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November - December 2004


The purpose of this News Commentary Section is to assist the faithful in recognizing the signs and lies of These End Times. Somehow, many self appointed Shepherds of These Times are trying to convince the faithful that the Apocalypse will be, using street slang, "a piece of cake" for them and "hell" for all others. They are led to believe that if they "do this" and "do that" they do not have a thing to worry about (of course, so long as that between the "do this" and the "do that" they send in a donation).

Others lead the faithful to believe that "All Is Well" and will continue to be, of course, as long as those donations keep coming in...

Wrong! For either case scenario to be true, the Old and New Testament has to be invalid. Logically, if the Holy Scriptures are invalid there is no use for "Shepherds", is there? So what is their function besides collecting money?

Spending it, of course!

Now, let us focus on the real world and the news about its crumbling structures, philosophies and half-baked theories. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit of God, Who cannot be falsified, the disoriented faithful will be able to understand what is truly taking place and why.

December 30th

NEWS - Asian Disaster Toll Could Top 100,000 -- Red Cross Estimates

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (Reuters) - December  29th, 2004

"I would not be at all surprised that we will be on 100,000 (deaths) when we know what has happened on the Andaman and Nicobar islands," Peter Rees of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said.

David Nabarro, who heads the World Health Organization health crisis team, said up to five million people lacked the basic essentials to survive.

The colossal surge was triggered by a undersea earthquake of magnitude 9.0, the biggest in 40 years, off the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It spread an arc of death from Indonesia to Sri Lanka and beyond to Africa.

U.S. scientists said the quake that set off the wall of water had moved tectonic plates beneath the Indian Ocean by up to 100 feet, causing the Earth to wobble on its axis and permanently shortening the day by a fraction of a second.

UNICEF  executive director Carol Bellamy said children could account for up to a third of the dead.

In Thailand, where thousands of tourists had been enjoying a peak-season Christmas break away from the northern winter, many west-coast resorts were turned into graveyards.

The official toll in Thailand is 1,600, but 3,500 foreigners were unaccounted for, including more than 2,000 Scandinavians.

More than 1,800 bodies have been recovered from Khao Lak beach, north of Phuket island, and more than 3,000 people may have died there alone, police said. More than 300 dead had been found on Phi Phi island, made famous in the film "The Beach."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

God Wills that I remind one and all that the area most affected by this devastating earthquake took place in the focal point of Sex Tourism in which the young ones are prostituted for the deviant pleasure of the "tourists".

What the world is now witnessing is another chapter of Divine Mercy in Action

We repeat: The power  to diminish the need for God to exercise His last ditch effort to bring souls back to Him and Eternal Life still is in our hands but Denial is rampant and only more pain will make the deaf finally pay attention; although it will be too late for many.

December 28th - Holy Innocents

NEWS -  Less than half now believe in God: Survey - December  27th, 2004

LONDON (AFP) - Less than half of all Britons now believe in God, a sharp drop from the more than three quarters of the population who said they were believers in 1968, according to a survey published.

A new YouGov survey found that only 44 percent believed in God, compared to a Gallup poll survey in 1968 which found that 77 percent believed in God.

Young people especially are significantly less religious than older people, with more than a third describing themselves as either agnostics or atheists.

The proportion who do not believe in God has trebled from 11 percent in the late-1960s to 35 percent today.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

What is there to say? We have explained what has been taking place in our document entitled Demise of the Faith. We have shown that the Vatican intrigues and agendas have done more damage to the Faith than Lenin.

  Finally - we have shown that unless the Faith is solidly founded on God, it will be lost.

What is there left to do? Cooperate with God so that the suffering that awaits the world is reduced as much as possible while Prophecy is fulfilled while Divine Justice is dispensed.

What a tragedy!  Maybe those who live in Denial may wake up in time to help in the battle so that at least a little Faith is left with which to greet our Lord.

December 24th

NEWS -  French Ex-Hostage Reveal: Rebels Wanted Bush Re-Elected -  December  24th, 2004

PARIS - French journalists held hostage for four months in Iraq said their militant captors told them they wanted President Bush (news - web sites) to win re-election.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

For our comments and the full news report visit our document entitled: The Outcome of the US Presidential Elections - The Relevant Supernatural Reasons For It. Maybe those who live in Denial may wake up in time.

