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The purpose of this News Commentary Section is to assist the faithful in recognizing the signs and lies of These End Times. Somehow, many self appointed Shepherds of These Times are trying to convince the faithful that the Apocalypse will be, using street slang, "a piece of cake" for them and "hell" for all others. They are led to believe that if they "do this" and "do that" they do not have a thing to worry about (of course, so long as that between the "do this" and the "do that" they send in a donation).

Others lead the faithful to believe that "All Is Well" and will continue to be, of course, as long as those donations keep coming in...

Wrong! For either case scenario to be true, the Old and New Testament has to be invalid. Logically, if the Holy Scriptures are invalid there is no use for "Shepherds", is there? So what is their function besides collecting money?

Spending it, of course!

Now, let us focus on the real world and the news about its crumbling structures, philosophies and half-baked theories. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit of God, Who cannot be falsified, the disoriented faithful will be able to understand what is truly taking place and why.

News Commentaries of November 2005

December 3rd

NEWS - France's Lower House OKs Anti-Terror Bill - November 29 - AP

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

France's lower house of parliament overwhelmingly approved a new anti-terrorism bill Tuesday that would increase the use of video surveillance and allow police more time to question terror suspects. The National Assembly voted 373-27 for the bill, which still needs to clear a Senate vote in January before becoming law.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, leading efforts to strengthen laws against terrorism in response to deadly July bombings in London, sought to assure lawmakers the bill would not trample on civil liberties, as some fear.

He told the National Assembly the measures would allow police to pre-empt terror attacks and not work "after the fact."

"This debate has paved the way for providing France with a more efficient arsenal," he said. "The idea being that the worst should be avoided and that we must give greater powers to law enforcement to avoid a catastrophe."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

As we read these news, it is hard no to think about the recent rioting in France and how it could have affected this "overwhelming" support. We cannot help but have back flashes to the 2001 Anti-G 8 "riots" in Genoa. May those who have "Eyes, See" and those who have "Ears, Hear" - should there be something to be seen and/or heard.

It took years for other "spontaneous" events to be exposed for what they were. Now, we don't have that kind of time left.

November 27th

NEWS - Roman Catholic Church abuse scandal spreads to Brazil - November 26 - Mail and Guardian Online

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

"A growing sex-abuse scandal is rocking the world's largest national congregation of Catholics. This week, a Brazilian priest was given a lengthy jail sentence after a court heard extracts from a diary that read like a paedophile priest's how-to manual.

Regina Soares Jurkwicz, author of Unveiling the Politics of Silence: Sexual Abuse of Women by Priests in Brazil, said the South American country could now be facing a problem of even greater dimensions than that uncovered in the US in 2002.

"The Catholic Church doesn't know what to do," she said. "In Brazil, the [typical] reaction of the Catholic hierarchy is first to try to cover up the problem or discredit the witness.

"Then, it is to transfer the priest to another community, which is not told why he was transferred there."

Jurkwicz said the problem has been exacerbated by the vast social divide between Brazil's haves and have-nots.

"The victims are almost always poor, vulnerable people," she said, arguing that Brazil's wealth gap makes it easier for priests to exploit youngsters with impunity.

According to extracts from its report, carried in Brazil's IstoE magazine, 10% of Brazil's priests -- about 1 700 clerics -- are involved in cases of sexual misconduct, including the physical abuse of children and women.

The study was also said to have found that in the past three years at least 200 Brazilian priests were referred to church psychological institutions following cases involving paedophilia. Ten clerics are in jail and a further 40 are on the run from the law.

On Thursday, Father Tarcisio Tadeu Spricigo was jailed for 14 years and eight months for sexually abusing two boys, one of them a five-year-old. In his diary, obtained by police in São Paulo, the 48-year-old priest stressed the need "to have boys who can keep a secret and without sexual scruples".

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

This is how children are damaged by such demonically depraved behavior. However, the worst part is that the real culprits are not the spiritually sick priests who engage in this behavior; the real culprits are the Church Administrators who cover up for them and, the better they cover up, the greater their Papal rewards. These men are a Living Blasphemy.

