father" [John 14:12]

We have given you a working Road Map - Now, Just Follow It!

(1)  Communications During Key Marian Apparitions - A Summary
(2)  The Response Of Mankind To Marian Apparitions. Its Consequences.
(3)  Suffering: Mankind's Participation in Its Own Redemption
(4)  The Relationship Between "Time" and "Eternity". Predestination or Free Will.
(5)  The Only True Foundation of Any Faith is God
(6)  Why God allows catastrophes upon mankind
(7)  Divine Mercy - God's Greatest Attribute
(8)  There is no need to despair. You are not expected to become a saint instantaneously.
(9)  The Holy Rosary with Scriptural Meditations
(10)  Stations of the Cross
(11)  First Friday Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
(12)  First Saturday Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
(13)  Clarifying Possible Misconceptions About The Key Sacraments
(14)  Daily Invocation. A prayer of abandonment to The Divine Will.
(15)  The Chaplet of Mercy
(16)  The Chaplet of Tears
(17)  About miguel de Portugal
(18)  The Marian Apparitions in Fatima and The Roman Catholic Church Administration
(19)  Denial and Its Grave Consequences
(20)  This is what is coming upon humanity

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