December 17th

NEWSCardinal Untruths - Mahony’s testimony in sex scandal clashes with earlier statements and reality - December  12th, 2004

Confidential documents and sworn statements by Cardinal Roger Mahony were released last week, ending two years of legal maneuvers to shield "his eminence" from examination in the Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal. The cardinal's testimony, memos and letters offer a rare glimpse into Mahony’s formative years as a priest and young bishop in Fresno and Stockton from 1962 to 1985, and reflect on his moral standing as shepherd of 5 million Catholics in Los Angeles and ranking prelate in the United States.

Mahony emerges as a man of contradictions and memory problems. A man who claims never to have known a priest to have sex before 1968, who struggles to remember steps he took — or did not take — to address a pedophilia crisis of epic proportions. A man whose fitness to lead must now be examined in light of whether he is telling the truth or not.

Compelled by the court after months of resistance, Mahony was deposed recently at his lawyer's office in downtown Los Angeles. Five lawyers representing hundreds of sex-abuse victims questioned Mahony for six hours about how he responded to accusations that priests in his charge had molested children. His stubborn refusal to answer all questions with candor was a virtual dare to his adversaries to dig deeper for the truth.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Frankly, the above news are not shocking nor dismaying to us. After all, the Mahony of the East Coast, "Cardinal" Law has been honored and rewarded by The Vatican (which as far as the world is concerned, is led by John Paul II) with the mother of all Marian Churches - the Basilica of St. Mary Major.

If that in itself is not an abomination and an insult to that Mary Who came in 1947 and 1966 complaining about such clerical sexual deviations and Who, as any good Mother would do, brought the remedy for their wayward children - we do know not what it is - or, do we?

What is truly shocking to us are the Roman Catholics who still place themselves blindly under the leadership of these Spiritual Bastards at the expense of demolishing the remaining pristine and life giving Catholic Faith.

To those of you, brethren, who do so, we wish to remind you that in God's Court of Law the excuse/justification of "He made me do it!" does not exist. If you have any doubts about this, ask Adam, Eve's husband. [Genesis 2:23-24]

How about "Mercy"? Of course, there is always Mercy. Remember? God placed a mark on Cain
[Genesis 4:14-16] so that he would not be killed by anyone he would meet for murdering his brother Abel (*). Nonetheless, God gave Adam and Eve "their walking - out of Paradise - papers" - that is what we call "Mercy in Action".

Even if you are marked for Heaven... how long are you willing to stay in Purgatory witnessing the consequences of your stiff-necked denial ?

We personally do not want to spend any time there... and that is why we publish the information He Wills we do so that you may read it and cannot claim ignorance in that Oh-so-lonely and awesome Court of Divine Judgment which awaits all of us.

Catholics - Do you ever wonder what is really meant/implied when we pray the Hail Mary:  "...pray for us sinners now and at the our of our death. Amen!"? We shall give you a clue: It has something to do with the "Oh-so-lonely and awesome Court of Divine Judgment".

All Christians - Are you conscious of the contract that you are signing with God when you pray the Our Father?  We suggest that you become aware of  "the fine print".

(*) A Note to the "Super Christians" who support, endorse and cheer on the Death Penalty: Who do you think you are kidding with your fraudulent piety? You hypocrites! Read the "fine print" of the prayer you often mouth without meaning it.

December 9th

NEWS Sale of I.B.M. PC Unit Is a Bridge Between Cultures - December  8th, 2004

I.B.M. announced late yesterday the sale of its personal computer business to Lenovo, China's largest personal computer maker, a deal that reflects the industrial and economic ambitions of not only the two companies but also their two nations.

Under Lenovo's ownership, the I.B.M. personal computer business will continue to be based in the United States and run by its current management team. I.B.M. will take a stake of 18.9 percent in Lenovo, which is based in Beijing but plans to have headquarters in New York.

The significance of the deal may exceed the relatively modest amount that Lenovo is paying: a total of $1.75 billion in cash, stock and debt.

The transaction - The Times reported late last week that I.B.M. had put its PC business up for sale - points to the rising global aspirations of corporate China as it strives to become a trusted supplier to Western companies and consumers. The sale also signals a recognition by I.B.M., the prototypical American multinational, that its own future lies even farther up the economic ladder, in technology services and consulting, in software and in the larger computers that power corporate networks and the Internet. All are businesses far more profitable for I.B.M. than its personal computer unit.