November 22nd

NEWS - Da Vinci's devil and Opus Dei - November 18 - Globe and Mail

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

Mr. Levine, the urbane Toronto lawyer who is agent to the stars and Canada's pre-eminent deal maker in the entertainment world, also tried to get published an article Father Dolan, Opus Dei Canada's vicar, had written defending Opus Dei, but was unsuccessful.

The New York hierarchy got only as far as an exchange of correspondence with Amy Pascal, chair of Sony's motion picture group. But Father Dolan got further.

He took a trip to Hollywood and met two people whose names he'd been given by Mr. Levine, and one of them told him, "If someone gives you a lemon, make lemonade of it." And that piece of advice, said Father Dolan, altered his view of the situation.

He now saw the book and the coming film as a wonderful opportunity to talk to people about Opus Dei and explain what it really is about, and let them meet a real human being who belongs to the organization.

"It's a great teaching moment," he said.

He said he felt like the Holy Spirit was finding a way to help him.

"Michael Levine was exceptionally nice," Father Dolan said.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

We thank "one and all" for providing the concrete proof of the Real Da Vinci Code which we prophetically published recently.

Speaking "tongue-in-cheek" - As confirming information continues to be presented to us, through the Grace of God, in the proverbial silver platters, we may have to start selling the silver platters to purchase the "Thank You" Notes to be sent to those unwilling, but certain, collaborators. But, as we have stated elsewhere - even satan has to serve God and, by default and through God's Power, those who serve Him.

November 19th

NEWS - US faulted on handling nuclear threat - November 14 - Reuters

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

The U.S. government is not doing enough to protect nuclear weapons from terrorists and its handling of terrorism suspects is undermining America's image in the Muslim world, members of a commission that investigated the September 11 attacks said on Monday.

Although President George W. Bush calls arms proliferation the country's biggest threat and al Qaeda has sought nuclear weapons for a decade, the former commission's chairman Thomas Kean said, "the most striking thing to us is that the size of the problem still totally dwarfs the policy response."

"In short, we still do not have a maximum effort against the most urgent threat ... to the American people," he told a news conference, noting that half the nuclear materials in Russia still have no security upgrade.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Did we need a commission for this? We are "blue in the face" from broadcasting this. The worse part is that absolutely nothing worthwhile will come from their conclusion which is as true as it it obvious to the naked eye. As we said on the 9th (see below)
"all the Apocalyptic ducks are being lined up" to insure that the Sequence of Events is fulfilled. Lord Have Mercy!

Do not forget to make the reality of Psalm 91 part of your day to day life. It is really your only hope - for there is none else.

November 9th

NEWS - The Center of Disease Control (CDC) Will Allow 1918 Killer Flu Off Campus - November 9 - AP

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

"ATLANTA - Federal scientists say they will consider requests to ship the recently recreated 1918 killer flu virus to select U.S. research labs.

There are 300 non-government research labs registered to work with deadly germs like the Spanish flu, which killed millions of people worldwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will consider requests for samples from those labs "on a case-by-case basis," CDC spokesman Von Roebuck said Wednesday.

Dangerous biological agents are routinely shipped through commercial carriers like FedEx or DHL, following government packaging, safety and security guidelines.

Last month, U.S. scientists announced they had created "from scratch" the 1918 virus. It was the first time an infectious agent behind a historic global epidemic had ever been reconstructed.

Researchers said they believed it would help them develop defenses against the threat of a future pandemic evolving from bird flu, which was found to have similar characteristics as the 1918 virus.

About 10 vials of virus were created, each containing about 10 million infectious virus particles. CDC officials said at the time the particles would be stored at a CDC facility in Atlanta, and that there were no plans to send samples off campus.

But that statement did not mean there was a policy against sending samples elsewhere, Roebuck said.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Well, it is obvious that "all the Apocalyptic ducks are being lined up" to insure that the Book of Revelations of St. John ceases being a Prophetic Book to become a History Book.

We have the nuclear holocaust preparations well under way (See postings dated October 29th, Nov. 1st, 4th and 6th below), and we now have a back up plague just in case the much trumpeted (no pun intended) Bird Flu just fizzles out. The Sequence of Events continues to be right on schedule - which should not be surprising at all.

November 6th

NEWS - Bush faces falling integrity rating - November 4 - Reuters

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

A poll showing rising doubts among Americans about President George W. Bush's integrity has raised a new hurdle to the fresh start he is seeking after the indictment of a senior White House aide and other political woes.