But the move signals an acknowledgment by I.B.M. that its future in China may be best served by a close partnership with a local market leader - particularly one, as in Lenovo's case, that is partly owned by the Chinese government. The chief executive of Lenovo will be Stephen M. Ward Jr., currently an I.B.M. senior vice president in charge of the PC business. Lenovo's current chief and president, Yang Yuanqing, will become Lenovo's chairman.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

A Trojan Horse in reverse.

Poor, poor people.... and they still cling on to denial while their pockets are being emptied and souls sold by those "who do not exist" - according to their denial-enhanced-beliefs.

Should we be surprised that our youth is completely lost and make their idol Eminem- a poor kid who is more lost than most? Thank God that President Bush was re-elected!

We must pray and offer acts or reparation to the Most High - only then - as He has repeatedly promised His children through our Heavenly Mother, the Virgin Mary - Suffering will be minimized, while Divine Justice is dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled.

December 2nd

ABC-7 NEWS -   Oakland Seminary Housing Sex Offender Priests - November 28, 2004

A Dominican priory in a rich neighborhood of Oakland, California, is sheltering 7 Dominican priests who are sex offenders.

Note: Quotes, with comments made by the contributor of the information to The M+G+R Foundation in brackets, follow:

"The Dominican Order of Catholic Priests has decided to send its members who've abused children across the western United States to live at St. Albert's."

[and it's supposed to have remained secret:]

"This former seminarian attended a meeting two years ago when St. Albert's officials announced sex offenders would be moving in, and that the young men training to be priests should tell no one “ not their families, not the media.'


"The head of the Dominican's Western Province confirms that seven priests who admit sexually abusing children now live at St. Albert's and in a house nearby. Their victims include young children and teens, boys and girls. The incidents happened as long as 30 years ago, and as recently as 1999. Father Roberto Corral: "These guys have been through their therapy, and working with their counselors and therapists, we are reasonably sure they will not re-offend."

[Where have we heard that one before...?  Note how recent some of the offenses are - Could it be that the offenders could still be liable for prosecution?]


"Father Roberto Corral says none of the priests was prosecuted for sexual abuse of minors, but that the Dominicans have paid settlements to most of the victims. Corral says his duty now is to help the priests lead fulfilling lives."

[and the priests are free to leave the priory, and there are kids in the neighborhood...]


"there are plenty of kids around St. Albert's. They live in this neighborhood. They go to school just four doors down, here at Claremont Middle School. And, there are several other schools in the surrounding blocks. Pre-schools, elementary schools, daycare centers' kids are everywhere in Rockridge. And, no one from St. Albert's or the Oakland Diocese told the schools or the families living on the block about their plan to move sex offenders into the neighborhood."

[and the offenders can get a car ....]

"Corral says the neighbors have nothing to worry about, that he keeps an eye on the sex offenders. But, he also admits they are allowed to walk the neighborhood unescorted, even to check out a car and go for rides alone."

[Additionally .... I (the contributor of report) know the neighborhood, and worshipped there once.  The priory is a 5-minute walk from the subway line that gives access to the entire Bay Area.  So if the offender is free to move about on his own, he can walk to the subway station and be many miles away within an hour.  One subway stop goes to the San Francisco International Airport.]

[but the Father in charge of the offenders says they are "delightful men" who had done something "very foolish":]

"Father Roberto Corral: "My experience, most of these guys are delightful men, again, we're all imperfect and they simply happen to have done something that was very foolish at one point in their lives."

[Pedophilia ... not evil, but "very foolish"  .... new morality for the Church!]

[and the hidden "kicker" ... the pedo-priests get to vote on which seminarians may go on to ordination, and the Diocesan Bishop, who has a reputation as a stalwart, orthodox pro-lifer, has OK'd having the pedophiles in his diocese:]

"The other important issue is those seven sex offenders make up a third of the priests at the seminary, and they have a vote on which young men will become priests. They're helping decide the future of the church. By the way, Father Corral tells us the sex offenders are there with the blessing of Oakland Bishop Allen Vigneron. His spokesman says the bishop's out of town, and would offer no comment."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Make no mistake - this situation is allowed by the Roman Catholic Church Administration. These are the Administrators who are supposed to lead a flock of, mostly disoriented, confused and underEvangelized, faithful.

These are the Administrators who have a say to whether the Faithful should believe Marian Apparitions, be it in Medjugorje, Akita, Garabandal or Rosa Mystica.

These are the Administrators who outright lie and twist already accepted and approved Marian Apparitions and their Messages like with Fatima and the now denied secret La Salette.

In case the reader has "conveniently" forgotten the consequences of pedophilia, please review the several articles that we have reprinted on the subject matter. Among them: Sex Abuse Consequences No. 1 and  Sex Abuse Consequences No. 2

For those who think that by voicing anti-abortion slogans they are exempt of acting upon the repeated and well document sexual abuses and cover up within the Roman Catholic Church - think again!  You may fool your neighbor, but you neither fool us, and much, much less, fool God Who Is our primary source of information.

Brethren - if these are the actions of the Administrators and/or of the approved sects within the Roman Catholic Church that you choose to follow blindly - without first seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit - then,  painful as it is for us to acknowledge and state that: You certainly deserve what is coming upon you, we must do so... after all... God has no other choice since "Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear" when all else is being ignored by His children.

November 30th

NEWS -   Vatican Returns Saints' Relics to Orthodox Church - Published: November 27, 2004

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Hundreds of Greek Orthodox faithful welcomed the return on Saturday of the remains of two saints 800 years after Crusaders snatched the relics from Constantinople in a gesture by the Vatican  to mend ties between the churches.

At a service earlier in the day in Rome, Pope John Paul renewed calls for unity between the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity that split in the Great Schism of 1054.

"We see in the transfer of these sacred relics a blessed chance to purify our wounded memories, to affirm our path toward reconciliation," the
84-year-old Polish Pontiff said.

Patriarch Bartholomew I, spiritual leader of the world's 300 million Orthodox Christians, stood beside the Pope in Rome before accompanying the relics to Istanbul. "This gesture differentiates (the Roman Catholic Church) from the deed of their predecessors eight centuries ago, who accepted the spiritual and material treasures that had been taken from our city and our Church," the Turkish-born patriarch said in Istanbul.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

May Jesus Be Praised!

This is an act of the true, free and un-manipulated John Paul II.  It is indeed a miracle that he was able to achieve this in spite of his "masters".

We entreat one and all to keep H.H. John Paul II in your prayers so that he may be able to push through, against all odds, whatever God Wills he does before he is recalled to the Father.

November 26th

NEWS -   2 Top Officials Are Reported to Quit C.I.A. - November 25, 2004

WASHINGTON, Nov. 24 - Two more senior officials of the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine service are stepping down, intelligence officials said Wednesday, in the latest sign of upheaval in the agency under its new chief, Porter J. Goss.

Last week, President Bush directed Mr. Goss to draw up detailed plans in 90 days for a major overhaul of the agency, to address shortcomings that have become evident with intelligence failures related to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and prewar assessments of Iraq.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

It seems that the "Family Problems" continue to snow-ball. Although this may appear to be a relatively minor issue in comparison to what is happening in the world at large - do not be misled by appearances.  May those who have ears, "Hear!" and those who have eyes, "See!"

November 23rd

NEWS -    H.H. John Paul II  to Bury Schism With Saints' Bones

MOSCOW - FOR 800 years the bones of two of the Orthodox Church's most famous saints have been held at the Vatican, a symbol of the deepest division in Christianity. Now the remains of St. John Chrysostom and St. Gregory Nazianzen are to be returned to Istanbul where they were stolen by drunken soldiers attached to the Fourth Crusade who sacked Constantinople in 1204.

In 1204, Constantinople, then ruled by the last of the Roman emperors and a universally respected and fabulously wealthy Orthodox Patriarch, was sacked by Venetians and a heavily armed rabble from France, Germany, Italy and England belonging to the army of the Fourth Crusade. That army set up a Latin kingdom that ruled Constantinople for 57 years.

After the fall of Constantinople in 1204, soldiers plundered the city's treasury, palaces and churches. They attacked Orthodox priests, accusing them of heresy and sometimes witchcraft.

They raped women and children and removed vast quantities of gold and silver from palaces and churches, taking sacred vases and priceless works of art back with them to Venice and Rome.