A week after vice presidential aide Lewis Libby resigned and was indicted on charges related to the leaking of a CIA operative's identity... The president's overall approval rating dropped to a new low of 39 percent.

"That's a very ominous sign for Bush," Ross Baker, professor of political science at Rutgers University, said of the integrity rating.

A CBS poll on Wednesday put Bush's job approval rating at 35 percent, his lowest since taking office in 2001.

Baker said such numbers could portend difficulties for Republican congressional candidates in the 2006 mid-term elections as well as for Bush's effectiveness in pushing his second-term agenda.

Two Republicans with close ties to the White House said morale among the White House staff has plummeted and many aides were feeling the strain of years of long hours and stress.

"They're burned out," said one Republican, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Another Republican said, "I do think there need to be some staff changes. People have been working at a torrid pace. It's difficult not to get burned out."

Republican political strategist Charles Black dismissed the prospect of a big White House shake-up. "I don't believe it's going to happen. They've got a very successful team there. It's well suited to this president," he said.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Brethren - we are not just talking "politics as usual". We are talking "agenda catch up" for the lost ten years. As long as Mr. Bush "delivered", the "string pullers" were satisfied; however, there are two conditions which the "string pullers" will not tolerate: (a) Mr. Bush popularity impairs the deliverance of their agenda; or (b) Mr. Bush thinking that he is really in charge and act accordingly - come "hell or high water".

Please carefully review our document In Defense of President Bush which has been streamlined and enhnaced with appropriate footnotes. The writing on the wall will become as clear as it became to Daniel. [Daniel 2: 25-45]

November 4th

NEWS - Iran to process fresh batch of uranium - November 2 - Reuters

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

Iran will process a new batch of uranium at its Isfahan atomic plant beginning next week, despite pressure from the United States and European Union to halt all sensitive nuclear work, diplomats said on Wednesday.

As Tehran prepared to take steps Washington said would "further isolate Iran from the international community," Russia suggested a face-saving plan that would allow Tehran to conduct less sensitive atomic activities in a joint venture with Moscow.

Accused by Western nations of running a covert atomic weapons program, Iran had frozen all work at Isfahan late last year under a deal with France, Britain and Germany. But it resumed work at the plant in August, prompting the EU's three biggest powers to suspend talks with the Islamic republic.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

As you may see, given the circumstances/events of last week [See our post of October 29th below] regarding Iran and Israel, this would be the last move that any intelligent -even an evil one - individual or government should do, unless, of course, as we have commented in the past, the US is being "set up" to act in a predictable fashion. Pray that the blind and completely deaf US Administration wake up to this reality and protect the US.

As we have repeatedly stated:
The objective of the children of God should be to, through prayer and legitimate information dissemination, minimize human suffering while Divine Justice is being dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled. Who occupies any government should not be our concern. If we do our part (spiritual and temporal), in accordance to the Will of God, He will handle the "political details" - He has the power, wisdom and certainly "the experience" to do so - all He needs is our cooperation in the manner He revealed to us ca. 2000 years ago and Mary keeps repeating over the centuries.

This is what true Christianity is all about - opposition to this is exactly what you may be thinking now: Anti Christian. Inspired by who? - the Antichrist itself and his agents. And how do we deal with them? The same way! Through More prayer!

There is no other way besides Jesus' way!

November 1st

NEWS - CHINA: 'Irrational' fear of revolution brings tighter controls, says activist - October 28th - SCMP

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

The Chinese leadership has developed an "irrational fear" of so-called colour revolutions, leading to a tightening of controls over political freedom, human rights activist John Kamm said yesterday.

Mr. Kamm made the remark at a wide-ranging talk organised by the Asia Society in Hong Kong, during which he also predicted Beijing and the Vatican would resume ties by the first quarter of next year.

The activist, who has just finished a visit to China, said the Chinese leadership had become unnecessarily worried about recent regime changes in Central and Eastern Europe.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Is Mr. Kamm surprised about "CHINA: 'Irrational' fear of revolution"? If the latest C-FAM e-mail (see below) is any indication of what is really taking place, perhaps "irrational" will become "quite rational". Can anyone blame China for that attitude?

Would the US, France or, say, Japan allow a movement hosted and blessed by Russia to engage in activities to bring down their governments?