The mosaic floors of the world's most magnificent cathedral, the Haghia Sophia, or Church of the Holy Wisdom, were polluted with blood, filth and animal excrement.

At one point drunken crusaders encouraged a prostitute to sit on the Patriarch's golden throne where she sang obscene songs and carried out lewd dances and sex acts.

"With one consent," wrote the historian Nicetas Choniates (1155-1215), "all the most heinous sins and crimes were committed by all with equal zeal."

At a historic reconciliation ceremony at the Vatican next weekend, Pope John Paul II plans to open up a new age of inter-denominational Christian co-operation when he hands back the bones.  

The M+G+R Foundation Comments
These news should make all Christians - most specially the self-righteous variety - very humble before God because the "skeletons" in this particular "closet" will be present at the time of the Final Judgment.

miguel de Portugal witnessed much of the physical damage to Churches in Constantinople and other parts of the Byzantine Empire described in the quoted article. He also stood where the Christians in Constantinople were slaughtered by the thousands by those encouraged by the Roman Catholic Administration - specifically Pope Innocent III.

On the other hand, miguel de Portugal also witnessed with what care the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire covered up the religious images so that they could use the Christian Churches as their own Holy Temples. They did not destroy nor desecrate. Because of this, m de P was - and the world today is -  able to personally view many truly magnificent Byzantine icons/mosaics and relics which had been carefully covered by the Muslims with white-wash/plaster or otherwise protected and which were brought to light, unharmed, when the Ottoman Empire gave way to current day Turkey - a secular Republic.

This is why we must be very, very careful not to fall into fanaticism. Today muslim fanatics are no worse than the Roman Catholic fanatics who razed the Catholic Byzantine Church and in later centuries Muslim Holy Temples.

We praise God that the forces of good prevailed this time in The Vatican and this open acknowledgment and "fence mending" is taking place. Without a doubt, this will reduce the suffering that awaits the Roman Catholic Church; however, it is so late that few will be able to notice the magnitude of the reduction.

We pray to God for the conversion of Christian fanatics - most specially within the Roman Catholic Church and its internal and very well disguised sects - and entreat Him to completely neutralize those who will not convert, so that their actions do not stain the Holy Name of Christianity any further. A name, and a symbol (the cross) who many now view as symbols of hatred as the result of these acknowledged actions and many others still hidden in the dark - but which God will throw at the face of the "Holy, High and Mighty" at the time of the Final Judgment... or before, as He did with the widespread and covered up sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church.

Remember, He said:

"And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell; for if the mighty works, which have been done  in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I say unto you, That it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for thee." [S. Matthew 11:23-24]

 Commentary: Capernaum's transgression was unbelief, lack of faith in Jesus Christ, and the disobedience of His teachings. In spite of the mighty works which Jesus Christ did in Capernaum they refused to believe in Him;  just like most of the Church Administrators. If they did truly believed in Our Lord and Savior, the world would not be the sewer that it is today.

November 18th - Dedication of the Basilica of the Apostles Peter and Paul

NEWS -  Russia to Develop and Deploy in Short Order Unequal Nuclear Weaponry

MOSCOW - Russia is developing a new nuclear missile system unlike any weapon held by other countries, President Vladimir Putin  said Wednesday, a move that could serve as a signal to the United States as Washington pushes forward with a missile defense system.

Putin gave no details about the system or why Russia was pursuing it, and it was unclear whether the Kremlin's cash-strapped armed forces could even afford an expensive new weapon.

"We are not only conducting research and successful tests on state-of-the-art nuclear missile systems, but I am convinced that these systems will appear in the near future," Putin said. "Moreover, they will be systems, weapons that not a single other nuclear power has, or will have, in the near future."

"We'll continue our efforts to build our armed forces and its nuclear component," he said.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Everyone seems to be cooperating well in the fulfillment of the Will of God at the End of These Times.

November 16th

NEWS -  Silenced priest warns of gay crisis - November 15, 2004

Starting today, 290 of the nation's Catholic bishops will meet at the Capitol Hyatt for their yearly business meeting and to tie up loose ends on the massive sexual-abuse crisis that has shaken the U.S. Catholic Church to its core in the past two years.