Can you imagine the rightful reaction of the US government to an invitation of that nature being sent out by the the new version of the Soviet Youth?

Underscoring/highlights by The M+G+R Foundation

Subject: Invitation to the United States
Date: 17 Oct 2005 17:57:32 -0400
From: Austin Ruse -- C-FAM
To: C-FAM Mailing List

October 17, 2005

Dear Friend,

I am writing to invite you to come to the United States for a one-week intensive training seminar for political activists.

This series of classes will be specifically designed for non-Americans, for our friends overseas who are eager to learn from American political, media and fundraising professionals how to advance your issues in your own country.

You will learn from top notch professionals who have run political campaigns, run issues campaigns, worked with the media at all levels, and raised millions of dollars.

This program is being jointly sponsored by C-FAM and the highly respected Leadership Institute.

C-FAM, as you know, is the UN watchdog that also publishes the Friday Fax, which you subscribe to.

The Leadership Institute is the premier US teaching institute that identifies, recruits, trains, and places conservatives in politics, government, and the media. Since1979, the Leadership Institute has enrolled more than 40,000 students, many of whom are now working at the highest levels of government and public policy. You can learn more about the Leadership Institute at

At this one week intensive series of classes and lectures, you will learn how the conservative revolution happened in America, and how to emulate it in your own country.

The curriculum will be taught by political professionals who will teach you about:

* Understanding the media
* Developing and staying on message
* Building and maintaining coalitions
* Understanding legislative processes
* How to lobby
* Fundraising
* Organizing students
* How to start a newspaper
* Election strategy and tactics
* Voter identification and turnout
* Recruiting and nurturing volunteers
* Direct Mail

The conference will be one intensive week from January 22 through January 28, 2006 at the Leadership Institute in Northern Virginia, minutes from Washington DC.

Friends, this is an amazing opportunity for you to learn the techniques that can help you start a genuine conservative political movement in your country.

That is the good news. The even better news is that the cost of this high level learning experience is only $300. This includes your tuition, housing in the Leadership Institute dormitory, and three meals a day. You will have to pay your own travel expenses to and from Washington DC (the Leadership Institute is located only a few miles from Washington's Reagan National Airport in the lovely northern Virginia suburb of Arlington.

If you are possibly interested in attending these classes, you must write right away to Connie Marshner of the Leadership Institute. You can reach her at C M a r s h n e r @ L I M a i l . u s


If you are interested, you should act right away. There are only 25 positions available for this valuable course of study. Feel free to email Connie with any questions or comments.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse

PS This course is ideal for anyone who runs a pro-life or pro-family group, for anyone who is works at such a group, or who works on other issues, too. This is for political conservatives who want to strike a blow for tradition.

[End of e-mail from Austin Ruse]

October 29th

NEWS - The President of Iran Confirms His Call for the Destruction of Israel - October 28th - AP

Selected Quotes: (Highlighting, if any, by The M+G+R Foundation)

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, cheered by thousands of supporters, signaled on Friday he stood by his call for Israel to be wiped off the map...

Iranians chanting "death to Israel" and "death to America," converged from nine points in the Iranian capital for a rally attended by most of Iran's top officials.

Ahmadinejad took a short walk in the crowd, rallying in support of his comments that the Islamic world could not tolerate the Jewish state in its heartland. He said Western criticism carried no weight.

"My words are the Iranian nation's words," he told the official IRNA news agency, when asked if he had a message for the world.

"Westerners are free to comment, but their reactions are invalid."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Israel and its allies cannot take this in any other way than as a Declaration of War.

As you well know, we do not approve of war in any form or fashion, however, we do not run the world.

Therefore - such attitude by Iran's leadership will be taken, by Western Powers, as a Declaration of War. With this in mind, we refer you to the explanation of the Divine Logic associated with the events at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By world standards, the U.S. and allies could not be condemned for taking preemptive action. The most serious problem here is that the US seems to have been now very obviously set up to act in a manner which is all too predictable.

This brings to mind the planted nuclear bomb in a certain Embassy in Washington, D.C., during the Kennedy Administration. A situation which, in this advanced technological age, would be easier to replicate in more than one point of the U.S.

Let us Pray....

If any questions and/or doubts remain, please visit our Research Department

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