Although it's been less than a year since the church revealed that there were 10,667 cases of abuse committed by 4,392 priests in a 50-year period, the message at the meeting will be that the crisis is under control.

But it's far from over, says a local Catholic priest who says the true source of the crisis is a priesthood that is "honeycombed" with homosexual clerics, especially in the Diocese of Arlington.

However, attempts by the Rev. James Haley, 48, to persuade his bishop of the problem have backfired. After hearing from the priest about numerous instances of homosexual activity among diocesan clergy, Arlington Bishop Paul Loverde ordered the priest silenced Oct. 23, 2001. This "precept of silence" -- usually only employed during church trial proceedings -- is rarely used to silence a whistleblower.

Father Haley says his only crime is his insistence that homosexual priests, not solely pedophiles, are at the root of the sexual-abuse crisis. The Catholic priesthood is demoralized, he says, by groups of homosexual clerics who control who gets admitted to seminary, which men get nominated for bishop and which priests get the plum parishes.

Based on his 17 years in the priesthood, he estimates that 60 percent of the Diocese of Arlington's 127 diocesan priests are homosexuals, which is high compared with national estimates of 30 percent to 50 percent from other authorities on the priesthood.

As his prospects of returning to life as a parish priest dwindle, he has amassed reams of tapes, videos, photographs, e-mail messages and 1,200 pages of documents for a tell-all book on homosexuality and the priesthood. "I am astounded the bishops will protect these guys, promote them, even make them bishops," he say.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

While Catholic U.S. voters were recently spiritually intimidated by certain clerics of the U.S. Roman Catholic Church, thus, influencing their votes through spiritual coercion - key members of said organization (*) were obviously busy in their continuing effort to demolish the little Faith left.

That does not surprise us - They are at the service of satan and such behavior is precisely what we do expect.  What saddens us is that the Faithful continue to fall like fools (but not "fools for Christ") for "every trick satan pulls out of his bag" without realizing that their own souls are at stake. This is why Denial should be upgraded to the category of  "mortal sin".

There are many, many Fr. Haleys around and we must lend them our prayerful support, while, with the same unrelenting intensity, and after praying for their conversion, we should take every action possible to expose and denounce the likes of Bishop Loverde who are nothing more than agents of satan bent of destroying whatever is left of the Catholic Faith. For those like Bishop Loverde we have coined a new label: "Spiritual Bastards" , that is, their Father is not the One Who should have been. They, of their own free will, have rejected the Father Who beget them and assumed the father of lies, satan, as their own.

What has gone wrong? The "...salt lost its taste.... It is no longer good for anything but to be thrown out d trampled underfoot." [Matthew 5:13]
However!, do not confuse the Roman Catholic Administration and some of its clerics with the Holy Roman Catholic Faith. Through the Grace of God said Faith has reached us with its seasoning power at full strength and must be preserved at all costs from "corruption by association".
(*) The Church "as is" does not even merit the label of "Institution"

November 12th

NEWS -  "Memory and Identity," which is due to be published early next year, is the ailing 84-year-old   pontiff's latest and perhaps last book intended for a mass circulation audience. ....the pope, who lived through both Nazism and Communism in his native Poland, reflects on the meaning of evil in life and in history.

"To me it was quite clear that Communism would last much longer than Nazism had done. For how long? It was hard  to predict," he writes.

"There was a sense that this evil was in some way necessary for the world and for mankind. It can happen, in fact, that in certain particular human situations, evil is revealed as somehow useful inasmuch as it creates opportunities for  good."


The M+G+R Foundation Comments

We do not believe that this new book was indeed "written" by H.H. John Paul II, just like we believe, and have proven, that "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" was not written by him either.

His alleged statement in the new book:  "There was a sense that this evil was in some way necessary for the world and for mankind. It can happen, in fact, that in certain particular human situations, evil is revealed as somehow useful inasmuch as it creates opportunities for  good."  is scandalous at best... unless... we take it as a God induced acknowledgment of the reality that the Roman Church  refused to obey Heaven and take the appropriate action to prevent Russia from spreading its errors throughout the world.

Being that "Pain is the Megaphone that God uses to help the deaf hear", then yes, said evil was necessary to make the Church pay attention to God. Unfortunately, it is obvious that the Church, in spite of being directly responsible for more than 150 million deaths and untold suffering, continues to be completely blind AND deaf to the the Guidance of the Holy Spirit of God.

This time, however, as we have announced elsewhere, what represents the Church of Rome, will be left in the condition its precursor - the Temple of Jerusalem - was left. Just as Our Lord Jesus Christ announced - Not one stone of it was left upon another.

In the Name of God - we assure you - the Church of Rome will finally learn; then it will be resurrected - Pure and Holy as Our Lord intended it to be. Thanks be to God!

November 6th  - Our Lady of All Graces

On November 4, 2004 we read:

'AMERICA HAS SPOKEN': Bush gains mandate with a record 59 million votes


WASHINGTON -- As one of the costliest and most bitter campaigns came to an end Wednesday, President George W. Bush basked in victory... and promising to lead the United States toward new paths of greatness.

"America has spoken, and I'm humbled by the trust and the confidence of my fellow citizens," Bush, 58, said Wednesday with his wife, Laura, and their two daughters at his side.

On November 5, 2004 we read:

Confident Bush Outlines Ambitious Plan for 2nd Term


WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 - A confident President Bush vowed on Thursday to move quickly and vigorously to enact the ambitious agenda he set out during the campaign, saying, "The people made it clear what they wanted."...

"Let me put it to you this way: I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it," Mr. Bush said, asserting the power he held after a decisive win and reclaiming the national stage as his own after sharing it for months with Mr. Kerry.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Reminding our readers that we are a-political, unless the politicians start claiming that they are "acting in the Name of God", we wish to shed some light  for those God has intended it, upon the aptly labeled by some segments of the world media, "Apocalyptic Elections" that just took place in the U.S. We also remind the reader that we have generously come to the defense of George W. Bush, the person occupying the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America - the undisputed "bottom-lne" best, albeit not perfect, country in the world. May God Bless America!

As a brief backdrop - for those who are capable of understanding it:  Someone had to betray Jesus so that He would be apprehended and crucified. That does not mean that Judas Iscariot was serving God. God  allowed Judas to gravely sin and betray His Son and, through His Absolute Supremacy, utilized such grave sin as part of the redemption of mankind. Naturally, Judas thought that he was serving God and so did the Temple Masters ("The Vatican" of those days) when they manipulated Pontius Pilate into approving the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

To the point - What happened in the U.S. Presidential elections? Who won - "Good?" or "Evil?" One ask one group, and they will say: "Good" ; One ask the other group, and they will say: "Evil"

What does miguel de Portugal say about it? The answer is quite simple if the reader is capable of answering "Who was the winner when Jesus Christ was betrayed?"

Therefore - We will briefly explain what happened and why, so that those who are capable of seeing it can understand the future events as they fade into history.

What happened? - The time before the already fixed End of These Times is rapidly approaching. As Gorbachev aptly recognized, the Presidency of William J. Clinton delayed the establishment of the New World Order by ten years - a gift of God to humanity - since those will be ten less years of the suffering and confusion that will ba made manifest with the "Kick-Off"  [Step No. 1]  of the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times.

If Mr. Kerry would have been elected, his Clinton-like dialoguing manner and policies would have further delayed the manifestation in Time of Step No. 1. This was a physical impossibility. The ten years spoken of by Gorbachev was the maximun possible delay at this late a time in history.

On the other hand, the policies of Mr. Bush's Administration will rapidly drive the world to the manifestation of Step No. 1, and then, at a very rapid pace humanity will reach Step No. 17.  The words of  Mr. bin Ladin's last public announcement (see below posting) and the recent China-Russia-Iran oil mega-alliances will assist the reader in understanding why.

Therefore, we shall let the self appointed ego driven, but little, human "Judges" rule on whether "Good" or "Evil" won in the last U.S. Presidential Elections. We, once more, defer such right to Whom it truly belongs and Whom we strive to serve: God.

October 31st  - Eve of All Saints Day

NEWS - Bin Ladin muscles into US election race

QATAR - Sunday 31 October 2004, 23:09 GMT - Bin Ladin, taunting the man who has vowed to take him "dead or alive" for the past three years, said Bush had failed Americans with his Middle East policies...

....he made little mention of Bush's Democratic challenger John Kerry, saying: "Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al-Qaida. Your security is in your own hands....

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